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Game Changer

OK. So at lunch today I'm going to go ovah to the courthouse and have my name officially changed to Doug Pedroia Roy.


Is that what it means to be on a friggin tear or what?


No, that's no tear. That's two tectonic plates colliding and opening up a fissure in the earth's crust is what that is.


Yeah, Pedroia's the asteroid hitting the earth and opening up a can of extinct on the dinosaurs.


If Pedroia was a hurricane he'd make landfall in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida simultaneously.


Are you friggin' kidding me, if Dustin Pedroia was a hurricane the "F" in FEMA would stand for fucked.


Seriously. If Pedroia was a hurricane, aftahwahds Kanye West would say that Kanye West hates black people.


I don't even think I get that last one, yet it sounds like it should be funny.


Yeah, kinda like how 160lb, short as shit Pedroia doesn't look like one of the best to evah suit up in red stockings, yet there the fuck he is.










"If Pedroia was a hurricane he'd make landfall in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida simultaneously."

Now what if that hurricane ran across Hurricane Ditka?

//Now what if that hurricane ran across Hurricane Ditka?//

They'd merge and form the perfect storm.

You ever see that red spot on Jupiter that is a storm that has been raging for eons?

Well, there it is.

//They'd merge and form the perfect storm.

You ever see that red spot on Jupiter that is a storm that has been raging for eons?

Well, there it is.//

Good answer h.b. If such a storm were to manifest, God help us all, except the MFY since I'm pretty sure that storm would target the MFY front office first.

It would be the first ever double-named storm:

Hurricane Ditka Pedroia

(Nice background, h.b.)

We did have a perfect storm.. in our favor that is. TB/Min/CWS all lose. I feel kinda dirty rooting for the Yankees to beat TB. But I'll take one for the team.

To quote the little man himself:

Fuck, yeah!!

Destroyah. This kid is the epitome of "I think I can I think I can"
Love the new background HB.

I have already penciled in a win tonight for Matsuzaka versus the hapless birds. MFYs throw Pavano on the mound. I'll pencil this one in for TB.

Category 6 Pedey. Geraldo is already shitting in his pancho.

Can Hurricane Pedey make landfall in the Tampa/St. Pete area around, say, September 15th?

Little known fact: If placed into Schroedinger’s experiment, both Dustin Pedroias remain alive.

New page looks sweet in Chrome, too

I thought Ichiro had a chance to pass Ted Williams' record of 0.406 but he seems to have slowed down a bit. Now, I feel good watching Pedroia at the plate. The kid reaches *everything*. He put a ball into play that was 2 feet outside of the strike zone the other night! It's crazy what he can reach for and lob over the infield.

In re Schroedinger's cat: calls to mind the Firesign Theater skit that might apply to the Yankees this year: "How can you be two places at once when you're not anywhere at all."

All hail John Lennon and Groucho Marx :)

Ditka sucks. He brings nothing to the table on NFL Sundays. He also is a hater. Just thought I'd get that off my chest.

Pedroia should be getting the accolades that druggie Hamilton got for months. DP is the real "defying the odds" story of MLB this season. Which player would you want your kids to look up to?

I'm thinking of putting together a list of "Pedroia facts" similar to your man Chuck Norris. I think the Schrodinger's cat thing is easily one of the funnier I've ever heard.

There used to be no such thing as alternating current until a Dustin Pedroia line drive hit a wire.

Dustin Pedroia has to be on hand when they run the Hadron Collider in case they need him to fix any rips in the space-time continuum.

We 'holix have been truly blessed over the years with many fine young men doing their best for the carmine hose. But Dustin's rise from "Who?" to "Mightier-than-Ditka" is positively Freddy Lynn-esque. Same great joy. Same giant haht. Same fear-no-evil. I'm just sayin'...

Now, with ____ playing for the blue hats, any speculation on when Theo will succeed in bringing in a new Jim Rice check-the-swing-break-the-bat mighty left fieldah?


For my tastes, I am pretty happy with a guy like Bay out in the outfield. I wonder if there will be pressure to bring in some bad ass to fill Manny's shoes, but a guy like Bay is doing a great job. Perhaps a mighty left fieldah that is also good in the clubhouse? Sorry the Manny fever is over- I am glad he is out after seeing how they perform without him.

HR, Pedroia. First guy to reach past 1B today.

What the hell seems to happen to us on these 3rd game afternoon games? It's like we are all set to travel the next day and just give up on the final home game of the set...

I almost feel bad for the O's.


Then I think about Angelos and fuck'em. They could go 0-162 and it wouldn't be rock bottom enough for him for my satisfaction.

Back to back...bunts?


PS - If anyone runs into paddy24, could you send him in here to tell me how many more over/under 0.500 teams we have left to play? I'd like to know what our chances are against the likes of the Twins and White Sox and Yankees.


Waking up in the South to a one run come back victory.


go back to bed sdu, it's not going to get better today. Palin in 6 hours...

nena, eagle eye, now rocky?

//Palin in 6 hours//
I hear there's lots of dogs!

Sitting in Logan, awaiting my one-way flight to the no-baseball zone across the pond. More from the UK in a few days, once I get the flat and the internet connection. In the interim, God bless international Blackberry service. Look forward to you all keeping me updated on all things Sox and Soxaholix! Cheerio, pip pip and all that...

"Yeah, Pedroia's the asteroid hitting the earth and opening up a can of extinct on the dinosaurs."

Classic. Props on the new background, hb.


It's simple. Pedroia's YAZ-like tear coincides with #8's operation / recovery. Get that doctor on Drew! This is the first Yaz year since '67...let it get us to the Series.

I'm not getting any of the new (?) background, just the text, no characters, no nuffink. I haven't changed any of my browser settings. Whassup?

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