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Sometimes the Yankees really do Suck

Now this is an epitaph suitable for framing:

"When the desperate Yankees needed their superstar to deliver he failed miserably. No hits in five at-bats. Two double play ground balls, one that came in the seventh with the bases loaded. A fielding error. And no hits in two at-bats with runners in scoring position."


No wondah it's not just his lips feeling blue these days. In the first 92 games, Rodriguez hit into just four dp's. In the last 19, he's had nine.


A-Fraud says he's "perplexed" by his sudden drop off.


Well, here's a hint buddy — the staht of your extreme suckitude coincides precisely to when you first saw Madonna undah the stage lights.


Yeah, A-Rod was all, "I've been stickin' my 5-tools into that? Oh, help me Johnny, Jete, and Bobby, what have I done?!"


Madonna is so much like the current Yankees, living proof that no mattah how much money and wishful thinking you throw at it, you're eithah young or you're not. And neithah are.


Gotta love Johnny Damon for sticking to the script: "He's the best player in the league. Unfortunately, he had a bad night."


Memo to Damon: The best playah in the league doesn't go 1-for-10 on the season with the bases loaded and 0-for-7 when there are less than two outs.


Hey, Johnny, how's that move to the Yankees working out for you? Dumbass.



Last night was like a busload of lawyers driving off a cliff...

Ah schadenfreude :)

I guess I did have a massive stroke.

(See previous strip comments.)

And this:


Oh, and is anybody going to Wednesday's day game -v- the Orioles? You can meet up with me and another Soxaholix.

Best observation last night? Remy noted that Lowrie's error was the first error he has committed all season. For whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee, Lugo.


//Last night was like a busload of lawyers driving off a cliff...//

Hmmm, and we haven't heard from SDU in a few days.

Manny DelCarmen is going to be the everlovin' death of me.

Mrs. Soulie can tell who is coming out of the bullpen just by the tone of my voice. It's sort of a sickly, death groan.

Well, nice work, you sonsabitches.

As Willie Nelson said:
Turn out the lights, the party's over.

Jason O.
It _was_ a 15 year party.

My historical perspective tells me that Joe D was worth $50M per at current dollars if A-Dog is paid $25M. Or is that understating Dimag's value? And has anyone asked Manny how that NL race is going?

I loved that Reggie was there watching -- sorta put the exclamation point on A-Rod's Mr. April suckitude.

Well, geeze, if you're giving JoeD $50m/year, what are you giving Teddy? $75m/year?

I am not a math guy so it will never happen by me, but what is an equation that would allow one to see what a player is worth based upon their stats? I mean if A fraud is getting what he is getting based on his numbers how would that correlate with players of old? Just curious. Again, I SUCK at math. How then do you factor in clutch hitting, etc? Just a thought.

The quote attributed to Dimaggio:

"If I were sitting down with George Steinbrenner (to discuss a salary) and based on what Dave Winfield got for his statistics, I'd have to say, 'George, you and I are about to become partners"

This is super basic, but just based on an avg. ops+ in his prime years of 191, Williams would be worth 32.3 million/year compared to Alex's 25m and prime years ops+ of 148.

Including a 233 ops+ in 1957 at age 38. holy fuck.

It feels good to be at this site rather than wunderground or the NHC sites seeing New Orleans in the middle of the cone of uncertainty for Gustav and to see that we beat the MFY. I'm a little preoccupied with thinking about what to bring if we have to evacuate again. My bedazzled World Series Champ shirt will be in my suitcase.

Good luck, Nola. I fear that Gustav won't even be *that* bad...but I completely expect a ton of overreaction particularly given the political season more than the hurricane season. *Nobody* is going to want to be the one to be stuck holding the water bottles, buses, and megaphones through another Katrina. Either party would be ready, able, and willing to take the other to the woodshed for a royal cock-up this summer.

Who knows though? The latest path shows that it's being slowed down by large land mass to our south.

So how much would Ditka make?

Just in case anyone is wondering...2 boys under 2 on a redeye w/ wife & only 2 seats is a GREAT idea. Only plus was watching the highlights about a million times - jetblue is good for that.

If anyone wants to join Bob next Wednesday I have 2 seats in Sec. 8. As Bob already knows I can't make it - will be in the greater Damariscotta metro region. Would love to exchange for Friday.

Kaz, thanks for the chuckle. But if it hits the large land mass to the south where will our recovery workers come from?

Everyone here is nervous, and I'm campaigning for a beer cart to mellow us out.

//Ah schadenfreude //

Nah. All I meant was that it was a good start.

As for SDU, well, he does drive on the wrong side of the road, doesn't he? :0

Well, SDU's toilet does flush backwards.

But he really is a great guy.

Except to prosecuters.

We just got Kotsay for the price of one samosa.

Er, Luis Sumoza, A-Lowell OFer with good potential but needs lots of work and now playing for the Braves farm system.

Mmmm, fried Indian potato dumpling...

India Quality does a nice samosa. And superb vindaloo.

(Why are we talking about Indian food?)

The same guys that own India Quality also own Punjab Palace at 109 Brighton Ave in Allston (near Sunset Bar and Grill). Same great food there too.

We're talking Indian food because the prospect we traded to ATL is named Sumoza (looks/sounds like samosa).

//(Why are we talking about Indian food?)//

Or as the Ramones might say -- sometimes you just wanna have something to do, like eatin' chicken vindaloo.

I found Punjab Palace's vindaloo to be considerably less fiery than India Quality's. But overall it was it was quite good.

And from what I hear, Kotsay's aloo gobi is much better than Sumoza's.

Still breathing, bob. Been http://tamworth.yourguide.com.au/news/local/news/general/advocate-honoured-in-court/1253915.aspx "> up in the country lurking here too late to post. Yesterdays was the first game I've listened to for a few days and it was, as noted, like 100 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean: a good staht.

Very cool article, SDU.

And we finally get to see you in full attire.

If LA is going to sell a Manny wig, can't Soxaholix sell an sdu wig?

I think Kotsay is a good omen. He is my son's favorite player, and has been since Kotsay was patrolling RF for the Marlins and my son was patrolling RF for the pee-wee league Marlins about 8 years ago.

So now his favorite player and favorite team are joined as one. The circle is complete. Kumbaya. This can only be good.

I already made a fool of myself regarding the wig when I met SDU last year. So I'm just not going there.

(Bob): SDU, do you have to wear one of those British hair thingies in court?

(SDU): That would be called a WIG, you idiot.

Bob, at least you didn't call it a merkin.

Heh. Same idea, different locale.

I call it my hat or, more often, stupid hat. Eg oh shit I forget my stupid hat.

Oh, and the lectern had the quote from Jackie Robinson's tombstone - a life is only important for the impact it has on other lives.

Good on ya, sdu.

sonoma, you're in Maine, I'm in San Mateo Cty. wtf.


Could someone be sure to put out the embers and shut off the lights in New York when we're done?


We can start turning out the lights starting at 1:05 today.

Around 4:00, they could be completely burnt out, with that jingly sound the dead filament makes.

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