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Javelin grip

The thought of Leryn Franco getting her nasty on in Beijing gives me the hypahtension.


Ah, Christ, now that you've gone and mentioned Franco how am I supposed to sit and work on spreadsheets the rest of the damned day?


Ah, before you two start growing hair out of your palms, let me remind you that some of these Olympians are playing for the othah team, if you know what I mean.


Here we go again with Doug's two week obsession syncro diving.


You know, dude, you can get counseling for your repression.


What can I say? I', fascinated by the homoeroticism that drips off this event. It's like that British dude said, "It all looks like a wonderfully elegant gay suicide pact."




Is this what they mean by an "awkward silence"?


Well, ahem, how 'bout that Red Sox fahm system? …



Better an ackward silence than a pregnant pause :)

Oops,should be awkward.Damn 2 finger typing

and let's not even mention Greco-Roman Wrestling... Oops, I did.

What other team...Chiner?

Cool story about Olympic Village sex romps. But having that 5-year-old Chinese gymnaist's pic right next to it kind of put a damper on things.

I'm off to Newburyport again this weekend for my own sex romp. Oh, and lobster at Bob Lobster.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

This talk all brings my mind back to watching the women's beach volleyball finals the other night. True soft porn if I ever saw it. White skimpy outfits in the chilly rain - oh my lord!

That article is hilarious. And seemingly prescient. I was just reading today on Dlisted that Phelps is apparently getting it on with the Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice.

If any Soxaholix are in the Newton area tonight, swing by Tommy Doyles for my goodbye bash (leaving for London Sep 3). Lots of adult beverages and karaoke to be had. Go Sox!

Best wishes, Nat. Have a Highland Park whiskey on me.


Tek files for divorce and Natalie flees the country. Hmmm.

Bon voyage!

I'd normally save this for a character to bring up in a strip, but since it's Friday...

Do you think this is a metaphor for the Yankees?

Corpse kept upright for 3-day wake in Puerto Rico

"Dressed in a Yankees baseball cap and sunglasses, Pantoja was mourned by relatives while propped upright in his mother's living room."

hb- I saw that! How utterly creepy. I love it as a metaphor for the moribund Yanks, although he's a little young, no?

Thanks, lc.

Would there were a correlation, yb... But alas, there is going to be no Rielle Hunter angle to my trip abroad. :)

whoa, the skanks sent Melky to P.R.

Okay, so this has probably made the Internet rounds a bazillion times, but I just watched it and am sitting at my desk crying. How sweet is this:


9-0 Toronto. Kaz, do you seriously still believe the Sox are going to the playoffs? This is 2006 all over again.

Today we picked up a game on both TB and MIN. We had HRs from guys like Pedroia, Lowrie, and Crisp. Our bullpen played pretty well.

9-0 was just another road loss, paddy. We still won 2 of 3 in Toronto. We end the weekend with the same 2-1 as TB and 1 better than both MIN and CHI. On to New York!

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