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Ruth's Piss Mistake House

So do the Sox go in and finally put the Yankees out of their misery or what?


Let's hope the Red Sox play this final series in Yankee Stadium like cold hahted assassins and not like an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.


Not that I'm complaining, but with the Yankees teetering on becoming "also rans" this early, it takes some of piss and vinegah out of the series.


Yeah, good time to call your ol' Yankees' fan buddy Mahty and remind him of his misfortune.


Nah, I don't call Mahty for the same reason I don't troll around the comments sections of Yankees blogs.


Act like you've been there?


Absolutely. We were acting like we'd been there even when we hadn't. And now that we have, well, winning 2 of the past 4 World Series capped with the catclysimic bitch slip that was the '04 ALCS says all that needs sayin'.


Besides, I'm guessing Mahts has his hands full in Denvah these days.


Oh, you've got to be shitting me …


I shit you not — He's a delegate. And he's one of the angry ones.


And people wondah why my generation is cynical about politics?



Bitch slip? The Horror,the Horror

H.B. must have seen the same shots on TV last night that I did: angry, short haired women who looked something like Steven King frowning and crossing their arms throughout all the DNC speeches.


As for the Sox-Skanks, I worry a bit that every year, right around this time of year, we diss the Skanks. Then Timmy (who has an ERA over 6 against the Bronx Bastards) gets lit up for 11 runs in the first, and the entire series gets away from us, and the Skanks catch us, pass us, and win the wild card, then miraculously, in their last season at Skankee Stadium (the house that sourkraut built), they win a WS.

(Reverse gooch anyone?)

That strip hit me like a diamond bullett through the center of my forehead. Bravo!

I'm cynical in general. Specifically that I think the Dems will snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. That the sawx will be so badly hurt down the stretch that they can't compete. And that for some reason this country can't find its way out of an oil soaked bag to start funding new energy alternatives so we can keep our beaches clean (can you believe they are talking about drilling off the VIRGINIA coast?) and that ... insert your favorite rant here. But I digress. GO SAWX!!

It is to laugh -- at Sox fans.

I think the Yanks will take 2 of 3. In the current state of the teams, the Yanks could certainly sweep the series. Then they'd be 2 games behind the Sox, with the Sox hurting more than the Yanks -- and then watch the pseudo-superiority turn into the same ol' Sox doom and gloom.

I'm not saying the Yanks WILL sweep, because they've got problems and for the last 5 years you never know what's going to happen in a Yankees - Red Sox series. But any Sox fan who doesn't admit the Yanks might sweep this series isn't fooling anyone.

It's ironic, vasoxfan, that Teddy is one of the biggest opponents of wind power in Mass?

Weird, until you locate The Compound on Google Maps.

(Oh, God, I'm talking politics. Forgive me, all. Never again.)

Why don't Skankee fans ever have a legit email on their name?

Fear? Stupidity? BigBri syndrome?

Not that I'd ever stoop so low as to send them an email, but I believe in transparency! I believe in America! I believe in a world where black and white, man and woman, bear and squirrel can live in peace!

I have a belief!

Ya think he's afraid of hitting them with his sailboat?

I think he's afraid the wind will alter the football's trajectory while he's playing touch on the front lawn.

(Ah, Camelot.)

Speaking of Denver, your Colorado Rockies have the 3rd best record in MLB since the AS break. They are right where they were last year believe it or not. So anything is possible.

Headed out to watch the game tonight and drink too much on a Tuesday.

Go Sox!

I am your Mike.

I am fine with that.

Are people really watching the conventions? Huh. Color me surprised.

Always love an Apocalypse Now reference. Is it wrong to say that was the best movie Harrison Ford was in?

Ryan, "Witness" was Ford's best film, and our man Peter Weir even worked in that one excellent Kelly McGillis scene, if you know what I mean.

NYY's current status is best described in the scene as Ripley, Parker and Lambert are about to pull the plug on Ash the science android: "I can't lie to you about your chances, but you have my sympathies."

Ash is a Goddamn robot!!

See, real Skank fans (J.O.) use real email links. Make a note of it johnyf, or BigBri, or Rachael Ray, or whatever your name is.

BTW, first Soxaholix to respond can go to the game with me next Wednesday (-v- Baltimore). It's a 1:35 start though.

Bob -

Here's a recipe for an uhappy life: try to control what others think and how they act.

If you're not going to write to me, what the f do you care what I use for an address?

If you're not going to write to me, why the f did you look at my address?

It's a real address, it's part of the .mac system for dealing with junk mail.

Big surprise, I don't want offlist mail from Bob. If you've got something to say I'll read it here.


I can't resist:


Mao had a very happy life, johny.

So do I.

Lots of booze, sex, baseball and football.

(Me, not Mao.)

Bob, either you're saying you're the authoritarian leader of 1 billion people, or that's a total non-sequitar. This is not about baseball. signing off

Mao vs Ditka?

Sox Say So Long To The Stadium

G'bye Toilet.signing off

h.b., Ive got to take Ditka. No freaking contest. The cultural revolution has nothing on Ditka. Millions killed, still nothing on Ditka. Mao could have learned a lot from Ditka. Now Ditka v. Stalin- that is a matchup I would like to see. That was a cold hearted SOB.

HRich, I think the appropriate sign-off is:


The horror! The horror!


We're both wrong. Harrison Ford's best movie was Bladerunner.

Is that Great Leap Forward Mao or Cultural Revolution Mao squaring off against Ditka?

And: In the pool, Ditka vs. Phelps but Ditka can't use his arms.

And to make it even more fair, Phelps has to wear all of his gold medals.

BTW, non-sequitar?

JohnyMost: "Bob - Here's a recipe for an unhappy life: try to control what others think and how they act."

Me/Mao: "Mao had a very happy life, johny."

Makes sense to me.

I got the connection, too, Bob, but you know, what to Red Sox fans is obvious can be a real "No soap, radio" for the trolls.

"No soap, radio"


I LOVE that joke!

HMM. In re: Denver.

It is not now, nor will it evah be Rocktobah


Re: re: Denver.

But this year, lc, won't it be Baracktobah?

Buh-yeah! Sox win 7-3 AND A-Fraud's the goat - it doesn't get any better than that!

I'll do ya one bettah, Steve!

TB loses, back to 3.5 games back!

Toronto, you magnificent spoilah bastahds!

...and I believe the next line,Kaz goes something a little like "I read your book" :)

That's what I'm talkin' about

Then Patton says, "Book? No, soap radio!"

Halladay, holding the Yankees down for a butt-whooping last week, missing the Sox this weekend, then holding the Rays at bay. Thanks, man.

AND just to put a little icing on the cake, the Twinkies lose in Seattle as well.

What the duece? Yesterday's comments on today's strip?

(Or have I had a massive stroke?)

Oh, and there was a Skankee fan at Pete's last night.

Let's just say I acted like I'd been there, and he acted like he'd been there last century.

BTW, anyone going to next Wednesday's day game against Baltimore? I'm going with a certain Soxahlix, and we could meet up.

If you want to.

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