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The CHB's deep throat

Don't look now, but it looks like the CHB has a found a grassy knoll to roll around in.


"The Globe has learned (from a source with direct knowledge of the inquiry) that Bud Selig directed Major League Baseball executive vice president Rob Manfred to contact all parties for an explanation of how things unfolded around last week's trading deadline."


You know, if that were coming from anyone othah than Shaughnessy I'd give it some credence.


What? You don't trust the Shank to get the scoop?


Are you kidding me, friggin Kit Kittredge the American Girl has more journalistic gravitas than Shaughnessy.


What I'd like to know is even if there is truth to this is 1) How could you prove Manny was purposely dogging it? and 2) What can MLB do about it if they somehow did prove malfeasance on the part of Manny or Boras?


Well, those are the kind of questions where the answers will probably come from the blogs.


True. I mean we can't expect the Curly Haired Woodward Wannabee to sully his hands with actual fact finding or anything.



The only way to prove that Manny was intentionally loafing and trying to malinger his way off the Sox is if the supposed phone call from Bore-Ass telling him to do so was tapped/recorded.

Unlikely? If anybody but Larry was in charge I'd say yes.

Manny - 13-for-23, nine RBIs, 4 homers, 6 games.

Nah, he wasn't dogging it in Boston.

On an unrelated note, I hear the Aussies are doing really well in Beijing do far.

Unless they can show that Bora$ instructed MR24 to dog it, this is about an interesting as spygate. At least it gives us a break from Brett Favray news.

At anyrate, I am still on the Jason Notmanny bandwagon. I spent the off night productively watching the RS movie "Shine A Light". Them dudes are old.

But, even at 67, Charlie Watts can slam it.

just my $.02. Your mileage may vary.


Yeah, pretty much impossible to prove based on stats.

Sure, Manny is hot right now in his first 6 games with LA, but the guy is one of the greatest hitters in MLB history and he's facing the much weaker pitching of the NL and those pitchers are facing Manny for the first time in most cases.

And it's too small of a sample size to be relevant statistically.

Moreover, Manny actually had a decent July with the Sox:
.347/.473/.587 in 22 games, 75 ab.

Meanwhile, this was Manny in May:
.228/.328/.386 in 101 ab

The stats above suggest he was "dogging it" in May.

I'm not saying he didn't purposely go into that final week with the Sox with a lack of enthusiasm, but there's no way to prove it except for the situation Bob presented earlier.

Argh! I hate it when you are right!

Outside a tacit admission of guilt, there's no way to prove anything in this situation. We all know what went down (we saw most of it on TV) but that doesn't really mean much when it comes to contracts and the law.

If there is any justice to come of this, it will be karmic.


I wish they would investigate the Lugo deal while they are at it...


Did CHB break this story? It's being reported everywhere now. Manny should be investigated for this, if for no other reason than to discourage others from using this tactic.

On a related note, given the magnitude of the Manny exodus, i'm a bit surprised at the lack of attention it has received here.

I'm just saying...

//On a related note, given the magnitude of the Manny exodus, i'm a bit surprised at the lack of attention it has received here.//

It was the subject of of 3 of the last 6 days. Can't think of anything since the Matsuzaka pursuit that has received as much focus here.

Remember, too, the mission of this site is primarily humor, not baseball news.

Fair enough h.b. - i didn't mean to limit that observation to you and this site, but rather to include our whole dysfunctional family.

Have a great weekend all!


Rays opened a 10 game road trip rather nicely last night.

Can nothing political die these days? It seems like nobody cares to do the smart or important things when something is actually happening. Then when it's over the "reporters" hound the result for the next week. Sports politics suck even more than real politics because they feel so much more contrived...and that's pretty impressive considering how contrived 24-hour news has made real politics!

What would MLB have done? Undo all of the trades and when Manny comes back we tell him he has to work hard? This is so stupid.

In a completely lighter topic, The Big Lebowski turned 10 this year. Kings, the bowling alley/bar in Back Bay, had a party with a costume contest.

I went as Walter Sobchak. Everyone was telling me that I had a great costume and then I arrived at the line and two people in front of me had to be John Goodman's younger brother. Guy's name was Sandy from the North Shore. Unfortunately neither of us had a camera with a flash so we couldn't get a picture of the two of us, but while I was a good Walter, this guy *was* Walter. He ended up winning part of the costume contest, lots of cheers for him...not so much for me when I had to go after him. The Dude abides.

Kaz - i was goint to hit that party but just couldn't get my act together in time. My plan was to go as Jackie Treehorn - did anyone else do that?

Yeah, there were less than a half dozen Treehorns. There was also someone who came as Karl Hungus from the "Logjammin'" movie. That was hilarious. I also saw a really good Jesus (pederast, eight year olds...). A friend of mine went as The Stranger (had people asking for pictures with him). Couple of Dudes. Had another friend go as a nihilist.

One of the other groups to get a good bit of applause was a trio dressed up as the ingredients needed for a White Russian (vodka, Kahlua, and cream).

Funniest thing I saw all night however was the text scrolling on the monitors that said "White Russians for $8.00!", like they were on discount because of the party theme. Ha! $8 mixed drinks?? Sign me up!

If CHB's story has any truth to it, and there is some evidence involved, Boras could be history, which would go a long way towards restoring a modicum of integrity to the game.

Maybe I'm overestimating the impact it would have because of the fact that Boras seems to be involved in all the rilly-rilly big contracts. He represents a good chunk of the best players in the league, and we tend to have a few in our lineup at all times. Boras has always seemed like he has as much integrity as ripping a beer fart in church while pilfering from the collection plate. We can only hope this will cost him some $$ at a minimum...though even that seems unlikely with Selig involved. Manny will get away with it either way, judging by history.

All this is pure conjecture as CHB is probably squeezing this nugget out of his chapped, red, curly haired arse.

To reiterate: it was CHB writing the story. Accordingly, I will reserve judgment until Gammo speaks.

even if Boras goes away or is limited - some soul-less agent will replace.

anyone hear Rome w/ his man-ram boner this morning?

@random: Going to the SF-LA game tonight to see ole' #99.

Think the Dodgers could get JD, OC, Pedro and Bronson aboard?

I guess I'm just a hopeless capitalist, as I don't really find anything untoward about an agent trying to make as much money as possible for himself and the players he reps.

Now that is not to say that I think it's OK for any agent to instruct a player to "dog it" to get out of a contract.

But the basic money making aspect of the game I don't mind at all.

I started a blog last year. No one reads it, and neither should you.


hb, feel free to delete this blatant plug.

That Kit Kittredge line made me laugh out loud, hb. Thanks for that. Humor is about the only thing keeping me sane right now. The Visa process is like something out of a Joseph Heller novel and flying a live animal across an ocean is a more intricate undertaking than the Tet Offensive.

I don't have any problem with the capitalist aspects of baseball. It just gets nasty quick. The second these athletes have earned more money than they can count, it all becomes about "respect" and how they measure up salary-wise to other people they think they are better than. Which makes it very easy for agents to manipulate them. And for fans to not get it. I'd feel very respected for $1M a year (I'm cheap :) but then again if that chick I hate at my office were to visibly make $1.5 for doing the fuck all she usually does, maybe not. Once again, I have no discernable point.

I have always planned to start a blog when I got to London (the expats take on cultural differences in the land of Shakespeare and football, mostly to entertain my brother and friends) but sometimes I doubt I have the discipline. I give big kudos to anyone who can keep it up....

CHB must stand for Correction: He Blundered. No probe by MLB. "Shaugnessy's deep throat" can go back to meaning what we all thought it really meant all along and not refer to some source involved with the trade, since there's nothing to see here.

Beer cart!

(What? It's only 3:45 you say? Well, well, my clock seems to be off by 45 minutes. Hmmm, have to get that looked at some day.)

Have a great weekend, all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

//I give big kudos to anyone who can keep it up....//

And you should. Keeping it up is tougher than you'd think at times. Heh.


Capitalism abound. People love to criticize the players and the agents for their obsessive greed, but, lest we forget, the owners pay BOTH of these groups AND still do ok keeping the lights on, can send a check off to Sallie Mae each month and still manage to keep the Gulfstream stocked with the good, blue cheese-stuffed olives and a steady throng of 16-year old Asian girls prancing around in private school uniforms. Whoa - was this thing on the whole time?

Why didn't Ellsbury bat for Varitek in the 9th? Why did we trade Manny for a 6th spot hitter? 6th? Tito has become too "clever" for his own good. There's a reason why we've lost 14 consecutive one-run games on the road.

I agree with Paddy24 in that Bay should be in the 5th spot and not the 6th. I am concered with the amount of strike outs he has had though. Has struck out over 150 times a few different times over his career.

I was really scratching my head in regards to why Jacoby was not starting last night in the first place. Here is a guy who has finally found his swing and building confidence at the plate and you sit him? He is in the lineup tonight batting 7th, I just hope he isn't effected by some downtime.

I've blogged about some of the aforementioned items...i'd love to hear your opinions:

If the FO really thinks Boras told Manny to dog it so he could get Manny out of the options (which Boras would have got not part of), then if they had any cojones, they would call Tek in and say "if you want to be a Red Sox next year, then you best show up at the contract negotiations with a new agent".

But of course they won't...

Another game, another shelling for Gumby. Why can't we bring the knuckleballer up from the minors? Or start Masterson, who did a good job as a starter, but hasn't pitched well in relief? Are we seriously going to tank the season because we can't find a starter that is capable of a lower Gumby's 6.00 E.R.A. This is nauseating to watch. How about when Konerko took off for second three seconds too soon and all 45,000 people in the ballpark noticed it - except Gumby? Do you think maybe, just maybe Gumby needs some more seasoning? I watched the no-hit game vs. Baltimore. First of all, Baltimore stinks year in and year out. Second of all, there were plenty of balls put into play that could have gone for hits (especially the amazing play by Pedroia). Gumby's getting quite a bit of mileage out of a fluke game against a scrub team like the Orioles. This is shaping up to be another 2006, when we had the honor of watching the joke that was Jason Johnson.

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