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This too shall pass

Ah, Jesus, swept by Tampon Bay? C'mon.


Hey, now, let's chill a bit.


Let's not forget that the 2004 Championship team was swept by Texas in May and was swept by the MFY's to staht July.


And last year's Championship club was swept by Seattle in the June 5th series, was swept by Detroit in July, was swept by the MFY's in late August, and was swept by Toronto as late as mid-Septembah.


These things happen.


Frankly, I'm not really persuaded nor coaxed by comparisons.


I mean a friggin' chimp shares 98% of the same DNA as a human, but last time I checked, a chimp's still a chimp.


Yeah, well, head ovah to Reveah Beach this weekend and you may conclude the chimps got the bettah end of that deal.



Ah! I see what you're saying, h.b.! We should get a chimp to play shortstop!

oo oo ee ee aa aa!

I subscribe to the "It's a marathon, not a sprint" theory of baseball.

Sorry, but the Rayz don't impress me. The BRS are going through a rough patch, primarily the bullshitpen. Undoubtedly, help in on the way. This year's Eric Gagne is just a labrum tear away from making a real contribution.

That said, I don't like the looks of the Manny thing. He is missing everything, while at the same time the club is signalling thru PHB and other hakx that they would be rid of him if they could. Not a good sign. Plus, who the fuck needs 16 tickets for a game in Houston?

Tek is done, as in P Martinez done. A nice month on the DL, while he still preps the pitchahs in the clubhouse would be a good move, but unless Lugo can catch, there's no good option. As for the rest, they will come around, sometime.

Let's face it, and I know this is sacrilege, but we don't have as much skin in the game anymore. The win in '07 was a blessing from Yahweh, and 2 in four years has taken the sting out of most anything.

It will turn around. The Rayz are this year's Brewers.

have a safe 4th.

See you in the Series.

lovingly, lc

When Manny being Manny is applied to Delcarmen how often does it mean blowing leads? And I gotta say I don't think Hansen has the head to be a big league pitcher. I hope I'm wrong. Christ even Oki held the lead last night!!!
Damn, I am beginning to hate us playing the rays in tampon dome.

Patriots training camp opens July 24th...

This is how bad the bullpen has been performing lately:

I'm thrilled Timlin is coming back soon.

I also hear Healthcliff Slocum is available.

Talk about focusing on the minutiae and missing the big picture - just off the wires, Cindy Rodriguez swapped ARod for Lenny Kravitz even up. Not quite as good as Fritz Peterson/Mike Kekich, but it might mean ARod's head is elsewhere this weekend.

After Dennis Rodman, A-Frauds head is scrapping the sides of Madonna's empty mayonnaise jar.

I'm an idiot. I went to bed after Oki came in and pitched a shut out inning. "Well, that's that."

So, in this marathon of a season, where's the next aid station?

per lc: That said, I don't like the looks of the Manny thing. He is missing everything, while at the same time the club is signalling thru PHB and other hakx that they would be rid of him if they could. Not a good sign. Plus, who the fuck needs 16 tickets for a game in Houston?

Tek is done, as in P Martinez done. A nice month on the DL, while he still preps the pitchahs in the clubhouse would be a good move, but unless Lugo can catch, there's no good option. As for the rest, they will come around, sometime.

Typical Doom and Gloom! Seriously you guys are all spoiled by the recent run of greatness. Does everyone really believe that A. Manny suddenly cant hit fastballs, and B. Manny suddenly a club house cancer? Seriously? Manny fucking Ramirez? I dont give a fuck if he broke that bitches nose in the club house...

Maybe the employee talked shit to him... why is everyone ready to jump on Manny without knowing the whole story?

And Varitek is slumping right now. It happens but lets not call him toast. Thats ridiculous... you really think he is gonna finish the season batting under .250? Cmon. we are only 3.5 back going into the break... compared to usual June swoon thats just fine.

This kind of shit makes me nuts. Weve had Ortiz out forever and some serious bullpen issues. Did you guys expect us to 105 games this season? I know LC is not but there are too many fucking bandwagoners who are all upset and ready to jump off. Good riddance douchebags, maybe with you fuckers gone I can get an outfield ticket for less then 100 dollars.

@jfm: your mileage may vary.

what do you want from me?

now if PT or bigdiane or one of them other punkass honks strolls by today, well bring it on. I got game. Otherwise, enjoy life and the fact that win or lose a game is on every day.



louclinton, the subtle, vigilant maven of sports broadcasting is correct:

The rays are so far above their PECOTA projections that it's silly: They've played well for 2.5 months, no doubt, and injected life into a moribund franchise.

It's sort of like NYMEX crude...no one knows exactly when to short it, but everyone knows that the spot price will come back to below $100.

Giese! Rasner! Ponson! Powerful names, striking fear into your hearts...

Why did Dice only throw 101 pitches? With the need for the win and the horrible pen, Dice should have stayed out there for 130 pitches (what is that, one more inning?). To think that I am hopeful over the return of Timlin. And hat was that BS with Lowell running while Mr Whiff was at bat?

Giese! Rasner! Ponson! Powerful names raised the bar in mediocrity of pitching!

Let the battle of so-so pitching commence!

Seriously guys, I know people are still counting them out but I think the Rays are no joke nor fluke this year. I think they'll still be a contender come August.

I went from "surly but lovable" to "subtle, but vigilant".

Fuckall, I'm the one who's done.




what do you want from me?

I guess i was wondering if you really were so down on Manny and Tek. The rest of it was for the bandwagon nubs. Plus I just felt like venting.(Bitching would be the more appropriate term, but then that would make me a bitch no?) So yeah, venting.

Oh and closing italic tags are good too.

Spicey in here today.

BTW, JFM, if you ever call me a bandwagoner again, JFM, I'll rip off your head and shit down your throat.

And let me tell you, digested sausages and Srirachi burn.

I heard we just picked up Lance Link off the waiver wires :)


I'd prefer DiceK not ruin his arm over a game in early July regardless of the opponent (legend of the 200-pitch high school game be damned). You send him out there for 130 pitches, you might as well book him on a month-long cruise for August after a couple "mysteriously" crappy starts the rest of this month.


I can never remember whos surlier, you or lc. Thanks for reminding me. Were getting beers next time Im in boston.


Did you ever watch Mystery Science Theater 3000? Well, you should've, it was a great show. Now, just repeat to yourself, it's just a baseball season, I should really just relax.

JFM, I think LC's surlier, but he's als more lovable.

I'm definitely an acquired taste. Much like Srirachi. Or blood sausage.

Beers sound good. In fact....what time is it?


Tnx for having my back, you fucking drunk.

puppies and flowers for all,


Heh. LC is ON today.

Bob, don't fuck around...straight to the duvel...or something that's at least over 7%


It is just baseball. Thats why I watch about 50 games a season, all of the playoffs and why I post here and lurk sosh and other sox sites. Jeez why I am bothered by the wagon?

Nah it is just baseball. That's why I was bitching about the fans.

I know I'm gonna need it...like when Farnsworth comes in to face Manny with 1 on in the 8th in an 8-8 game...

(In best Homor Simpson voice):

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Duvel. Est nen echten duvel."

and Ramirez works the count full...gulp, gulp.

Hey, gang, check this out:

Baseball Boss Looks really cool. There are 1000 beta accounts available. I just signed up but having had a chance to dig into too far yet.

I hate losing to the the Rays. I hate when the team loses, period. But for some unanswered reason, I'm having trouble working up a good, frothy sense of anxiety over the sweep. Shouldn't I be more worried than I am? Have recent past successes brought on a Pink-hat tinged sense of ennui? WTF is wrong with me?

That said, our bullpen... Yikes! Props to Pedroia on almost turning in a hitting cycle. I was really pushing for him to get that needed single.

Let's hope for a turnaround against our former nemesis, the New Yahk Skankees.

"Baseball Boss is down for maintenance and will be back shortly."

hb you slashdotted them

Jason O. you may be a heretical Yankees fan from what I see sometimes, but you do have an honorable taste in beers.

Colin, three words: Aventinus wheat doppelbock.

July 3, 2007 Milwaukee Brewers:
48 wins, 35 losses: 5.5 games ahead in 1st.

Sept 19th: 78 wins, 73 losses.

This kind of thing happens all the time.

Oh, someone thought: "that's not a summer beer..."

Fuck you.

Gulp, gulp, Manny laces one to left...Speared by Brett Gardner!!!

I'll go away now.

BTW, the play that lost the game was Delcarmen not remembering to cover first base. They work on that play in Spring Training over and over. Perhaps he needs a refresher course in the Minors. Tito should have yanked him right then and there. If you don't make that play in that situation, it's clear you're not ready to be in The Show. That was bush league. Tampa Bay was much more fundamentally sound the entire series. Time to call up Lowrie and tell him two things - catch the ball and don't do anything idiotic (like Lugo). Don't worry about anything else. From what I've seen, he can do those two things. Varitek has happy feet at the plate - always has. Manny has three options - use a lighter bat, go the other way exclusively, or sit it out against pitchers with a decent fastball. Lastly, will someone please explain to me how it's a better use of resources to have Papelbon come into a game in the 9th inning with a 3-1 lead, as opposed to entering a game in the 7th inning with a tie score and runners on base after his teammates have been shelled? What's a more dire situation? Eventually, someone's gonna say "Tony LaRussa is a dickhead that won lots of games with steroid freaks like Pujols, Canseco and McGwire. He's not a baseball genius. The best pitcher should be in there when the game is on the line - whenever that may be. Padding stats with "saves" does not help a team". Who's gonna be the manager that has the courage to reverse the damage LaRussa has inflicted on baseball?

If there's any sort of "guilding" system on Baseball Boss, I'd be willing to setup/join a Soxaholix one. Pretty awesome fantasy play idea.

Also, jfm, I dunno what bandwagoners you're railing at in here. Most of us have been here quite a while. You might have meant general bandwagoners that you've met around town or something, but it sure didn't read that way.

Also, after watching Fitzy ( www.townienews.com ) this week recapping the season halfway mark, I feel a little better. Knowing we're still on pace for 98 wins is nice, but can we stop taking all the losses at the same time? I'd be much happier with a WWLWWL pattern.

Finally, my laptop hard drive is in its death throes. This is a friendly reminder to always back up your hard drive that has all of your music, pictures, and videos that you don't ever want to lose. Also, make sure you name your games and porn something non-obvious, because you may think it's hidden, but somehow that will always be the first thing to die on file copy and put a big error up on your screen for the IT manager while he's trying to help you save all of your "mission critical" files.

Oh, and h.b., the TechCrunch link is dead, but if anyone searches for Baseball Boss at news.google.com, you'll find a copy of the article cross-posted at the Washington Post (sans screenshots).

@kaz Also, jfm, I dunno what bandwagoners you're railing at in here. Most of us have been here quite a while. You might have meant general bandwagoners that you've met around town or something, but it sure didn't read that way.

Judging from the shelling it obvious it was taken that way... but no most of the regs here are not bandwagoners... thats not what I was trying to say.

Its more the media perception(which influences all bw's that dont know shit about baseball or the team).

Oh, how I wish the MYFs were playing in Fenway this weekend - no blondie masks this time, it's cone-bras for everyone! If Slappy didn't get steroids from Canseco, he's at least gotten genital warts.

Can somebody who follows Pawtucket closely venture a guess as to the rotation Sun - Wed in Richmond. I can make it Wed for sure, Sunday maybe. Knowing who is pitching those nights would be useful.

Er, MFYs. But you all knew that already.

I got my Baseball Boss account - thanks HB. I'm Fred Lynn managing the Fredericksburg Red Sox.

It says I need a beta code... can someone email me one

LC: TechCrunch

That's your referral code.

I wish we'd see a TekCrunch one of these days.

Sick of the TekWhiff.

Also, I have setup my team, too.

DrKaz is now the manager of the Boston Bleacher Bums (I've always liked alliteration in my fantasy team names).

I went through the demo and lost a 5-game series to the 1907 Chicago White Sox (2-3). You will all lose to my Mark McLemore (as an Astro) card! Mwahaha! ...sigh.

Ah yes, must sturm & drang amongst the faithful this fine morning! I must admit, I'm not in the best of moods today. But is times like these that remind me of what being a Red Sox fan is all about -- cheering for a team that might be on the verge of coming apart at the seams. Bandwagonites be damned! We'll ride out this storm without ye!

got it all set prtycool

(Shhh...I'm trying to sneak out a little early. Have a great 4th all. I pray to all that is holy we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.)

Jeez. Early beer cart just announced.

Just when I think I'm out, they keep pulling me back in.

LOU! You, big surly crab, you. Haha, I found you on Baseball Boss!

Ok, first impressions on Baseball Boss are good. It definitely needs some improvements, bug fixes, etc. It's definitely just a beta at this point. They also didn't do a very good job of giving you a ton of credit/points so that you could just go wild trying everything out to see that it works. For example, you'll never be able to buy anything other than a pack of 5 cards, so who knows how the case/box stuff works yet.

Alot of the time, pages would half-load and crap out because the instructions were failing at some point. I couldn't see some guy's stats, etc.

Beat it to death and don't be afraid to complain in the forums. That's what beta is for. You won't be able to take anything you acquired during the beta into the live game. You'll even have to re-register again, so don't worry about card condition, etc. You can't fix it now anyways because that part has been disabled.

I played a little more than 400 games and came up just under 0.500 with my team. My best card was a Hunter Pence Spire card (dude was hitting 0.550+ in most every 5 game series I played). It'll be fun to see how everything changes when this goes live.

As usual, the day before big holidays I always seem to get loaded up with a ton of crap that must be done before the end of the day. So I haven't had a chance to do much the Baseball Boss yet.

Good to know you have been.

I'll try to get in there a bit over the weekend.

Meanwhile, I'm still plugging on the now long delayed redesign. All the design elements are in place, now I just have to port everything into TypePad. Hoping for an All Star Break go live on it. We'll see...

@ baseball boss:

Disciple of Dewey will take you all down!

Although having an h.b-esque work day so haven't quite set up the team. Seems like the perfect work day distraction...next to this subtle but vigilant site.

Have a good 4th everyone.


[This time last year I was drinking beers with Bob and Buckner-was-framed and Mrs-Buckner-was-framed and Kaz at the baseball tavern (and then more beers with Bob at the Downunder bar) and fireworks over the Charles and beating Tampa three nights in a row and, even, almost meeting the surly but lovable one.]

Another ... heavy ... long ... sigh ...

Happy 4th all.


sdu, don't worry, I'll tell you how any day here in Boston would be going for you right now:

9:00 AM - A/C busted because 3 90+degF days in a row right out of the gate in late May overtaxed it. SOooooo humid...gag.

Noon - Sun is not helping...

4:00 PM - Aw, man, so much to get done today still...take a peek at the radar...o.m.g. look at all the colors out in Worcester! It's like a damn rainbow crapped all over the Doppler!

6:00 PM - Finally! Finished most of what I needed to get done today! *ga-doosh* Damnit, where's Noah when you need him? Guess it's back into the office, I'm not going home in that mess.

6:45 PM - Holy crap, the sidewalk is dry already and the sun is out again...glad I'll have this last hour of sunlight to drive home with everyone else....ah, and the humidity hasn't left us even though the storm front went through...just like every day for the past 3 weeks. Nice.

9:00 PM - OMG, it's sooo humid. How am I ever gonna sleep?

This isn't like last year, man. The weather is absolutely detestable here right now.

Then again, Lestah spins a beauty.

Ain't the glass half-full now?


How one game changes everything. Sleep well RSN.

yeah, suck shit yanks...

I absolutely love this blog!!! I have recently became a twilight fan and this has helped me a lot. keep up your work, You’re awesome!

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