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Wearing his hat like a left hander

OK, we can all relax now because word is Tim McCahvah is "primed" for the series with NY.


Thank your favorite beareded prophet for the small miracles.


But, hey, at least McCahvah pulled his head out of his ass long enough to admit that "Now the Yankees are looking up to the Red Sox."


Well, I'm sure that quote was taken out of context.


The full McCahvah treatment was probably more like this:

"Now the Yankees are looking up to the Red Sox. But with a team like the Yankees you've got to wonder how temporary this is? I mean a guy like Derek Jeter, like most of us, has 20 digits. Ten fingers. Ten toes. And while Red Sox fans don't want to hear it, Derek Jeter has some of the nicest toes to ever play the game."


Guess it'll be anothah Fox Saturday game with the TV sound off and the radio on.


Or we could leave it on and take a drink whenevah McCarvah says something stupid.


Are you kidding me? We'd be lit by the middle of the first.


True. By the time the game really got going we'd be as shit faced as my Uncle Murph was at my sistah Sheiler's wedding.


Is he still on probation?


Ah, we don't like to talk about it.



"Is he still on probation?"

Hilarious strip today.

My inlaws are visiting this weekend. A Yanks Sox series is just what I need to get on through.

Since Im going to be at the game Saturday, I'll make a point of trying to find McGroober beforehand.

Perhaps LC and I can take his surly attitude toward the Sox, and make it a little more lovable.

That, or kick the shit out of him.

Bob, I take offense at the notion that I would ever participate in a brutal beat down of such a fine baseball mind as Tim McCarver. The notion that I would bite his face off, kick him in his cooter and punch him down those new stairs down in back of home plate of Fenway is something that I reject with all my heart and soul, if I had any of either.

Plus, after that vicious thrashing, who but Joe Morgan could explain on national TV that bunting is like laying down a tie on your dresser? Do you think Steve Phillips or Buck Martinez can lay that kind of verbal wood?

As John McCain once said. "Oh no,my friend, Oh no."


ps I was thinking of going to see the new batman flick. anyone seen it? no spoilers please.

Very funny strip today.

The full Globe quote reads like McCarver was saying it through clenched teeth. Then again, I could take McCarver for ever game of the year. As long as it's not that boob Joe Morgan, anyone is good in my book. Morgan makes McCarver look like Remy.

The Joker says "watch me make this pencil disappear, then he...

You've got a sister Sheiler too?

You've got a sister Sheiler too? Oh wait-you're not real :)


Saw the new Batman last night. Hate to sound like a bandwagoner, but Heath Ledger really was insane as the Joker. Couldn't get enough of him. Loved the pencil trick...never saw it coming.

How great is the Big Papi timing?!

Oops-damn two finger typing :D

lc & bob,

In re mccarver: why not try some hyperbole (pronoused Iper-bole), dramatic irony or sarcasm. You guys know all the tricks. (Alternatively, nail 'is 'ead to coffee table. Cruel but fair).

Have fun you bastards.


Speaking of arch villains; ever notice how Paps looks like Syndrome from the Incredibles (according to our 9 year-old closer)?

Yankees suck.

That interview with McCarver -- it's not actually suitable for parody. It's too far out there and approaches self-parody.

McCarver on Saturday and that idiot Morgan on Sunday. Network television takes the joy out of a Sox-Yankees series.

Speaking of arch villains; ever notice how Paps looks like Syndrome from the Incredibles?

Not to argue with a nine year old, but Syndrome actually looks a lot like Bobby Kielty. A lot.

Thanks are in order for our old friend Eric Hinske. The Royals put two fly balls over his head and he struck out to end the game.

It has almost arrived, and the birds and animals have suddenly fled as they do when something terrible and ominous is close.

Children have become more difficult to control, and who blames them? The traditional ripping and tearing at recess is more vicious today.

You feel it: The way a bad debt sticks in your mind like the impending Fenway sucker punch you know is coming and can't avoid.

The stench of fear and death is everywhere, as RM Nixon looks up from Hell and emits a sinister chuckle...

Ho, Ho. When the game begins, will you repent your faulty, desperate weaknesses?

(Apologies to H. S. Thompson)



You know, you just shouldn't mess with tradition. I have a "Yankees Suck" T-Shirt. I bought it just outside of Fenway Park. In 1976. Of course, it doesn't fit anymore. Neither does my Red Sox T-Shirt that has the words "Red Sox" divided by a baseball with the digits "78" in it, being the year I bought it.

The Yankees DO suck. Green, pustulating fly-ridden syphillitic dead goats as it happens - bet you didn't know the details, did you? See, you have to be a REAL Red Sox fan to know these things.

Is there any way to get the live call from NESN or radio for those of us in the hinterlands? Say, over the Internet?

Youkilis is Greek, and I have known Greeks to be frighteningly loyal and blatantly dangerous at the same time.

Chamberlain's Indian heritage is troubling in the way only Custer discovered during repeated ax blows to his gaunt, evil body.

That's why God made sports and mescaline, bubba.

(Further apologies)

Uh Jason...Youk is actually Romanian Jew.

San Fran Chronicle:
"Here's one surprise for those familiar with the best-seller. The A's front office dubbed Youkilis "the Greek God of Walks'' for his on-base prowess -- but he's not Greek. The name is Greek, but it's one his Romanian grandfather adopted.

"I'm the non-Greek Romanian God of Walks,'' Youkilis said with a laugh."

Ron F, if there on Fox, they won't be on out of town carriers, to include MLB Extra Innings, mlb.com or even if you get NESN on DirecTV or the Dish.

Your best bet is to run out real quick and get XM radio, that way you can listen to the WEEI call and watch Fox with the sound off. If you have DVR or similar, you can pause the TV for about 10 seconds (trail and error there) and sync up the radio sound and the TV pictures.

Hope this helps. Go SOX! Yanks SUCK!

I thought we all knew Youk was Jewish after the Mel Gibson rant by Dennis Leary (a classic BTW)

Laughed at "Sheiler" my poor sister is "Mahther" when visiting my northshore relatives.

Hey Steve, speaking of XM, are you (or anyone else) having real trouble getting it to stream properly online? They were doing all sorts of channel rejiggering in the past weeks and it was cutting out for me constantly....

I don't know about you all, but I am rather fond of my "faulty, desperate weaknesses." :)

Looking forward to this weekend... Go Sox!

RonF, check your inbox. You should have received an e-mail from me with information on how to log into Gameday Audio. Enjoy.

Thirty-six minutes to beer cart.

I'll see you all next week. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Natalie, owing to work circumstances, I haven't been on XM much the last week (taking the train to DC vice driving locally). That said, my XM seems to have been "updating" a lot recently, with it going automatically to channel 1 for five or ten minutes at a time (certainly long enough for me to hit the "CD" button on my radio). I haven't noticed any streaming problems however.

Forgot to mention that I'm technically on vacation next week, but I'm doing a "staycation" so I should be able to put something out here and there.

We'll see how I feel on Monday morning. There is something to be said for just taking a week off in the middle of the season.

Don't know about you guys but I have had it with Manny. I have a feeling he expected the Sox to loose without him on Wednesday. When that did not work he pulled himself out last night. What an immature jerk.

Marty Foster is a Motherfucker.

Vermonter, well said! I wish there was a way I could determine way before the games start who will be the home plate umpire. I could make a fortune betting unders with that joker behind the plate. On a different note, I've never been more wrong about a player than I've been about Ellsbury. If Babe Ruth was the "Sultan of Swat", then Ellsbury is the "Duke of Slow Dribblers". Has there ever been a player in the history of MLB worse than Ellsbury at making solid contact? He never hits the ball on the screws. Lack of hand/eye coordination is not skill set that can be overcome. Looks like we have a Vince Coleman on our hands (only much better defensively). When he swings and misses it's not even close. His speed is now irrelevent because he's never on base. BTW, a drag bunt against Rivera would have been a great play.

Paddy, you forgot to mention he's been caught stealing the last three times. Jacoby will be okay though. As to MR 24, I think lc will have to have another chat with him. Even I am getting sick of him and I love the guy. What a depressing weekend - Sox playing like shit, Collingwood lose to Essendon (Essendon for goodness' sake) and Cadel Evans can't make up enough time in the Tour to take yellow.


soxdownunder, why will Jacoby be OK? He NEVER hits the ball hard. Practically the only time he gets a hit is when he bunts or hits an infield nubber. This isn't a case of a guy not getting any breaks. He hits soft pop-ups, fouls out, hits slow dribblers and strikes out without even coming close to making contact. This has gone on since the beginning of May. Now we see Hansen fail to compete yet again. Hansen will NEVER be any good. He is a mental weakling. The first pitch to Papi from Marte was a ball. The Sox have been getting jobbed by these umps.

we got 'em right where we want 'em... the sons of bitches

Why? 'Cos I'm a mad, irrational fool clinging to the wreckage who saw him play his first six major league games and have the tickets and a signed baseball and photos to prove it.

that fucking sucked.

more later


Is the fat guy dead yet?

Sox management can't control Manny's behavior, given his 5 and 10 status, so why not go all the way and make it a total carnival-like freakshow - only with yet another World Series title to show for it?
1 - Dustin Pedroia - 2B (R)
2 - Barry Bonds - RF (L)
3 - Manny Ramirez - LF (R)
4 - David Ortiz - DH (L)
5 - Mike Lowell - 3B (R)
6 - J.D. Drew - CF (L)
7 - Kevin Youkilis - 1B (R)
8 - Jason Varitek - C (SH)
9 - Jed Lowrie - SS (SH)

I don't care what you do with the lineup, this team has no heart. They've got to win 61% of their remaining games to get to 95 wins and a 'likely' playoff spot. (Even with that, they could still end up third in the divison.) Right now they sure don't look like a team the will play better over the next 57 than they played over the first 105 (winning only 57%). If something big doesn't happen this week, i.e., taking today's game from the mfy, taking at least 2 out of 3 from the halos, and Theo pulling off some 2004 magic, this season is toast.

And I can't say I'm looking forward much to what is going to be a circus of a year in Green Bay, no matter how things turn out for my favorite player.

Steve L.

On the upside, now that I have my iPhone, I can finally get around to uninstalling the desktop in my bathroom.

too much information, Kaz! ;-)

I went to Fenway on Saturday, along with one of the lcs, jr. and two of his friends. In case you missed it, and you should have, the Boston Red Sox lost to the NYY. Let's just say the score was 10-3. Suffice to say that any day in 2008 you see Mike Timlin going one-plus innings, things are a bit thin in Red Sox Nation.

I have been going to Red Sox games in Fenway since the Eisenhower Administration (go ahead and look it up on your own time). This makes me a) old b) pathetic c) a good Red Sox fan d) somebody with too much free time and e) all of the above.

One thing that I have not done since the Eisenhower Administration (he beat Adlai Stevenson twice btw) is a game versus the Yankees at Fenway. Most recently, I have avoided same, given the overblown intensity of the circumstance. Yet, there I was yesterday. Here is my humble report.

1. The fat guy who sits accross from me may or may not be dead. His seat was empty for the first two innings, so I am thinking "All Right Now!", but in the third an aging hippie and his clean cut son sat in the seats, so one does not know the fate of the fat guy. My guess is that he monetized his seats to suckers who wanted to see a Yankee game. It was odd, because in the last ten years I have not been to a game when he wasn't there.

Those of you who care about the fat guy and nothing else in my life may stop reading now.

2. I could have gone my whole life not seeing Justin Christian, who came in for Johnny Damon after the game got out of hand. But I did see him, so my life is complete.

3. My abiding sense from the game is that Red Sox fans have jumped the shark. Nobody was paying attention to the game.They were just there to be there. I am not making this up. There was a game going on on the field, but it was incidental to the beautiful people in the stands. Very disapointing and weird. Nonetheless, these fuckers knew the words to Sweet Caroline.

4. To illustrate the point, consider this:

a. Overheard conversation in the 3rd base line bathroom during the 6 th inning:

Older drunk guy: Not much of a game, huh?

Younger Drunk Guy: The Red Sox are doing pretty good, huh?

ODG: They are losing 6-2

YDG: Really?

ODG: Pay attention.

b. Some slick bastard with a body man showed up in the 7th inning and sat in his seat in an Armani suit. He spent most of time shaking hands and handing out his business card. He left at the end of the 8th.

5. As you might gather, the whole affair disgusted me.

6. I did see a black gentleman in a Curt Schilling shirt, which struck me as odd.

7. I also had an adult beverage in the new bar under the bleachers which looks out through a mesh door onto the field. This perhaps sets a new low for monetization of Fenway Park resources. Thanks, Larry.

8. The team looks like it has no balls. The Manny thing is a problem and they all look like they are waiting for someone to hand them the trophy because they are so god damned lovable and good.


Tonight's game was a small step in the right direction. And we found out that Jacoby has problem with his left wrist I heard diddly about before.

Steve L.

Hey guys, I swear...I am not posting under the user name "louclinton". Lou, why so glum? A few new relievers to shake things up and things will be back to normal.

BTW, anyone that's still on the fence about Manny not being able to hit a fastball, here's Gammons' succinct take on the matter: "There's a sense that... they're trying to fight for their lives, they've had a lot of guys hurt, they're out on the road... 'let's see, I'm not going to play the two games this season against [Mariners pitcher Felix] Hernandez. He didn't play the two games against [Yankees pitcher Joba] Chamberlain, He didn't play against [Reds pitcher Edinson] Voquez, he didn't play against [Tigers pitcher Justin] Verlander. I think other teammates look at that and say ''oh, he doesn't want to play against the hard throwers,' take the day... I think that's also worn people out. ..."

Seems pretty clear to me. Manny CAN...NOT...HIT...A FASTBALL...and KNOWS HE CAN'T. Show me another guy that gets paid 20 million that can't hit a fastball.

And now for something completely different:
Just been to the Sydney Opera House to see the Israel (formerly Palestine) Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta play the third symphony of Mahler. Oh my!!

(and the sox won and manny got some doubles and Jacoby hit the ball really hard).
happy downunder

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