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Turning point?

Well, just when I was about to agree with the notion that this was turning into August 2006 all ovah again, the Sox go out and take 2 of 3 from Jays.


Yeah, a loss yestahday would've had me ready to flush the crappah on these guys.


But that's not to say it's all rosy. I mean, yeah, they've won back to back series on the road, but I'm not ready to proclaim yestahday's win as "crucial" and suggest it's some sort of turning point.


Absolutely. They're still just hanging on to the wild cahd lead by a thread. And then the injuries?


So we've collectively given up on taking the Division?


What do you think? Tampa isn't all of a sudden going to fold the way we were saying just a coupla weeks ago.


I still believe the Red Sox are the best team in American League despite the won/loss record and despite some of the mediocrity we've seen on the field in any given game.


Yeah, and a lot of people swear they've seen Big Foot.


Hey, don't fuck with the Sasquatch, guy.



Thirsty Whale. Newburyport. Yesterday. "Man Named Jed" hits it out. Bar goes crazy. Guy next to us buys the GF and me a shot.

Good times, good times.

Where's Doug's unmitigated sense of chutzpah? He's acknowledging defeat from Tampa Bay without exception?? Never!

I'd expect that from Mike or Steve but not Doug. And did Tara get shipped to Alaska? I think she and Susan need to have a heart-to-heart and then just when things get close, Lisa the Temp comes in and lights the fuse in the room. Suddenly, it's an all out 3-way with the cooler trio watching from the window in the copy room door.

Ah, Mondays...

So true, Kaz. Today's strip sucks on multiple levels.

It's funny because I already had a "I'm not feeling so well and work deadlines are killing me so I'm pulling a Manny today and not doing a strip" message ready to go and then I thought, "Nah, even putting out crap is better than doing nothing at all."

Now I'm not so sure. :)

But Doug is by nature the biggest fair weather fan of all the characters, so not sure his giving up is that out of character, though.

Don't denigrate yourself like that, HB. Even if you hit a squibber to the pitcher, you're still running hahd to first, so this ain't no Manny. It's more like a Coco. But not yesterday-Coco.

Not crap, and even if it was, you're crap beats anyone else's gold.

I had sort of lost faith though.

Having DelCarmen to close the game is like being in a pot of water slowly boiling to death. I felt doomed. But then, again, everything turned out hunkydory


For those that want to complain about the quality of the strip, I have only one thing to say - Moose Turd Pie

Right on, dakine. Not to mention, hb, you're still hitting major league pitching, whereas most of us would require a tee.

Anyone else as psyched as I am for this series in the Bronx? Awesome that the almost final series I get to see before baseball becomes an elusive fantasy is Sox-Yanks. And it means something. As Crush would say in Finding Nemo: Righteous! Righteous!

Don't mind me, h.b. I'm just dragging knuckles because it's a Monday. Every now and then it's fun to fling crap from the bleachers even if the team hasn't had a losing record in years.

I'm your paddy24 today. I love ya, but you went all 2006 on us today! Aw, there's no way in hell h.b. is ever gonna put out a great strip now for the rest of the year!


Thanks for the support.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll bring the A game.

Then again with an off day today, makes it even tougher to riff off Red Sox news.

Maybe it's time Bill actually called Marty (instead of the other way around most times) to laugh at the rebuilding Yankees. They have a tremendous uphill climb to end the season with a ton of games against BOS, TOR, TB, CHI, and LAA. They have less than a 5% odds of making the playoffs this year, will finish below 2nd for the first time since 1992, and will likely finish with fewer wins than any season since the strike-shortened 1994 and 1995 seasons.

always excited about a late season series in the bronx...but Byrd v. Ponson doesn't quite have that feel.

more worried about Beckett's arm than this series.

and HB - I agree; you're B-game still competes w/ Kari & Misty-Mae.

Maybe Kaz is just having DTs from lack of beach v.ball

Hate to be the Doubting Thomas, but I'd propose h.b. having Bill call Mahty when it's 100% sure the Yanks will be out of the playoffs.

Much like the predictions of the Rays dropping off, the Yanks being completely out are not good to make until you hear that fat lady sing. And when I say fat lady, I don't mean Fat F*** Hanky. The Rays despite yesterday have the audacity to refuse to lose when you think they should, so I'm still not counting them out for either the AL East or the WC. I mean when TB plays NY, I'm going to root for TB straight out of principle of NY hatred.

Colin raises an interesting debate in re: whom do you root for in the TB/Yanks series, I'd love to hear where other people stand. For me, if Tampa is still in first place and the Yanks in third, I am definitely rooting for the Yankees to beat TB. Yeah, it'll feel like my flesh is burning (and I won't actually cheer or anything), but I want to win the division- bottom line. Am I in the minority? Would most people root for Tampa, just to spite the Yanks, even if it would mean any of our wins in the same timeframe don't result in gained games? So curious if even uttering the heresy of "rooting" for the Yankees in a series means I am now blackballed from RSN. :)

Thank you Natalie. Here is my rationale for rooting for the Rays. Right now we have NY trying desperately to nip at our heels while the Rays remain 4.5 games ahead. Now, trusting that the Sox will win their game, if the Rays win then the Yanks have an even harder time catching up to us. If we're good and stray away from bullshit (Clay/Lugo/etc.), we'll beat the Yanks in this series and push our WC lead even more.

I say our opportunity for catching up to TB lies when we actually play them and when TB is not playing the Yanks. If we were to sweep them right now we'd be a more comfy 1.5 GB while the Yanks stay behind. So in essence, let NY lose as much as possible even if the AL East leading Rays are doing it. All we have to do is win to keep up with the Jones's and then when Tampa Bay comes to play, we show them how Boston throws down.

I'm not going to completely cave in and give TB the division, but as a Sox fan I'd rather have them take it with us as WC than EVER give NY a fighting chance.

Nat, it seems that the conundrum is worth taking a look. It is like when someone says to you: which smells worse? Either case you have to smell something that is nasty. So, is it MFY or Rays? I have to concur with you on the Yanks- hard to say, even harder to watch the games and do it. I want to have a better chance to win the division and not play LAA in division series. Those guys look good, not unbeatable, but good. I am not sure even if the MFY sweep them (highly doubt) they would be able to climb out of the grave they have dug for themselves.

Skanks are on a 3-game winning streak and are only 5 games back in the WC race. Despite the traitors crappy fielding they are still in this thing.

What are you guys talking about? Obviously, as Red Sox fans we would want the Yankees to win against Tampa Bay. You guys still have the "I don't care what happens as long as the Yankees don't win" mentality. Every Tampa Bay loss clearly increases the chances of the Red Sox making the playoffs infinitely more than the Yankees falling ten games back in the division and five back in the Wild Card race against three other teams. You should worry about the Twins, White Sox and Rays - not the Yankees. The Yankees have no chance at all. They are far back and have by far the most brutal schedule ahead of them. A possible division win gives us something to fall back on if we can't win the Wild Card.

Paddy, you make a ton of sense, but my animosity towards NY is so great I'm willing to not be nearly as wrathful on Tampa Bay. I'm sorry but it's what I've been raised with...the Yankees must lose at all costs. Besides, Tampa Bay will have other opponents to which they can and will lose from.

We won in 2004 with a WC spot and I don't see why we couldn't again. And besides, the year after we ended up playing the White Sox and lost badly to them, so playing any team can go either way. The Angels are tough there's no doubting that and I'd much rather play the White Sox or Twins, but Scott is right. The MFY just swept Baltimore and are looking to rally. I want those fuckers in their coffins with the nails shut ASAP. After that we can concentrate on the Rays. You can't put all your eggs in one basket so I'd much rather secure the WC and after that little piggy's been taken care of then we can work on the AL East. Even if we don't get it and still get the WC, at least we're in the playoffs. Idealism is something I don't do, so I can't lust over the AL East...I just want playoffs even if we play the Angels. God willing we'll find a way to stop them like we did before.

re: Yankees - Rays. I just refuse to think about it. The games go on without my mental energy being burned by the mental gymnastics I'll go through rooting for the Yankees.

Speaking of the Yankees - Bobby Abreu did a good thing this weekend. He chartered a bus and brought the entire Venezuelan little league team over from Williamsport for a game in which he then went 5 for 5. The kids are probably lucky that Hank Jr doesn't have them chained to pole in the basement until the end of the season.

Re.: Skanks -v- Rays.

Logically, I should root for the Skankees. But I just...I just can't.

Is that wrong?

Off topic and hopefully the last Olympic comments for a few years, but heard a funny at The Grog in Newburyport yesterday.

Ryhthmic Gymnastics was on all the TVs. The bartender refused to switch to the Sox. Just before I got up to go to the Whale and see the game, somebody yelled at the bartender, "This shit is like watching a bad Vegas lounge act. What next, Olympic Slip and Slide?"

In re: rooting

I don't know, I'm not on the field, let's just let the athletes do what they can.

The Rays and Yankees have 6 games left against each other.

Can't we just hope for them to go 3-3 with 5 of the six games being 13 inning affairs with numerous injuries to both teams (and the 6th one being a 16 inning death march)?

Where did you study? I mean that is one of the smartest things I've read in a while. Maybe if luck is on our side one of them will pull a Tonya Harding.

Kaz is wicked smahrt. (Is that the way it's spelled, H.B.?)

But he really is.

Yanks/Rays is a bit premature. They don't play until Sept. 2 and we need to see where we are by that point. If, for example, we sweep the Yankees and are close in the division, the Yankees are less of an issue and we want to overtake the Rays. If we are swept by the Yankees, we don't want them any closer and the division looks bad, as the best case scenario would be to stay 4.5 back with 3 fewer days left on the calendar. So it depends.

I was having trouble trying to figure if I wanted the Rays or the White Sox, though. Still thinking the division is possible, and that the White Sox edge the Twins for the central, so I went with CWS. And lost 2 of 3. These Rays don't lose in Chicago, or to the Angels. Who do they think they are?

"the notion that this was turning into August 2006 all ovah again"

Perception is a weird thing. The Red Sox are 14-7 in August and will be over .500 for the month no matter what (hopefully much better).

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