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Crawling out of the vacation dunes upon hearing the news...

Bill (thinking to himself):
In the end it had to be done.


Bill (thinking to himself):
A guy can't throw a hissy fit and demand to be traded without it having repercussions on the entire team.


Bill (thinking to himself):
Maybe there was no causal relationship between the Manny situation and the Red Sox play on the field and advances in the loss column since the All Star Break, but who wants to take the chance?


Bill (thinking to himself):
So it is what it is, but that doesn't make seeing Manny go any less poignant, especially to those of us who've not only defended but reveled in "Manny Being Manny" over the years.


Bill (thinking to himself):
And I can't shake the feeling that none of us really had any clue what made Manny tick.


Bill (thinking to himself):
But as for the Red Sox now being the underdogs, give me a fucking break.



Like Bart said when Milhouse pointed out Homer was being taken away in a straightjacket, "eh, maybe it's for the best."

Also, it sucks that the Curly Haired Boyfriend wrote something I actually agree with.

This is like looking in the mirror and having my thoughts read!

Yeah, it doesn't sit well with me either.

I posted this on the Lisa placeholder, but since I am so damned insightful, I'm pasting it ovah heah now.

So any ways, I heard that Manny got traded.

I love the guy, I even have a Manny do-rag, which is silly for an older gentleman like me. But, I wear it under my bike helmet and it makes me so badass.

Let's give this ownership group some credit. They know when time's up for guys:

Nomah? is he still in the bigs?
DLo? right, how did that work out?
Petey? Exactly

So they pay 7mill for Manny to play in Chavez Ravine. He'll hit and what not, but the left field there is going to swallow him up.

Clearly, the team had quit on him, just as he had quit on the team. For my $.02, I still don't think the Rayz are for real and the mfy are running on fumes. Pudge just looks silly in pinstripes.

Jason Bay is no Manny. Nor is he Jim Rice or Ted The Head.

Think Mike Greenwell. For all you pinkhatters, I know you think of Mike Greenwell as some fat hillbilly from South Florida who runs a putt putt golf course just outside of Boca, but for 2-3 years the guy was electric and could mash.

Plus Bay is from Canada, and you know how well our last Canadian acquisition fared. I'm talking Eric Gagne. Oh wait that sucked.

So I may have run out the string on my logic pyramid here. But anyway, it's a new month, a new day, and there are games to be played. I'll be in my seats looking for the dying fat guy on Sunday if anyone wants to buy me a footlong and a wahm beer.
Otherwise, go sawhk.


Rock, I said the exact same thing re: CHB. Silkwood shower time.

Anyone else think Bor-ass had so much to do with this situation? I mean, Manny came to spring training in sick shape, seemed happy all spring, on a defending WS champion with most of its constituent parts remaining, All-Star selected... and then just around the time all agents start getting hot to trot on contracts, he goes into ego mode... I bet Bor-ass has been whispering louder and louder, "hey Manny, where's your exercised option? Look what others are getting, out there on the market? You're being disrespected..." all the time. Without that kind of persistent gnat in his ear, would Manny himself have focused on anything but his hitting? Just a theory. I hate Boras.

Yes...for those of us who embraced Manny being Manny as a loveable quirk rather than a liability, the fun just left town. The fun and a shitload of RBI.

Huh...wierd...Manny's gone.

Heard a very plausible theory from a smart friend: Papi and Batshit kept Manny together. In their absence he fell apart.

Oh, and I know that's Boras' job... doesn't mean I have to like it. :)

So, the Jason Bay era starts tonight, eh? The lineup been posted yet? I am curious as to how Tito is gonna work this...

I was going to post a long diatribe about how manny embodied what was so lovable about this incarnation of the sox... but I dunno, between hb and lc, pretty much everything has been said.

I will say that some of the magic left when he pushed that clubhouse guy. That seemed to be the tipping point. If it was unprovoked, then it makes all this a bit easier.

Bye Bye Manny. It has been awesome.

Please dont sign with the stanks next year.

Oh and great strip today hb.

How desperate are the Pirates when they are contemplating using Hanson as their closer?? Hope they have a 3 run lead each time he comes in! Moss? I wish him the best. I hope he goes on to become a star. He has the potential. Manny? I hope the Sox management take the high road and does not do any Manny-bashing over the next few weeks. He did give us 7 plus years of excitement and laughs!

all manny being manny talk aside, he produced. his stats are a mesa - a glorious plateau of consistent 30+hr 100+rbi. i'll miss the green monster breaks and the hi fives in medias res of a outfield assist double play, but more than anything i'll miss the patient, long at bat power threat hitting behind papi. there's a reason pitchers fear him - he _is_ a bad man. he's a huge part of 2WS victories that were _sorely_ needed. antics aside, he helped make the sox not just good but great. via con manny, 24!

My wife, fan of about 10 years, she didn't pay much attention growing up in Sheepscott, ME, finally had a real moment of anguish and pain last night. 2003 made her hurt but it was still new - last night was different. I told her I was glad that she hurt and she was now really part of the gan.g For me, when Fisk, Lynn, Evans (even Carney Langsford) left I was bummed - it hurt. Now she was part of the pain and now the next WS ring will mean that much more.

If they throw enough money at him he will :(

and thanks HB for throwing out a strip on vaca!

jfm- I take it as a forgone conclusion that Manny will sign with the Yanks next year. That's just how this sort of thing goes (Boggs, RohGh Clemen$, Johnny D, etc).

Unless, of course, Minaya decides to keep spending $ like a crackwhore with a gambling problem, and Manny goes to join Petey in Queens.

Here's what I posted on ESPN and every where else this trade was blogged...

Why doesn't ANY baseball "pundit" or reporter just say it like it is???---Manny dumped Jeff Moorad as his agent for Satan Boras, and as soon as Boras realized there was TWO years of club options he'd never see a dime of, because he didn't negotiate them, all this nonsense started---RIGHT AFTER THE SOX WERE IN ANAHEIM---Boras' Home base, where he has season tickets right behind the ump's butt. Boras told him to act out of his deal and that way Boras didn't have to sit through two years of no Manny cash, which we all know he couldn't stomach. It would be nice to call it "Manny being Money", but this is a guy who has handful of UNCASHED Sox paychecks in the glove boxes of his vehicles. This was and IS all about Boras, who Bud Selig should have invoked the "Best Interest of Baseball" clause on years ago and gotten rid of his pernicious influence in the game. Let him sue the MLB, and tie him up in litigation so long his grandkids have to pay the lawyer bills---he's scum!

Oh my God.

I have been wallowing in my funk to the point I had not considered Manny with the mfy.

Have to go throw up now.

I couldn't understand the Herald article. Manny gets traded and Steinbrenner celebrates by inviting a war criminal to the owner box. What's the connection?

.312 BA, 247 HR, 868 RBI, 2 WS

Thank you, Manny. It was past time for you to leave and you didn't do it gracefully, but your bat and some of your antics will be missed.

Manny, oh Manny- I have hated you like cancer for so long. RBI's and home runs be damned, baseball is a traditionalist's game and you never understood that you were playing in a continuum that was about so much more than you. I cannot contain my glee at your departure. I was mocked for saying this before and I'm sure I will be again, but I'd rather lose with Trot Nixon's and Varitek's than win with Manny's. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, shitbag.

Wow,no matter which side of the Manny fence you're on this sure gave us something to yack about.(too bad it's Friday)

Sammy Sox, you are soooo right...Bor-a$$ has his fingerprints all over this...Gammo was on Mike and Mike this morning saying how much the Manny nonsense has affected Tito, mentally and physically...As much as I loved him, his leaving is a small addition by subtraction...and as I said yesterday Bay will be just fine...No Manny...but fine nonetheless.

I had the vision while jogging at lunch. We end this 2 week embarassment of baseball (the Manny issue was less embarassing but was likely a cause of it). Papi goes nuts the rest of the season. Bay contributes and the team wins the AL East. Then Angels snuff out the Yankees. We sweep the Chisox. We beat the Angels in 5. In the NL the Cubbies beat LA (end of your season Manny) and the Mets defeat Milwaukee. The Cubbies beat the Mets.

The ending?

Beckett shutout. Dice wins 8-2. Lester wins 6-1. Wake takes 3-3 tie into the top of the 6th. Pedrioa singles, Drew walks, Papi walks and Bay hits a granny. Bay drives in another insurance run in the 9th and 4 game sweep.

And Jason Bay wins Series MVP.

remember this one.


Nice scenario, except for Timmy. I don't see that dog chasing many more bones...


Please send me a small package of what you're smoking. I'm closer to Afghanistan, but you obviously got your hands on 'the secret'.

Plain and simple, Manny produced. 2 WS. That will never be forgotten or denied. For those of us that suffered through all of the shit of the previous decades, Manny was no Jack Claaaaaahk, no Greenwell, no Sam Horn wannabee.

Manny was Manny, and at the end of the day, he delivered, and it was great. God bless him.

Ok, catharsis is over. Where does Bay hit?

Yes, we can all pile on Manny the Bad Man now, and yes, it is going to be nice not to have to mentally justify all his goofy, lackadaisical, and sometimes violent stunts.

But some (Gerry Callahan in today's Herald article) go too far in the piling on department. Why assume that because the man can hit, that it is all due to his "God-given ability?" Why is he seen as being "born with the ability" to hit? Why does the word "savant" (with or without the "idiot" modifier) so often accompany Manny stories? I'm pretty sure he takes hitting pretty seriously, and works hard at it! Let's stop assuming that it came easy to him, and give him props for the studying and swinging he does that make it "look easy."

He has plenty of other character issues to complain about without all this hinting at a lazy, undisciplined approach to hitting.

‘There’s nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’

I have loved Manny over the last seven point six seasons. Those burdened with trawling through my photographs of my visits to Fenway in 02 and 07 and Tokyo for opening day would know this is the case. My office is full of framed pics of, perhaps, the greatest hitter all round hitter of the last 20 years. I think of Buck O’Neil’s description of Babe Ruth when I see Manny at the plate – ‘The way he looked you wouldn’t think that he could do it but when he swung a bat it was the prettiest thing you every saw – aha – it was poetry in motion when [BR/MR] swung a baseball bat’

I went to bed depressed, woke up depressed. I felt this same way when Petey got traded. But the sun came up this southern hemisphere morning, lc made some sense, Natalie and Tessie say it’s a new era. A fellow called Bay is to play left field in the Bay state. Life goes on.

I just hope Bob’s okay out there on the west coast.


Taken Opening Day 2008 from the new Coca-Cola deck.

See yours Kaz ('I said to Larry keep up the good work' - um?) http://picasaweb.google.com/soxdownunder/MemoriesOfManny02
"> and raise you!

http://picasaweb.google.com/soxdownunder/MemoriesOfManny02 "> idiot, try again

Scores the only two runs of the game. The two-out triple off the wall in the 12th. Makes that diving catch to keep the game 1-0 with 2 outs and a man on third.

Manny who?

Bay came to play!

The Bay era has begun!!! What a fun start. I love stories like this...

But Manny wearing 99 in a Dodgers uni. Weird.

Ah, not to piss on your parade but...

beware drawing conclusions based on small sample size.

watched the sox at 4(PCT) and after that, switched over to watch manny in his new dodger blue uni. looked weird to see him in another uni, but some things are the same. he played a single in to a triple, and 6-4-3 in the 9th was something id seen in the past- but he ran hard to first. press conference was a joke- put his brain on pause?? what does nomar mean when he says sox management screwed him and williams?? they offered him a deal and he refused it, then brought him back and gave him a ring. management is doing thr right thing here, im a sox fan first, players come and go.

Fair enough, hb. Just trying to find the silver lining in the piss clouds. :)

absolutely, hb-
but it's fun at the moment, isn't it? In fact, if I'm not mistaken, I saw Mike and Bill high fiving at the bar after Bay scored in the 12th.... oh, wait- they're not real.
Manny, thanks. It's all been said here better than I could, so I'll just add my thanks for helping win 2 WS. That's more than most Sox players of the last century can claim. Still, when all is said and done, I'm glad my home white #24 jersey says "Evans" on the back

Manny was such a big part of two WS rings. All New England was happy. But the antics of last few weeks have been just too much. Manny's moved on... (I didn't know he was such a big Gretzky fan???)and I hope Scott Boras made the same 'I will be good' promise to Ned Coletti and Joe Torre that he offered to Theo! Meanwhile, let's focus on the Sox and watch character and talent make it happen over the rest of the season!

The Red Sox were virgins that had gone on many close dates and almost scored but after paying for the lobster dinner, sharing 2 bottles of wine and being as charming as any girl would want in a man still did not get the sex at the end of the night. The Reds puked in the taxi, the Cards fell asleep and the Mets called her ex during the date.

So like any desperate guy, they saw the sexy chick in the bar, wined and dined her and started having mind-blowing sex with her. But then the wrinkles came out (they were always obvious but a guy can overlook them when they are getting some).

After a while it was clear she was a beautiful slut. You'd sometimes not get any sex from her, she's embarass you in public (that scene at the office party was the last straw) and she'd flirt with oher guys.

It was time to dump her and try to find someone you can respect and be seen with in public. You got the virginity thing out of the way.

The Sox dumped that slut and picked up a decent girl. This is a time to get serious ina relationship. It is adult.

And the Dodgers? They are just getting laid.

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