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Your humble author is getting waylaid with day job deadlines, so I give you Lisa the Temp …

Lisa the Temp:
C'mon my peeps, why are you even still wasting your precious time following the Red Sox when The Greatest Athlete Who Ever Lived™ walks among us?


Lisa the Temp:
Behold His Majesty! (And I think Fenway's "Sausage King" needs to find a new moniker, don't you?)


Lisa the Temp:
And remember Manny's famous "Call from the Wall"? 


Lisa the Temp:
That was Manny telling Michael Phelps that when Manny grows up he wants to be Michael Phelps.


Lisa the Temp:
But Lisa's got the inside scoop on more …  When Michael Phelps mom gave birth to Michael Phelps she originally wanted to name him "Ditka" but the UN Security Council blocked it for fear of worldwide Armageddon.



Best Olympic show last night? 'Out of Left Field: The Making of the Chinese Olympic Baseball Team' on PBS. It followed a four year development effort to get the team competitive for Bejing. The team was coached by Jim Lefebvre and Bruce Hurst. Hurst appears to be something of a God in Utah. Hurst left the team in 2007 to return to the Sox. Worst Olympic moment? The 30 seconds (if that) given to Stephanie Brown-Trafton after winning the discus. So she is not 5 feet, 97 lbs, and probably won't grace the cover of Glamour. She still is an Olympic champion and deserved far more coverage than she was given.

Via Surviving Grady:

I give you Justin Masterson's wife's blog.

Careful, the site is NSFA (Not Safe For Atheists).

h.b., a picture very smilar that "NSFW" pic of MP was on the front page of the Baltimore Sun a few weeks ago. It seems standards of public decency are evolving...

How dare my Lisa talk about Phelps sausage!

For God's sake, it doesn't even appear to reach his belly button, Lisa.

Let me teach you the exotic ways of Sriracha. Yes, it'll burn at first, but then...

...it'll have you running to the john every 5 minutes :)

Harwich, how'd you know about my pimping?

Oh no,you're not drawing me in that easy Bob.My mother told me about men like you LOL

I checked out the wife blog. I think the clubhouse has been infiltrated. Kaz - was the purpose of the link to give us a working example of jejune?

I don't remember Hurst being into the beam-ball theory of the game as much as the Chinese were yesterday/sunday.

Anyone catch the US retailiation - somewhat of a Rose-Fosse homeplate exchange.

Anyone else going to the game tonight? I think it will be hilarious of a Red Sox fan wins the 50 millionth fan to visit Camden Yards contest ($50K and seasons tickets for five years). You'll have to be the 2861st person in the gate tonight.

I dunno, yazbread, it was sorta interesting at first, wasn't it? I mean here's a kid who's just getting his first tastes of the majors and his wife is excited to make cookies for Lowell, Papi, and Tito. Her blog has a very "one of us" kind of feel to it. I sorta imagined what my blog would look like if I were asked to occasionally travel with the Red Sox and have a personal interest in one of the players, like if I were Jed Lowrie's brother or something.

I thought it was interesting from that point of view...the describing how the landlord was told he'd get free tickets to Sox games and the fact that their apartment is only a little nicer than my own. We always think about the superstar veterans in mansions and out of touch with reality (with the exception of those like Wakefield who put in so much charity time and effort with their status). We might even consider the rookies outside of Fenway as being hungry for action or signing with Boras just to get the multi-million dollar deals faster. You don't really think about the young guys as being an "every man" before the corruption inside the sport swallows him up.

Even Curt's blog comes across pretty much like a "word from upon high" superstar informing the masses. Here's a *real* peek behind the scenes through Masterson's wife's eyes. I thought it was interesting to see for that reason anyways. A little too much praise to God for me while reading it, but to each their own.

Kaz - I was being cynical to keep with the spirit of this place. It was an interesting read and it did give an insight to a wife's view of making it to the Show. She seems like a nice kid - hope the dream lasts for many years.

The God stuff is indeed off-putting, but that wasn't the worst part. She actually says "we struck out Giambi." If I ever start taking credit for my husband's work, just shoot me.

I did appreciate the insider glimpse though, so God bless her for that.

So, when exactly are these Rays gonna fold????

Ya, well, Let God Shine His Light Through Me, and Revere (or Chelsea) Him and Pass The Cookies and I have a dog, Praise The Lord, and I am irredeemably hot and skinny, as is God's Will.

not my cup 'o t. But, then, I am a foul smelling older gentleman who would prefer to kick a dog than pet it.


I'll take "we struck out Giambi" versus "the year we were pregnant", which I have occasionally heard.

And then there's Hillary mumbling "but we were elected president, ..twice..."

Hot off the wires. Yaz in MGH with chest pains. Prayers all around.

That's scary, yb. Please take care and keep us posted. Prayers abound.

I think Yaz is referring to the original Yaz being at Mass General with chest pains, not himself!

No, Natalie. *The* Yaz. Carl. Not the one using the ill-fated bakery promotion as his username.

Link to AP story

Okay, I am a dumbass. And I have to confess, I thought to myself... wow, yb's on his Blackberry at Soxaholix in chest pain? That's some serious dedication.

As usual, I am an idiot.

Prayers with the real Yaz. :)

I have a nice wager down against the Red Sox tonight.

6 - Casey
7 - Varitek
8 - Cora
9 - Crisp
1 - Ellsbury


Wow! What an offensive juggernaut! I can see the Sox grinding out maybe, just maybe, one run tonight. What a joke! Sorry, but this just isn't going to get it done. Kaz, the Rays, ChiSox and Twins are in. The big spending BoSox and Yanks are out.

I think Yaz is just upeset that his name has been usurped by birth control pills:


Hope the real Yaz is okay though.

Thanks for your kind thoughts Natalie. If I was in the hospital, I would probably be looking for Sox updates of some sort.

Given today's theme in the comment section of pronoun abuse Natalie's mistake re: yazbread/yaz is perhaps understandable.

Those guys went 7 for 20 with 1 HR, 2 runs and 2 RBIs so far, paddy.

Our odds are almost triple those of the Twins right now.

Ditto that on the Yaz. Get well soon. I used to imitate his stance from the right side of the dish in Little League. It wasn't purty... I remember his intensity on the field as well. Not quite Youk, but he played hard, played the game right. Can anyone imagine taking over left field from Ted Williams? We've been blessed, Sox fans, we've been blessed... p.s. Yazbread, ditto on the discus gold medalist getting short shrift. First U.S. gold medalist in that even since 1930 fer crissakes?!? But worst TV moment for me was watching US pole vault silver medalist Jenn Stuczynski get an earful from her assjack of a coach. No way that guy knew he was on camera! The NBC assclown was dumbfounded! And listening to this prattle guy ("Whaddya gonna do? You've only been doing pole vault for 4 years. The silver's good but...") and doing his best to ruin her silver moment, all I could think was "Time to get a new coach..."

Fun game tonight. The crowd was only about half Sox fans because a lot of O's fans came out trying to be the 50 millionth fan at Camden Yards. Each side trying to shout down the other sides cheers. Another solid performance by Dice K, although the man does love to live on the edge. Good game by Tek as well, and Youk is really crushing the ball.

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