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3 and 12?!?!


Can you friggin believe the Red Sox are 3-12 this season behind Buchholz.


I swear to Christ if I see him pitch again I'm going to go into early menopause.


At least the Red Sox finally handed him the Chance cahd reading, "Go directly to the minah leagues and do not pass Pawtucket but go directly to Portland."


One more chance at redemption or it's back to stealing laptops in Hickville.


Hopefully, Meryl Masterson can put in a call to Jesus and give Buchholz a shout out.


But we'll never know because Meryl's blog is disappeared.


Ah, well, I'm pretty sure Jesus is just as pissed with Buchholz as the rest of us.


Seriously, The Christ would be all, "Clay, dude, I got your white trash ass out of Lumberton, I got you a no hitter, and this is the thanks I get?

"I mean, c'mon, dude, don't make me have to change my parable to 'Let Clay Buchholz cast the first mofo stone as he hasn't a chance in hell of hitting anybody with it.'"



It was 4 to f-ing nothing, then Clay decides to go make pottery in his meatball kiln.

Ug. That was ugly, fugly, and mugly.

Anybody else think maybe Masterson should be taken out of the pen? At least for a while?

Justin M is ready now that his wife's blog is no longer with us.


What did I tell you guys? I knew Clay would shit the bed as predicted. I'll admit when I saw the 4-0 score in the beginning I was confident the offense would bail Clay out like they did Zink, but not this time.

So he pitched a no-hitter. Whoop dee doo. Lester pitched one and what did he do? He went on to become almost a defacto ace for the Sox this year. Buch needs some serious development time. Screw what SI said about him being a big prospect. I'll take the old school method of building up people rather than taking them in so young. So very rarely does a rookie with big potential make it huge, but then again Dustin Pedroia and Geovany Soto prove me wrong.


I wouldnt mind seeing him do a full season in the minors next year and come back up in 2010. But the potential is there... Its just the FO fault for not realizing he needs more time in the minors.

It doesnt help that we have had a lot of injurys to starters this year.

Seriously funny stuff today, hb.


Absolutely. The injuries have been a major thorn in the Sox's side for quite some time this year, yet I give them a lot of credit for still staying this strong. Despite our slumps we've had many a person step up and take the helm (Drew for Ortiz, Masterson, Lowrie for Lugo, etc.)

I think the big issue with Clay is his absolute lack of confidence. Once he gets hit he folds like a paper tiger. He's almost as bad as Hughes or Kennedy. He just needs a lot more time in the minors before he gets better...that's all there is to it.

Superwoman's blog goes down. One can imagine that it subjected her to the worst (or best) of RSN. I switched off the Sox to watch the Olympics that's how bad the game was.

Why did it take all season for him to get sent back to the minors? I/We have been calling for that since the beginning. Wasn't Masterson better as a starter?

Where is the Colon??

At least the Pats look good....

Jason Varitek finally gets on track with homers in back to back games. So what does Francona do? He benches him, naturally. Cooling down a hot bat - what a stroke of genius! I'm convinced Francona has early dementia. If you gave Joe Maddon Lowell, Papi, Manny, Bay, Papelbon, Dice-K, Lester, Wakefield, Pedroia, Lowrie, Drew, Masterson and Youkilis, how many wins would he rack up? All of the planets must allign perfectly just for Francona to get 95 wins. Can you imagine this guy with a subpar team? Oh wait, we've already seen that. Francona couldn't do anything with the Phillies. Now he can't do anything with a team overflowing with talent. This is the worst managing job you will ever see. Billy Martin or Dick Williams would get 102 to 105 wins out of a team like this.

Hallelujah! Finally "Feet of Clay" Buchholz is heading back to the minors. I was as excited to see him pitch at the beginning of the season as anyone but it once it became clear that his fastball sucked there was really only one solution. I just hope that Theo/Tito didn't take too long to get to this point. We'll be lucky if Clay hasn't been reduce to a quivering lump of Jell-O.

In hindsight, things would have been better if Masterson had stayed in the rotation. All he's done since coming up is get outs. Right now he's the only guy, other than Papelbon, that I really trust coming out of the 'pen. Aardvark and Delcarbomb are reliably mediocre while Lopez, while solid, seems to issue a lot of free passes.

Great strip today, hb. Nice to have a dash of blasphemy in the mix.

Paddy, I have to disagree. I think Tito does done a fairly decent job of stringing together a couple o' WS champs in the past couple of years. Having managed my own fantasy team into the ground, while also watching the MFYs and all of their talent wallow in mediocrity, I say leave the managing to the professionals. It's easy to second guess leaving someone in too long or a questionable substitution here and there, but I don't claim to know the first thing about managing all of those egos and opinions and directives within the clubhouse and from the FO. The man carries Metamucil in a hip flask for Christ's sake.

PS - Billy Martin's dead. I doubt he'd get to 102 wins with anyone.

I feel like they kept stringing Clay along hoping he'd spark up...and he never did. I'm not sure what they were seeing in the post-game reports that convinced them he should keep getting new chances.

I think Tito sees the season as much more of a Driving Mrs Daisy than a NASCAR track race. He never seems willing to just floor it. The "stomp on their neck and never let them up" approach to the opponent always seems a bit wanting since he's been at the helm. Then again, maybe there's some truth to it since he rolls through the post-season pretty well compared to other teams lately.

Well, if Clay did one thing for us in this final game, it's that he helped us prepare mentally for 3 in Toronto this weekend. Yippee-kai-yay.

I just got a haircut.

I look like a fat, ugly Brad Pitt.

Or a thin, handsome Chris Farley.

I'm undecided.

(And obviously anxious to split work.)

I was there.

The horror ... the horror... like watching a slow-motion train wreck.

And I couldn't reach for the remote to turn it off or change the channel. I felt like Malcolm MacDowell in "A Clockwork Orange," trussed up in a straightjacket in front of the horrorshow with eyelid retractors...

MFYs win. Rays win. Twins win. Aargh.

I started drinking heavily, and still haven't stopped yet.

"MFYs win. Rays win. Twins win. Aargh."

The Rays lost, man! Pull it together!

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