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Brush your rock and roll hair

These days really give me a sense of what Dickens meant went he wrote, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."


I mean on the one hand, the postseason is a lock, so there really is no need to feel any sense of pressure regarding wins and losses. That's the good paht.


But on the othah hand, you watch a game like last night and you staht to obsess about whethah or not these guys have what it takes to go deep into the Octobah.


Ah, come on. Relax and let the best of times roll ovah you.


Just look at the numbahs. Among the 4 playoff teams in August and September, the Sox were simple the best of the bunch.


And don't forget that the AL East is the friggin monadnock rising out of the flatness of the rest of the league. You think the Angels would be 97 and 59 in this Division? Gimme a break.


And the pitching? Beckett, Matsuzaka, Lestah? In Octobah? Are you friggin' kidding me? Lights out, guy, lights out.


Holy moist loins of Parvarti, you've made my day.


I'm glad. Now can you return the favah by making me feel bettah about the complete collapse of our economy?


No shit. Hasn't anyone down there in Wall Street evah read Moneyball fercrissakes? You can't invest on fucking hunches.



hunch=expending 700 bil that you don't have to ameliorate risk incurred by financial people who would rather shit on you than give you the time of day.

in re baseball. it could be worse,you could be a Meriners fan. I listened to the Mariner's-Angels game on the XM last night, dont ask why, and I was reminded of the lean years of Red Sox baseball. Last week of the saeason, nothing to play for, have lost 12 in a row, so what do the announcers have to talk about? Whether somebody can score four more runs for the rest of the season to get 100 runs scored, or how some pitcher from Australia who was drafted in 2000 "has got to be part of your five man rotation next season" or how Adrian Beltre's ligament surgery went very well last Friday and that he should be at full strength at the start of Spring Training.
Enjoy the fact that there will be games in October and that your team isn't promotion "Fan Appreciation Night" on Friday v. the "A's or "Kid's appreciation day" Sunday vs. the A's, where your kid can get her picture taken with his favorite mascot.

Pavarti is whose mascot again?

and hb, sweet new tshirts. we should all buy a dozen.


Damn umpires. Have never liked them. They're all high school principals and security guard-types. If they're not telling kids to stop smoking and get a shave, they're macing an innocent guy who's just taking a pee on a storage shed door.

Or getting in the way of batted balls.

If it weren't for 2004 and 2007, I wuold be saying the following: Having had my heart broken by the Sox more times than I can remember, I have a bad feeling. The Indians have won 7 in a row, tonight is a lock (Lee vs. Worn-out Wake), so who's to say they can't make it ten in a row? If the mfy sweep the Jays, then they come to town with a chance to force a one game playoff...

But we did win in 2004, and again in 2007, so those ghosts have been banished, right? Right? Please someone say right!


thank you. I feel better now...

Anybody going to Saturday's game against the Skanks?

I hope it means nothing other than taunting Damon in center, but could still be fun if anybody wants to meet up beforehand.

You know, for like booze and stuff?

An uplifting strip. I was thinking that the team drops three straight to the Angels but Mike's analysis leaves me feeling positively giddy.

While the numbers are in our favor fellas, the Spider Sense in me grows with the feeling that we might get our clocks cleaned by LA or Tampa if we don't get our act together.

Hopefully by October 1 that shouldn't have to be an issue.

H.B. those ARE cool new shirts. But anyway you could have an option (on all your designs) in red instead of just white?

To hide the Sriracha.

My old Soxaholix shirt looks like a souvenir from Sharon Tate's house.

I'm going to the game tonight. In 1990, I missed the clinching game (Brunansky's diving catch) by one night, only to see an 11th inning loss. Tonight, I'm back for revenge, and I'm looking to Kotsay to make the diving catch!

Meanwhile, the Sox do not look incredibly dominating heading into the playoffs, especially without Lowell in there (and Drew).

I'll be at the Friday Yankee game too - kick a little sand in their faces that night I expect.


Will do on the red shirt. Thanks for the suggestion.

Lots more shirts and other stuff coming too.

Good news on the red shirts. The pits on my Resplendence shirt are yellower than CHB's scribbles.

The Bruins sent a bunch of guys back down to Providence.

One of them was Wacey Rabbit. No word yet on his brother Waskally.

Or his cousin, Welch

In Detroit, they throw squids. In Providence, we throw carrots. Hehe.

I hear Wacey's skating is so smooth, it's sometimes described as velveteen.

yeah, buddy. on to October


Bases loaded jam.
On whom are you gunna call?
Oka-jima san.

[Or Papelbon in the eighth]

C L I N C H E D ! ! !

Hey New York: pppppbbbbbfffffttttt!!!!!

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Only in America!

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