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More feel goodahs

OK, so besides the Sox sweep of Texas, what othah feel good memes have you got to get us through anothah cloudy, rainy, August day?


OK, here's my feel goodah: I love the way the Sox front office is working the waivah wiah. They put that claim on Giles to keep him from Tampa and chances that was the same reason they went aftah Ibanez.


Seriously. Looks like the F.O. is showing Tampa Bay a little razzle dazzle.


Welcome to your first pennant race, bitches.


And speaking of races to the finish, here's my thought to keep you as perky as a 13 year old Chinese gymnast this weekend — Not only do the Rays have to face the rest of the season without Crawford and part of the season without Longoria, but they have to do it with an absolutely sick Septembah schedule.


And the Sox schedule, with only 25 games in Septembah and only 9 on the road, leaves the Division ripe for the taking.


Are you kidding me? Sox take the Division, hell yeah they do.


That's my thinking as well.


Well there you have it. We are as solidified on the Sox chances as the Chinese officials were about not letting the buck tooth girl sing.



woa, there, characters. I know you are not real and simply reflect the zeitgeist of RSN, but I have a personal stake in this bitch, having told you characters not to worry all yeah long and now you are with me and maybe you should just hold on to your Triggahs if you know what I mean. Esp with "16" year olds with missing front teef in the the room.

The bottom third still looks like a superannuated AA team and so you know they say "keep the line moving", which translates to "please god don't make an out again so the the real playahs can take some more hacks"

and hook up the Jimmy Fund, would you please, despite the fact that that old boob Cosbsy was trotted out to whore for something he never heard of last night.

The danger of renting a celebrity to punch up your charity event was demonstrated on the NESN/WEEI telecast, and, amazingly, later in a separate interview of Bill Cosby on the NESN pregame show.

Bill Cosby, who apparently hasn't been corrected by anybody in 30 years, referred to the "Jimmy Fund" as the Jimmy V" fund. Then, incredibly, he mentioned that Jimmy V has been on his TV show, but, "since he was a coach", he couldn't improv.



As totalitarian as that whole "Sing-Gate" thing was, I hear that even Brad and Angelina refused to adopt the buck toothed girl.

As Morrissey might sing...

"Spending warm summer days indoors
Writing frightening verse
To a buck-toothed girl in Tiananmen"

As long as TB still comes through with key hits and HR's like last night they still might win the division. Give me another 8 game losing streak and let's see the Sox win a series against a quality opponent, then I will get excited.

It's hard to quantify quality these days.

Before the Sox swept them, Texas was three games above .500 I believe.

Quality? I don't know, but a winning team.

Much as I'd like to be optimistic about taking the division, I'm just not there yet.

If the Sox can win this series against Toronto I might come around. Some guys will need to really step up if that's going to happen. Byrd needs to outpitch Hallady. And Buchholz (who should really be in Pawtucket by now) has to outpitch Burnett. Pretty tall order. Even the Beckett/Marcum matchup worries me, given that the Jays usually slap Josh around pretty good.

Meanwhile, the Rays are playing Texas.

The Sox can do it. But they really need to start doing it now.

Anyone notice a resemblance between Ron Washington and JJ Walker? Kind of creepy.

Oh, I don't nearly have as much faith as the characters either in the Division win.

Overall, I just feel jejune about the whole endeavor. I think it's just an August thing and not permanent.

TB also lost their closer and they face the Angels next week. I like our chances.

Is it even possible to feel jejune in August?

did paddy take over LC???

So my boy has been into Bob the Builder lately - and BTB has an Obama-esque optimism & hope thing going...the song sticks in my head all day.
Can we win it? YES WE CAN!

The 80-90 degree sunny days don't hurt either.

I swear,I never felt June in my life.We're just good friends(like Lisa)

Well, if you "ask me", our manager can kick your manager's ass...

If you've noticed the price of Duvel going up lately in the Boston area, it's because I've consumed it...all of it.

Plenty of it down here,J.O.

Hey HB, don't know if anyone's ever mentioned this before but why are those three guys looking down at the ground instead of each other? Maybe they don't like eye contact in the office? Are they watching the corpse on the floor? Checking out each other's... uh...length?

That is the way the clip art is. I don't draw these.

I've toyed with the idea of starting from an entirely new clip art set so that I'd have more choices (and less old fashioned stuff like the clunky phones.)

Maybe at some point.

Originally, I though this site would last 30-60 days, so didn't really worry too much about variety or the quality of the clip art.

But here it is in the 5th year of publishing.

No wonder I'm jejune.

T-minus 147 minutes and counting.

Must. Have. Wine. Now.

Anyone in the market for a Nissan Pathfinder? I have one to sell with very low miles! :) F'ing SUV market...

Jejune. Another great word.

hb, why are you this guy again?


Nat - maybe your neighbor could torch it for you.

The first update I received on my MLB widget on my brand new iPhone?

"TB v OAK: Troy Percival injures knee. Pitcher Change."

Awesome...oh, look, there's another 9 runs in 1 inning. I love getting MLB updates while I'm at Fenway.

PS - The GPS in my phone can find me in my *exact* seat on the satellite view on Google Maps. Really really freaky to see. I felt like I should look up to see the giant freakin' laser beam before it roasted my section from space.

yb- if they weren't dead, I'd ask them to, for sure :)

BTW, for you cruciverbalists, 'nother Bosox reference in today's NYT xword.

texas goes home pissed off and takes it out on rays. rangers take two of three. then rays go home and get hammered by angels. this time next week sox are 1 game up.

22 minutes to beer cart.

But I think beer cart is becoming rather jejune. Banal even.

Therefore, today's beer cart will feature a little something I like to call Columbian fire water.

//Columbian fire water//?

Hm. Didn't know those Ivy League Harlemites were distilling anything that powerful. Heh.

Pass that shit 'round, whatever it is.

It's called aguardiente.

Anyway, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

>this time next week sox are 1 game up.

Roll me one, will ya.

It's called aguardiente.

Anyway, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

What the hell is going on here?

I've been cloned. And yazbread is in the middle.

http://home.earthlink.net/~cafe.tinto/aguardiente.htm "> "Give me an aguardiente, made of the sugarcane of my valleys and the anise of my mountains. Don't serve me a drink from abroad which is expensive and doesn't taste as good."

Yankees packing it in?

Plus, Rivera wild pitch for tie-breaking run to score? Really? Wow. Unlucky.

Also, does anyone know how many games we're going to lose Papi for now that the Men's Badminton Doubles have started in Beijing?

/texas goes home pissed off and takes it out on rays. rangers take two of three. then rays go home and get hammered by angels. this time next week sox are 1 game up./

Rays win 7-0. Oh well, I guess two out of three is still possible...

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