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The full potential

Well, now that the smoke has cleared from the hullabaloo that was the most recent episode of Mannygate, we are back to the not so pleasant reality that this team cannot hit quality pitching.


Nor can they seem to win a one run game.


And then there's the bullpen or lack thereof. Oh, but no worries there because they are scouting Freddy Garcia. Whew, I feel bettah already.


Then there's the "click," of course.


This could be one frig of a long August.


"Knowing not grieving remembers a thousand savage and lonely streets." *


You know, the one thing that gives me hope here is that last year's club didn't especially inspiah me until they did, well into Octabah, too.


Hope is good.


Are you kidding me, hope is so friggin' in right now.


Hell, yeah, it is! And do you know why?

Because hope is motherfucking audacious that's why.



KC was begging to lose that game, and we just wouldn't let them do it. A muffed fly ball and a larry/curly collision in the infield and we still can't push across 2? I feel like Tek's k in the 8th was a microcosm for his play this year - a long, toughed out at bat, he does all the right things...except hit the ball. Last night in the 9th, KC stood for Keystone Cops...and we still couldn't beat them.

On the plus side tho, jed keeps coming up big in spots that lugo hit into inning ending dp after inning ending dp, so that's gotta be worth something, right?

Guys, guys, guys! Let us not despair so quickly already! The Sox already had road woes and Bay is still getting into the swing of things. We'll get back somehow like Boston does.

Besides, walk-off GS from Texas against the MFY and a hurt Joba? See? Every cloud does have a silver lining!

I'm reading Audacity right now and its been a good read so far. If Obama is for real then he will hopefully be a great president.

Losing to the AAA Royals is not acceptable. Another lost opportunity.

A click in the wrist
Not from choking the chicken
Papi's bat goes down?

Bucholtz either a) can't pitch well from the stretch, or b) is a head case like Batshit who can't perform after a fielder fails to make a play that Bucholtz thinks he should have made. Either way, he clearly isn't ready to be depended upon. How close are we to the return of El Guapo?

Very nice haiku, Bob.

Steve, unlike the pen or certain $52 million starters who nibble the corners cause they don't want to give up the devastating single, Clay just can't locate his fastball. Maybe another two months in Pawtucket'll do him some good? Also, kinda ironic that we might have to depend on a guy named Colon to keep things from going into the crapper.

More than the bad pitch selection and the weak bats,


bothers me more than anything.


How the hell can a minimum salary player afford a $7,000,000 penthouse?

A mortgage based on future earnings I guess?

Things haven't gone well at all this season, starting with Schilling getting hurt, the idiotic Japan trip and the flu outbreak. Beckett and Papi showed up at Spring Training overweight. Like many other people, I was way off on my scouting report of Jacoby. This kid has no power. Sometimes a player like Jeter will get in a slump, where it seems like everything they hit is right at someone. Jacoby does not have this problem. He NEVER, EVER hits the ball hard. Period. Bucholz is a bust. I don't like his nibbling around the corners. His demeanor concerns me. Knowing what we know now, getting Santana for these two busts would have been great. Lowell was hurt for a while, but has played great. Varitek should not be re-signed. His hitting stinks and even his defense isn't what it was. Hansen was awful. Okajima and Delcarmen have taken steps backwards. Even Papelbon has been very hittable at times. Dice-K has been very fortunate. His stuff looks fantastic, but the walks makes me think now is a good time to start betting against him, because he's due for things to start evening out. Papi is toast. He looks lost at the plate. I like Wake, Drew, Pedroia (he had me worried - I'll admit), Lowell, Masterson, Colon, Bay (taking all those called third strikes does worry me a bit), Lester, Youk and Lowrie. Maybe Beckett and Dice-K. The rest of the team you can have. Crisp is useless. Lowrie has not made an error in his 30 games (what were they waiting for)? - by bringing him onboard sooner they could have had four or five more wins by now. What jumps out at me is the lack of power in many of these youngsters (and in the team as a whole). This team needs a slugger. Texiera might have been just what they needed. If you look at the Twins upcoming schedule, it's full of patsies. I don't want to be a downer, but the Sox have 12 remaining games against the Jays - and haven't played them very well. It's gonna take some sort of miracle to even make the play-offs - forget about getting past the Angels even if they do.

Not quite as pessimistic as Paddy but what's the stat on games lost after the Sox are ahead going into the 7th? It's gotta be suckily high. And Lugo needs to go. Send Delcarmen, Lowrie and Jacoby for Hanley Ramirez. My 2c.

As painful as it is, we must trust Theo. Look at Pedro, Minky, Damon...and even O-Cab is out of circulation.

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