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Weekend surprise

Well, that was fugly.


This was my weekend:

Txt msg from MLB: 'Red Sox take 2 run lead over the Angels.'
Me: Hell, yeah, that's right.

Followed thereafter with,
Txt msg from MLB: 'Red Sox lose to the Angels.'
Me: Ah, Jesus wept.


You think that's bad, you should hear the story Roland in FinOps was telling earlier …


Is he that deadpan guy who everyone says reminds them of Steve Wright?


One in the same … Anyway, so ol' Rolo is down in New London for his cousin's wedding and at the recep he hooks up with some chick.


Doesn't know her from Adam but it's all playing out hot and heavy and next thing you know Rolo's back at her hotel all humminah humminah humminah.


All well and good, right? Well, see, next morning, in the light of day, Rolo's getting ready to take a trip downtown


Goin' clammin!


Exactly! But just then he notices a tat this chick's got got on her pubis — A little red white and blue top hat resting on a baseball bat.


Get the fuck out! Bitch is a Yankees fan?!


Yep. Sleeping with the enemy is one thing, the chick is brick oven hot after all and Rolo's no Justin Timberlake, if you know what I mean.


But Rolo, as much as he's ready to take one for the team and have anothah go, you know, he doesn't want to press up against that Yankees logo or anything.


So what's he do?


Well what Rolo does is go all 2004 ALCS: He rolls her ovah and comes from behind.


There it is. Bottle it.



Bottle that shit!

Probably accounts for that funky smell. Bet she had seagulls chasing after her all the way down the King's Road in Chelsea.

Rolo is a whole roll of smiles.

He rolls her ovah and comes from behind.


Nice one hb.

Too bad the Sox were bent over during the weekend series as well.

The Angels look like your 2008 WS Champs to me right now.

How can every starter on that team make it to the 7th inning of just about every game??

I'm in tears here from the rolls her ovah and comes from behind line. That was fracking hilarious.

Back from vacation.

Nothing fun to yak about on this Monday.

Except that Rolo story.

Anybody gonna be at Saturday's game? Let me know.

And, Rolo is a whole bunch of similes, too.

[rimshot, maple drumsticks shatter]

enjoy the chicken parm, I'm heah all week.

More importantly, that just sucked


Oh the humanity!

This team needs some serious help at the trading deadline.

Lord, Yazbread, you been drinking Paddy's Kool-Aide again? All is not lost. Just pull a Rolo, guy. It's all good.

Rolo? Is that Rolo Tomassy from L.A. Confidential, i.e., the fictitious name (of the guy who shot Exley's dad) that informs Lt. Exley that Captain Smith is the bad guy?

Best line from that flick: Captain Smith as Bud White goes off to kick Exley's ass:

"I wouldn't trade places with Edmund Exley right now for all the whiskey in Ireland."


I don't think I've ever laughed that hard in my life.

Stellar work, h.b.!

I totally agree, Beth. LMAO.

Hey, Jen in HI, have you moved to London yet? If no, what is your ETA across the pond? I am fairly close to booking my flight over to find a flat the last week in August. If you are there already, we should meet for a pint!

People in hawaii know about about soxaholix besides me?

Thanks H.B., I needed a bit of ribald humor to take this bitter taste from my mouth. Papi is our savior, Papi is our savior...

I just got a text message from the friend(Mets fan) who originally recommended I take a look a this site. It said, simply, 'bottle that shit'.

Good one hb.

Hopefully we will do better in the Pacific North West than we did in SoCal. That sucked.

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