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Making the most of it

While I'm going to look back at this in late January when it's 2 below zero and I'm stahved for any baseball news at all, I've gotta say I'm having trouble getting enthused for each game these days.


Yeah, that's the nature of August. It's late enough in the season that there aren't a whole lot of surprises and it's WYSIWYG with respect to the team on the field, but it's still too early to start anticipating crisp Octabah postseason evenings.


So you have to look hahdah for feel good moments, like this gem of sentence:

"In his five seasons with the Red Sox, he's been a lot of things: Rookie Along For The Ride, Fan Favorite (even a cynic like me enjoys howling, "Youuuuk"), On-Base Machine, Versatile Corner Infielder, Gold Glove First Baseman, Human Sweat Gland, Freakishly Goateed Hothead, October Hero, Manny Punching Bag, and now this: Legitimate Star."


I mean, you gotta love Youks.


Absolutely. Anyone who doesn't love the Youks is worse than Hitlah. (And I'm looking at you Ahmadinejad you Jew-hating, Holocaust-denying, squinty-eyed, s.o.b with delusions of grandeur you.)


Speaking of hegemonist also-rans, here's another feel good graf to put some joy in the August doldrums:

"The Yankees left New York last week for a 10-game road trip, clearly aware their streak of 13 straight playoff appearances was in jeopardy. After going 3-7, they're stumbling back to the Bronx in even worse shape."


Ah, August is feeling bettah already.



I'm w/hb on this on. The gears on this team engage linke the froint drive on my push lawn mower. Good down hill, intermittent up hill.


Oh Captain, My Captain

Nat? Comment? Go.


wow re: tek. the groupie bullpen skanks must be creaming their collective official pink vtek #33 panties...

Hmm, Natalie Varitek. Has a nice ring to it. I can see them both in 20 years, plugging "Buns of Steel" devices on London infomercials while hanging with Roman Polanski.

While I would like to think that the team is starting to hit the ball, the Rangers aren't exactly a team to benchmark yourself against.

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh. Of course this happens 20 days before I leave for London. Can't stalk him now either. Even since I got fingerprinted yesterday I have been mourning the loss of my lucrative life of crime and ability to stalk Red Sox players and ex-boyfriends with impunity. Tek, you gorgeous meaty-thighed man you, I am just a quick plane ride away!!!!

Wait, there are pink vtek #33 panties? Where can I get me some?

wait - did anyone hear that? The sound of ovaries in the Greater Boston area are going into hyperdrive.

re: tek

Gotta wonder if his monumental slump this season isn't somehow effected by marriage issues. At the pro level hitting is just as much mental as physical!??! Maybe.

Bob, I love that Roman Polanski reference. LOL.

From your mouth to God's ears, Bob.

sorry hb, didn't mean to hijack your comments by mentioning 33. I figured everyone had heard.


Natalie, if your ever do marry Tek and get preggers, do not, I repeat DO NOT hire a pediatrician or OB/GYN named Dr. Sapirstein.

Nice Rosemary's Baby ref, Bob. Hilarious.

Have any of you ever been to Gwinnett County? I don't see Nat happy there even as Mrs. Veritek. It's pretty much the exact opposite of London, or Boston, or any other interesting place. It's ground zero of suburban hell.

And I say that as a former resident...

Bob is on a roll today - lol!

I also wonder if this has anything to do with his troubles at the plate. He's kept it quiet, and look what home issues did to JD Drew last year.

Love to see the Yankees floundering, but I'm concerned about the Sox right now too. Wakefield and Lowell are out, we need two more starters. Will Byrd be the answer, and can Colon get back soon? The lineup has been a bit of a jumble since Manny left, and of course he is lighting it up in LA.

We're okay right now, but you gotta keep an eye on these issues. Hope they can hang tight, especially pitching-wise.

Like jfm I also wondered if marital problems might be the source of Tek's woes at the plate. Strangely, this notion strikes me as optimistic.

I think most baseball games come with a lesson or moral. Last night's moral: Timlin is done. Putting him in with runners on base hasn't been a good idea in several years. Now putting him in with less than a five-run lead is pushing your luck.

There's no way Tek would let the Devil have a go with his woman the way Rosemary's husband did.

Nobody cuckolds the Tek!

Worrying when the Sox are beginning to close in on the Rays? Let's just assume everyone gets injuries. So, we replace injured Lugo with .300 hitter Jed, have the mix-and-matchability of moving Youks to 3rd and replacing almost zero offense with a stick like Sean, slide JD to lead off while Ellsbury regains his batting touch and have a solid star like Bay to run unplanned Dominican vacation and internal turmoil Manny to the West Coast. Now if only Jason and Coco could place wood against the surface of a baseball the Sox would be at 80 wins. Oh, and Papi is starting to CRUSH the ball.

Right now I predict 95 wins and we get to rub this championship in the face of a few people who have earned the respects.

Cuckold. Now there's a word you just don't hear every day. Nice.

nor gleet

also gonfalon

>Nobody cuckolds the Tek

I assumed that Tek was the cuckolder.

Oh lc- you rakehell.

Pass the Gin you fops :)

washed up big leaguers often end up playing for the Long Island Cuckolds of the Independent League, trying to just hang on for a few more years.

//Wait, there are pink vtek #33 panties? Where can I get me some?//

Don't disappoint, Nat. Stay true to your color - teal. They're out there.

//Bob is on a roll today - lol!

I also wonder if this has anything to do with his troubles at the plate.//

Rational, I don't have any problems at the plate. In fact, at McCormick & Schmick's last night, I had a dozen oysters, shrimp wontons, and fried clams.

Oh, and just a few beers.

I like the player formerly known as Tek too, but the marriage problems are probably not the main cause of his slump. Jason has had a long, long relationship outside of his marriage--it's been in trouble for a long time. It's always bothered me knowing that as all the gorgeous Sox fans were lusting after a married man, he was lusting after them at least as much. It's cynical, but I route for the laundry as nothing about these guys surprises me anymore. But oh how I love that laundry.

Love that dirty laundry...Boston, you're my home.

>Love that dirty laundry

Well, he is going to get taken to the cleaners. I would how much his impending free agency (baseball, not marital) influenced the decision to get a divorce now. The divorce could give him an indication of what he needs to recoup or eliminate a settlement based on future earnings. Three young kids - way to go big guy.

dont forget the Jimmy Fund, mofos

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