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Keeping us ticking

Why is it so often that watching Matsuzaka pitch is like watching someone windsurf in a tropical cyclone?


Yeah, dude continues to tend toward the wild and he walks more than he strikes out, yet he keeps on winning.


But meanwhile so does Tampa Bay.


Seriously. The Rays are the Chinese gymnast He Kexin -- Even when they lose they still win.


Best friggin record in baseball. Jeez.


You know it was cool at the beginning of the season when Tampa broke of its always in last place shell.


But now that we are moving into the time of mists of mellow fruitfulness, it's really stahting to piss me off.


On the bright side, at least Yaz is OK.


Absolutely. And let's give a long overdue and earnest shout out to the cardiovascular surgeons at MGH and hospitals throughout the world for the critical, uber MVP work they do in saving lives every day of the week.



Yaz. Triple bypass.

I know this is a gooch, but a triple means three.

Hmmm, three.

Like three in 5 years maybe?

(Now for the reverse goch: we won't win another game all season, the Rays will win the WS, and the Skanks will catch on the last day of the season to get the wild card.)


Hi Kids! I'm Tumbly McTumbleweed, and I'm blowin' across your blog.

Hey, who's that? Oh, it's my buddy Crickety Cricket SoundEffect.

(Where the hell is everyone?)

I kept telling people...the Rays weren't going to drop off like everyone said they would and that Boston needs to worry about them. Did they listen? No.

Sheesh but at least we're still ahead for WC. What worries me though is that Buchholz is still pitching. I don't care how much of a prospect people say he is. I think he sucks and needs some serious adjustments.


I disagree, I just think that brought him along to fast. That and the no no... Im sure hes a headcase. But when he is on... nigh unhittable. With that big hook and a mean fastball he reminds me a skinny david wells. If can get his right then he will be an excellent middle of the rotation guy... IMHO.

As far as tumbleweeds go... its august and baseball is running long. Wait till those two series against the rays in mid september.

Bob asks "where is everyone"? I'll tell you everyone is. Everyone's at the Cape or Martha's Vineyard. Or Maine. Or anywhere but here. At least that's what my wife says. Any my kids say everyone but them has an XBOX 360. Or an ipod video. And I'm the bum. I didn't rent a house on the Cape for the last two weeks of August. I didn't buy my deprived kids an XBOX 360. Thank god I can go to work everyday. Did I answer your question??

Sorry, Bob, I'm here now. I was just basking in the afterglow of watching paddy's prediction last night for the bottom of our lineup go up in flames.

At this point, the Twins are 4-times more likely to pass the White Sox for the Central than they are to pass us for the Wild Card. We're 10x more likely to win the Wild Card than the Twins. We're still in the running to pass the Rays, but they hold a 3-fold advantage in the odds right now over us. Damn them for still winning.

By the way, this guy yesterday made a good breakdown of the Rays' remaining schedule.

Also, it's pretty funny. If you go to the Twins message boards, they don't like their chances looking at the remaining schedule to beat the White Sox. If you go to the White Sox boards, they don't like their chances to hold off the Twins. Heh. They are both playing almost the exact same opponents so I don't see them improving their records much (neither do the postseason odds). This means they don't have much of a chance for the wild card while the real struggle for the Red Sox are going to be the games left against the Rays (feels so odd to say that out loud). We will either win the division on those games or hold onto the Wild Card based on the rest of the schedule.

The Rays are more than pesky now. Even with some significiant injury issues, they are beating the Angels.

Right now, I'd say the Angels and Rays are the teams to beat. Just hoping the Sox get into the playoffs and get a shot at taking them down. Like they did to the Rockies, a seemingly unbeatable team last year.

I had been worried about Beckett's bad performance being related to a physical problem (injury), and turns out it was. Hopefully it is truly a minor issue, we need him to get through this playoff chase.

geez PSP sounds like you oughta get away by yourself...and speaking of Maine - I've got my redeye east w/ 2 kids under 2yrs coming up in a week!

Triple bypass - triple crown - the guy does things in 3s...here's to a quick recovery Cap'n Yaz.

The kite guys is a prime candidate for the Darwin's...what an idiot.

Still not overly concerned about the Rays - still hanging to HB's comparison to the '07 Rockies.

>... this time next week sox are 1 game up.

Hey, that was a great prediction from last Friday

ParkerStPete - have your kids thought about reporting you to social services?

i'm here, so what?


Sonomasox, God bless you. And the people in the row in front of you and the row behind you. I've been there.

As I was condescendingly shaking my head about the kite surfer ("what an idiot!"), I remembered being 17 and deciding to body surf in the huge waves after a late summer storm on Duck, NC. I got my ass handed to me, swallowed about a metric ton of sand (what wasn't in my bathing suit, ears and nose), and am probably lucky I did not break my neck for good measure. So, clearly, going to choke back my mockery as best I can.

So Tek has come alive recently...nice to see. Praying that Beckett's numbness is simply a tiny itsy bitsy pinched nerve that's easily taken care of with a couple days extra rest.

I hate Tampa Bay. Upstarts.

Losing to Tampa Bay is WAY better than losing to the Yankees. Take 'em down, BJs and let's have a tie for fourth place, yeah? Say, 7.5 back from the good ol' 2nd place Red Sox when Buchholz magically delivers tonight when he sees the uniforms the opponents are wearing ("I seem to recall something good happening to me when I saw those uniforms last year...").

Also, I know the characters are hyperbolic, but:

"and he walks more than he strikes out, yet he keeps on winning"

Technically untrue, but subjectively accurate. He struck out two in a row at one point when there were men on 1st and 2nd (1st inning?) and no outs. He struck out somebody with the bases loaded and one out to start his "Nothing up my sleeve...tah dah!" routine that he typically does with the bases loaded.

ahh, Duck, NC.

Brew Thru is the most outstanding invention ever.

(for those of you who don't know, Brew Thru is a drive through beer cooler and there is one spaced every 10 miles or so up and down the Outer Banks.)

You get in your car, driving into the Brew Thru, where you are surrounded by cases of beer in coolers. Attractive young ladies and gentlemen take your order, load your vehicle, take your money, and off you go.

"1 game up this time next week" sorry 'bout that. wouldnt be the first time accused of being a false profit. call it the hinske floyd curse,...wtf!

BTW, although we haven't set a date, the fiancee has enthusistically agreed to a wedding and reception site:


I'll let you all know when the details are set. I expect at least a few of you to attend. And to bring pricey gifts (we're regsitering at Julio's Liquor).

H.B.? Maybe he'll be disguised as the hot bartender again.

Lot's of notice please Bob. The gift list a Julios is very romantic idea. And my biggest regret of last years trip was that, while I got a photo of just about everything else (even Bob for goodness' sake) I was too shy to get a picture of hb dressed as the hot bartender.

Great softball game b/w Japan and Australia last night.

Kaz, here's some bad news for you. The Red Sox still have to play a double-header. The ChiSox and Twins already won today. They both have an incredibly easy schedule. Gumby is pitching tonight. Beckett is hurt. The Sox still have to play the Jays ten more times. Roy Halladay will mow down the Sox at least two more times.

Red Sox -
vs. winners - 25
vs. losers - 11

Twins -
vs. winners - 14
vs. losers - 22

ChiSox -
vs. winners - 20
vs. losers - 15

The Jays have a great chance to knock us out of the playoffs. BTW, the Sox don't deserve this scenario. The Sox would win 105 games playing in the Central. It's a joke that the Wildcard competition plays a totally inferior schedule. The Yanks, Sox and Rays have a huge disadvantage in that they don't get to play 19 games against patsies like the Indians and Royals.

Paddy, both Chicago and Minnesota have been absolutely TERRIBLE on the road this year (worse than the Red Sox).

Boston has 20 Home, 16 Away left.

The Twins have 13 Home, 24 Away.
The White Sox have 18 Home, 19 Away.

There's no way the Twins pass us playing like they have away from the turf and dome. Chicago just played 6 of those "vs. losers" games against KC and went 2-4 (1-2 home and 1-2 away). Sure, they then went and swept them at home to make it a more respectable 5-4 against KC since the break, but come on, we're 6-1 against KC this year.

You can't just look at whether they play winners or losers from here on out. Example, MIN is 3-3 vs Oakland (57-69) counting today. They also have absolutely horrible records against some of the "vs winners" like LAA (1-3). 8 of those "vs winners" are against LAA and TB (4 each) AWAY where MIN sucks so badly.

Finally, they *both* have to worry about beating us OR each other. We only have to worry about beating the one who is the worst between the two of them, a much easier task.

I am giving a 15% discount on tickets for 48 hours using the code gbcvb at checkout. I am only posting it here and nowhere else for any soxaholix bloggers who havnt caught a game yet or need to see a few more. Hope you all are well and had great summers, havnt had much time to post.


I've said before so I'm sorry but Boy Buckholz has got to lost the necklace. He looks like a fucking dork.

Guys...I can't give him any more slack.

Clay Buchholz sucks this year. He is absolutely useless...perhaps as useless as Kei Igawa, Phil Hughes, or Ian Kennedy.

I'm confused. Isn't the objective to make the playoffs? How does giving this imbecile eight consecutive starts further the objective. Up 4-0, one out, nobody on in the bottom of the second and Gumby starts nibbling. Why is Bailey in there? Two consecutive AB's he makes no effort at all to go the other way in critical situations with runners on base. What was Youkilis doing covering second base? What was Lowrie doing tagging up on a short pop-up to RF? When are we going to get a big league reliever? What a joke. Geez, have we seen enough of Gumby? I think we should throw him out there next week, too. Maybe give him four or five more starts while we're at it. I'll do the scouting for the Sox. Here we go. Gumby stinks. He's not going to be any help this year. OK, done. Any professional scout could have determined this seven starts ago. The Twins and ChiSox have much better teams right now. The Sox are in shambles. No way will we make the playoffs.

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