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Nah, nah, nah nah, hey, hey...


Pedroia let his bat do the talking and what it said was, "I come to bury the Yankees, not praise them."


Yeah, and aftah that if you could hear the whimpah of tens of thousands of Yankees fans losing hope.


Pinto nails it in his Requiem for the Yankees post — "his isn't a good team playing poorly. No one sits there thinking, 'If only Sidney Ponson and Darrell Rasner can live up to their potential.'"


But the Yankees will be back soonah than we probably realize.


Yeah, but while they're working on getting back, we're already friggin' hee-ah.


We're hee-ah.
We've no fee-ah
Get used to it, bitches.



NO! h.b. it's Dustin not Justin! Fix it with haste! :P

Quick moves h.b., well done.

Yep, fixed. Thanks.

That's what I get for mixing my celeb gossip blog reading with baseball blog reading. :)

I am thoroughly disturbed by the youtube video. I found one with translations and it is pretty friggin hilarious. Ahhh what a way to waste the day. Little Dustin with one swing of the bat becomes better then A-Fraud at batting with the bases loaded for the year. Nice.

I don't know, I think you could have left it the way it was. After all, Dustin got his sexy back last night.

It's like watching the fall of the British Empire around 1940 or so. Second class citizenship for the MFYs for the next 50 years or so has a nice ring to it.

From The Post:

//"The bottom line is they sucked," Hank Steinbrenner said on the way out of the morgue-like Stadium that will soon qualify as the world's largest funeral home and be littered with pinstriped coffins.//

I didn't say or write it, so no gooch involved.

But just in case:

we have no chance today.

I see Lester getting hammered again and Moose pitching the game of his life. Definitely not our day.

"The bottom line is they sucked," Hank Steinbrenner said ....

Come on, Hank. How about using the first person plural?

"The bottom line is they sucked," Hank Steinbrenner said ....

Come on, Hank. How about using the first person plural?

This picture is priceless from Dusty's GS. Paps knows what's up.


And Jason Bay is well on his way to being a Yankee Killer too. 2-4 with 4 RBI. Awesome!! Yankee Stadium - Cathdral or coffin or toilet bowl ...discuss.

It had its luster back in the day but now it's a coffin being flushed down a toilet bowl.

That pic is great. He knew at that point he wasn't working that night!!
I love the little YES in the corner that acts as a caption. (I know its the network)

Somehow this strip triggered an ear bug and I am sitting here singing, ad infinitum:

"We've come a long, long way together
Through the hard times and the good
I have to celebrate you, baby
I have to praise you
like I should-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d..."

Last night was soooooooooo fun. Gorgeous weather. A rout for the Sox. Bill C behaving himself at the DNC (at least on stage). God Bless the US of A. :)

For some reason, today's strip triggered an ear bug and I am sitting here at my office singing:

"We've come a long, long way together
Through the hard times and the good
I have to celebrate you, baby
I have to praise you
like I should-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d..."

Last night was sooooooooo fun. Gorgeous weather. A rout of the Yanks. Bill C behaving himself at the DNC (at least on stage, that we know of). The Obama koolaid tasting so damn cool and sweet. God Bless the US of A. :)

Argh. Sorry for the double post. I got a connection error the first time and thought it had not gone through. Usually I don't repeat myself until the 3rd glass of wine...

Sadly, I missed the game last night as I was at Nats Park watching the pesky Gnats beat up the lowlier Trolley Dodgers. Classic moment in the middle of the 4th - the daily President's race where Teddy (Roosevelt) always loses to George, Tom and Abe.

Teddy came running out well in the lead wearing a blue 'do rag with Manny dreads. Halfway down the line, he stops, looks around, and makes a fake cell phone call. The others pass him by and win the race. Meanwhile, the announcer is shouting: "Teddy! What are you doing? Why are you quitting in the middle of the race??" And he concludes with "I guess that's just Teddy being Teddy...."

Manny was looking on from left field (probably thinking "Who is that?").

Crazy German kid hilarious. Someone with more imagination and technical skill than I needs to give this video the "Hitler/Cowboys" English subtitle treatment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_9UTvESBIc

Hey, Manny passed his citizenship test.

That little Nazi bastard in the video oculd only be a Yankee fan. I believe what's really going on is that he was watching last night's game on the Interwebs. The real English translation is available at


God, I enjoyed last night's shellacking. Oddly, I was more impressed with Jason Bay's performance than Dustin's Phi Slammy Jammy. Boy oh boy, he really comes to play, don't you think? To be fair, it helped that Abreau totally wet the bed in the field. Here's to brooming the bastards and sticking a dagger right in the heart of the Toilet and NY's 2008 season.

truth is, Jason Notmanny's #'s equal if not somewhat exceed MR24's since the trade. Sox are 16-7 since the trade, Dodgers have dropped 6 straight. On the plus side, they are selling Manny wigs (How'd you miss that monetization move Luscious???) in Chavez Ravine. Kotsay is a find. I thin the RS just stayed in 2nd place so that they could make waiver claims before TB until 8/31. With the end of the month approaching, they now can ascend to 1st place. Theo look priddy smaht.


see Mr. Hanky at the game last night? I think his fuqqin gall bladder exploded in the 8th inning... I thought he was gonna hurl. His Saddamlike hairdo is also quite frightening -- I think he and Nicholson are going to the same salon.

Why is that prick Nicholson a Skankees fan? WTF? Is this Lakers Celtics from 1987? Why do I have to see that fossil on TV while I am watching the Sox?

Looking forward to putting the Skanks down and out tonight. Where are the trolls today?

A Red Sox win: pretty nice
A Red Sox win over the Yankees: excellent
Getting to watch Pedroia hit a grand slam while the Yankee fans give up on their team and Hank stews in his box with an expression of sheer pain on his face: F**in priceless!!


I saw that smug jackass rooting for LA when the Celtics smashed them into the floorboards. Now he wants to rep NY like that schmuck Spike Lee? Well guess what fellas?

Remember what happened in The Departed? Matt Damon, a bonafide Sox fan, shot up Nicholson towards the end. Granted Damon himself was offed...but it was by the Dorchestah Destroyah Mark Wahlberg, another Sox fan, so it's all good.

If we're gonna take our cues from Boston-made movies, we should do it from ones taping right now. Like "Edge of Darkness" which is taping right outside my lab as we speak here at BUMC. I haven't seen Mel Gibson or Bobby DeNiro yet, but the catering truck is right outside the building and in the morning it smells like bacon and sausage in the lobby.

Anyone know what Mel or Bobby's team preferences are? I'm pretty sure the storyline goes that Mel wins over DeNiro, so figure it out from there.

Kaz, from my many commercial shoots in Los Angeles, I can tell you that those actor types LOVE their breakfast burritos.

With 47 minutes of productive work day remaining, I'm wondering if there are better alternatives to ESPN Gamecast, my normal medium for keeping tabs on day games. Any thoughts?

Other than heading over to Foley's, I mean.

In re it's not over 'til it's over. Bullpen loses another close game - Oki lets another inherited run score - Masterson shits his pants - Francona brings Papelbon in with one out and bases loaded and the game on the line (ie 2 hitters too late). I expect a strong rebuke from P-24.

In re Edge of Darkness - the 1985 British TV show was some of the most compelling TV ever. Jedbugh, the texan CIA man driving around London in a white rolls ('With Reagan in the White House we can take a higher profile'), one of the most remarkable characters ever portrayed. This cannot be remade - let alone by Mel Gibson et al. It's like trying to remake Casablanca. No point to it.

Guess Juice-ambi took an extra large dose today.

I hate that cheating a-hole.

Maybe they won't show it in countries that got BBC in the 80's, SDU. If it's even nearly as good as you make the original sound, they'll gobble it up here in the U.S. Mainly because nobody here will have seen the original to compare it to (like "The Office" on NBC more or less).

oh let the comparisings start; the bambino opens the great stadium against the sox with 3run hr. and the "giambino" closes the book on the rivalry at the great toilet.

Well I for one didn't think they could improve on Batman until I saw Michelle Pfeifer as catwoman.

But you gotta see the original Kaz:

Edge of Darkness - Complete - DVD
Region: Region 2

Would but I could, SDU. Maybe I can find it for download somewhere.

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