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Feeling sluggish

Nothing like two final inning losses followed by an off day to leave one feeling totally out of sorts.


No kidding. I feel like Jacoby Ellsbury trying to catch up to a Major League fastball — impotent and slightly embarassing to watch.


Christ, is the demise of Ellsbury the saddest thing of the '08 season or what?


Remembah when he used to swat those little bloop singles ovah the infieldahs heads, take first and then immediately steal second? I miss that guy.


Just anothah remindah of just how difficult it is to play Major League Baseball. Adjust or die. And right now Ellsbury is doing a whole lot more dying at the plate than adjusting.


Meanwhile, here come the red hot Blue Jays for four.


My stomach doesn't feel so good.


Ah, that's nothing a sausage sandwich and sriracha  won't cure.


Yeah, that's the spirit. Turn up the heat on this mofo pennant race.



I disagree we are all important.


Or are we all impotent?

Nothing a little Berocca can't cure ;D

just don't let Bob pour the sriracha.... self immolation is an ugly thing

Looking for a little distraction while waiting for first pitch?

I miss fourth place Jason O... somebody talk Latin to me

It's true.

After squirting about half a bottle on the snausage and having a taste, I decided it needed more.

Let's just say I needed a beer or 16 after that.

Buckner wouldn't even let me sriracha-ize his sausage after that. (Which sounds really dirty, butyou know what I mean.)

Anyway, the Jays. We've really sucked against them this year, but I'm almost happy they're on a really hot streak.

Those always have to come to a crashing end sometime.

BTW, Buckner, are you de-blocked from Soxaholix? Or just working from home?

day off today, Bob. sriracha on my oatmeal. still can't access the site from work, or my Slingbox. damn credit card security breaches

//sriracha on my oatmeal//

I love that image.

Well let's hope that Timmy gets past the second inning.

Loven the sriracha references and all that but I'm in Melbourne for two BIG games of footy. Sydney Swans (once were the Bloods of South Melbourne) lost tonight to some other unspeakable team (Well let's call thenm Footscray). I drank lots. Am drinking lots. Tomorrow night - 90,000 sick mofos (incl sdu) Collingwood v St Kilda.


Must sleep now.

[Personally think Bob & BWF let the side down by not showing up for games 2-3 v Rays]

What, no mention of Brady today?

I'll be there on Sunndy for Lestah. bottle that shit.


Toronto worries me - but they have been so hot, aren't they due to cool off?

With the day off I was reflecting on 9/11 and recalled the game my family went to on 9/18 - the first day baseball came back. It was against the Devil Rays, and boy did that team look different (and bad). How times have changed!

Anyone remeber Isreal Alcantra at first base? How about Angel Santos at second? Wow.

Mahts! You're back! Of course since the MFY are in the dungeon of the AL East all you have left to fall on is Brady.

Do us a favor and knock the Rays down a peg or two. I mean you have no chances of playoffs but you can still contribute...

Rational, remember Quentin McCracken?

was his brother Phil?

Yes, his brother was Phil. They were inseparable.

(In best pre-bankruptcy Ed McMahon voice): Hi-oh!

BTW, his given name was Stickithardupmy.

Thai parentage, don't ya know.

Recalls to mind a competition that once ran in a British magazine called the New Statesman. Entrants were asked to submit the first name and occupation of people with the last name Tupper. The winner was Rami Tupper, Pakistani bus driver.

since he's been reactivated from the DL and is pitching tomorrow, does that make him an ascending Colon?

now that he's been reactivated off the DL, promoted from AAA and is pitching tomorrow, does that make him an ascending Colon?

damn, sorry. Firefox weird

Speaking of colons, I've been writing Schoolhouse Rock-style music and lyrics for a product that helps relieve diarrhea.

I feel like a regular Updike.

BTW, I know it's not 4:30 yet, but I'm brain dead. So the beer is coming to poppa right now.

Have a great weekend, all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

I have tickets to next weekend's series in Toronto if any of the Soxaholix are interested in them at face value. Decent seats, lower bowl about 25 rows behind the Sox dugout. I have 4 tix to each game, but would entertain any offers. Please contact me at my email

(thanks hb for letting me post this)

How will people know your email, Buck - it doesn't come up if we click on b-w-f anymore?

(Mrs sdu, the 5 y/o 'sox fan and I can't make it to Canada BTW).

thanks, sdu-
[email protected]

Red Sox win. Theeeeeeeeeeee Red Sox win.

Timmy's flutter-ball was weird tonight though. Every fifth batter or so, there'd be a real meatball.

Still, mostly amazing and moving and gyrating like my Abby's tight, sweet...uh, never mind.

Good Lord, I really shouldn't have posted that.

Sorry kids.

I guess I really havent been by in a while...love the new look HB.
The Butterfly really had it flutterin' tonight. Im pretty sure we're gonna win the div. but it's not gonna be mano y mano w/Rays. They play us tougher than anybody else. We clinch against MFY while the Rays lose 4 of their last 5.

Warm beer, cold hot dogs, and St. Timothy. And taxes. And death.

I think sox will win division too.

http://picasaweb.google.com.au/soxdownunder/OFor2AtTheG#5245488418660012194 "> Don't even ask

Thank heavens for Timmy.

ouch, sdu-

have plenty of Berocca on hand, I trust

Damn if we can't sweep Tornonto. Get Jacoby some Viagra.

Do us a favor and knock the Rays down a peg or two. I mean you have no chances of playoffs but you can still contribute...

Doesn't look too promising.. these Yanks are done.

I'm confused, sdu.

I looked at your picture, but I still can't figure out what was so interesting about June 17, 1953 in Collorado.

Yer a funny man Kaz.

6 points for a goal (between the big sticks in the middle), 1 point for a behind (or point, between the outer sticks. Hence 15 goals 2 behinds (them) = 92 v 6 goals 17 (us) = 53.

They quicked straight. We didn't. There's always next year.

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