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Simple life

I'm not sure what it says about our political process that Paris Hilton has a better energy plan than either of the two Presidential nominees.


I wondah what Paris thinks about the Manny trade?


I bet if Paris Hilton was managing the Red Sox she'd bat Jason Bay at cleanup.


Seriously, what is Francona waiting for, a call from Rihanna?



That may be the thing Paris Hilton has ever done that I actually liked.

...and her umbrella,ella,ella

What about Bay 3rd Papi 4th? Have Ortiz do the "protecting."

more likely it will look something like:
stiff A/B

only a matter of time with Papi, I'm afraid

and belated congratulations to you, Bob. This doesn't mean you're growing up, does it?

// This doesn't mean you're growing up, does it?//

Nope. Not a bit. My Peter Pan complex is as ingrained as the chip Theo implanted in Jason Bay's brain.

Quiet around these here parts these days. Suprising for an August pennant race.

I cannot even look at Paris Hilton, she just grosses me out so much.

And Harwich, DAMN YOU for the f'ing song stuck in my head. I am forced to turn to ABBA on my ipod to drown it out (ABBA being the best of ear bugs ever).

Just wait until Paris starts getting campaign contributions from the oil companies and big utilities; suddenly even she will be on the fence longer than Jason Bay's double.

Of course, Paris might actually get MORE votes if she straddles the fence...

c'mon Nat - how can you hate on such a beauty as Paris? What if she switched from pink to teal?

pawsox - I'm pretty sure if Paris straddled anything she'd get more votes.

might be tough to get up for KC but the 4 games in Chitown will definitely test.

I'm pretty sure if Paris straddled anything she'd give it the clap.

also in re: Paris- Tina Fey was asked who her least favorite SNL host was ever and she said Paris- for her rudeness, for the delight she took in her own stupidity, for her hair weave that according to Tina shed everywhere behind her like a diseased golden retreiver, and for looking like a tranny up close. I love Tina Fey. If you ask me, now SHE is hot. I think she'd be my type if I switched teams. Even if she is probably a Yankees fan.

It's strange, isn't it, how quiet thing are this past week.

I know I feel out of it myself. I think it's typical for August but even more so after the whole Manny thing this season.

Know what you mean, hb

Feel like I'm a thousand miles from nowhere, as Dwight Yoakam once said.

You can throw Ms. Benjamin into that Fey-hotty crowd.
Just trying to keep things somewhat baseball related.

What Curt thinks...

//It's strange, isn't it, how quiet thing are this past week.//

It's been proven that weather affects mood. And it's just been so damn dreary and/or rainy lately. Boston seems more like Tampa with the every day thunderstorms and hail and other pestilence (Skankee fans in Fanueil Hall, etc.).

Maybe I am in the minority but I find nothing dreary about a thunderstorm. To the contrary- awesome. Plus, I've lost my appetite for bitching about Boston weather since I am 3 weeks from moving to a city where I will be in a raincoat 300 days of the year. :) At least I have managed to get the skinny on a bar in Central London that stays open late and shows the Sox. Boo yeah.

When are these f'ing Rays gonna start fading, damn it?

I'm not so worried about the Rays not fading as I am about this fact: we are 6 and 12 against teams with a winning record since July 1st with only one series win (1 and 8 since the All Star Break with 3 dropped series) . Beating Seattle, Oakland and KC is fine, but we need to start winning series against our potentional wild card and/or playoff competition, starting with the Chisox.

My wife was in Boston for a few days and my office door is now adorned with a WEEI 'Manny Who' poster.

Agreed. There's a lot of CWS, Baltimore, and Toronto in our immediate future. Oh, and a little team called Tampa Bay. (Who knew we'd ever give a shite about them? I used to give away my TB tix.)

TB just scored 6 in the bottom of the 9th against the Tribe to win 10-6. They are for real.

There was a time when I would have looked at TB's play, like the come from behind today, and thought, "this is their year... they are going all the way."

But then I recall the Rockies last year. They went on that tear at the end of the season that just blew everyone away and they did indeed seem unstoppable.

Their owner even suggested God was at work.

But then they just crumbled like a bunch of purple vested patsies in the World Series.

So who knows?

I just heard from a Skankee fan in the office that Joba the Mutt got placed on the DL.

He'll probably throw his painkillers at Youk from there.

He'll probably send Bobba Fet after Youk.

paddy, Jacoby just ripped out a 3 run HR.

So much for that theory of having no power.

Kaz, I was going to say that but thought the better of it. I guess I must be a nicer person than you. ;-)

//TB just scored 6 in the bottom of the 9th against the Tribe to win 10-6. They are for real.//

Tampa was playing a crap team with no closer, in Tampa Bay.

Check the schedule the rest of the way, and we'll see how Tampa does down the stretch.

I second that Griffin. TB hasn't faced the Angels recently either.

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