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Neither drunk, obnoxious, or stupid (well, not at the moment, at least)

Nothing like a 12 inning win and the first sweep in Seattle in 15 years to put everyone in a happy place.


No kidding. And how about that much maligned bullpen dialing up 62/3 innings of four-hit, scoreless relief?


Can't ask for a bettah prelude to a Yankees series in Fenway.


And, of course, it wouldn't be the eve of a Yankees series if someone in the media didn't type out yet anothah in the long, nevah ending series of columns bemoaning the "Yankees Suck" chant.


Seriously. As much as I don't like the chant eithah, I find the media scolding fans like an uptight nanny to be even more annoying.


What I especially love about the media castigation is how every anti-chant column has the columnist getting all breathless that he and he alone has discovahed the elusive logical fallacy that "the Yankees, you know, don't really suck so you shouldn't say that they do."


I mean, OK, Steven fucking Hawking. Thanks for clearing that shit up for me.


I don't think the chant was ever meant to be taken literally. Instead it's just a concise and one could argue catchy way to express Boston fans' general disdain with all things Yankee.


Absolutely. It's like when the "Who let the dogs out?" thing was really populah at football games earliah in the decade. How come our erudite caretakahs in the media weren't advising us that, you know, there really weren't any dogs let out? Dogs are not even allowed in the stadium you stupid dumb ass retahted fans.


Remembah, people. Whatevah you do don't embarrass your bettahs in the media else they become tainted by your local yokelism and then get looked down upon by their peers in the ivory towah.



speaking for myself, which is hard since i'm not a real person, but anyway, the mfy coming to town doesn't really do much for me. i know that the rs are a good team and should win, but if they don't, that's okijima for ya. i have tickets for sattidy's game, and i don't know i just looked at the forecast and it looks rainy and do i really want to be sitting at the end of a day night dubblheader at like midnight and wondering how im going to get home and stuff and timmmys pitching and thats always disappointing and then i saw timlin warming up in the 11th and im like whoa nelly that guy is still on the team and he is as old as me and also as done as me and fuckin masterson is nails but after that what are you gonna do.

i guess i'm sort of ambivilent which is bad because if you lack feelings you are dead and who wants to be dead and all that like heath ledger who was pretty good in batman but wait they called it the dark knight but which one was the knight and wasnt the joker darker but when he said he was going to make that pencil disappear i was like ohoh and then he slammed the large black gentlemens face on the table and sure enough the pencil disappeared in the eye socket [spoiler alert] plus Maggie Gyllenhall isn't hot enough to be fighting over and heath didn't get to boink her like he did her brother so whats that all about.


How about that pathetic Coco at-bat toward the end of the game. First pitch, check swing, dribbler.

LC - did you skip your morning coffee?


What on Earth have you been smoking and where can I get some of that?

Justin Masterson.
Bald, but with a hairy curve.
My man-love to him.

Oh, and LC, Saturday is supposed to be isolated showers. And exactly the 50th time I've seen Timmy pitch in person. Really. It's bizzare how he always seem to be on the mound at games I attend.

The funniest part of lc's rant is that somewhere during that river of thoughts he started a new paragraph.

Wow. LC = stream of consciousness king.

Since you're iffy on attending the game, I'd be happy to take those tix off your hands. I promise to feed the fat guy some deep fried Twinkies for you...

Dude, not cool. I haven't seen the Dork Knight yet. Now I know that some dude gets a pencil in the eye. Why bother watching now?

Just to return the favor. This weekend Manny will do something not in keeping with the character of an entity of pure benevolence and wisdom, and will be reprimanded by a very concerned cadre of writers. [spoiler alert]

And here I always thought "Yankees suck" was a comment not how good they were but on what they liked to do behind closed doors. Suck on that, columnists.

I knew it'd be a long game when the only run they scored with nobody out and the bases loaded was b/c Hernandez walked in a run.

Stay classy, Boston. :P

Does today feel like a Friday to anyone else?

Does today feel like a Friday to anyone else?

What?!? It's not? Then why are you wearing your teal blue dress? You ALWAYS wear your teal blue dress on Fridays. That's how I know the weekend's here. Shit. You mean to say I've got to go to work tomorrow?



Good to know Hankie-panky is such a Rambo-esque warrior in the War on Terrorism:


Wouldn't this be considered war-profiteering?

Nat- Oh no, I did think it was Friday.
LC- you are a lovable rantaholic.

It's Friday somewhere.

Oh and I got an iPhone.

Oh and I'm taking tomorrow off, so it is more like Friday for me.

Rock on.

Is tomorrow Beckett-Chamberlain? How cool is that?

Now that Hank Steinbrenner has declared Bonds is on the table for discussions at the Yanks team meeting today, I think the Sox will pick him up first.

No, BM, that's just what Theo will want Hank to think. Then once Hank has sufficiently put a ton of money on the table to keep Bonds from "going to Boston", we'll either stand pat or get someone better for our needs. In the meantime, your 4th starter will still be Ponson. We did this dance with Cashman and Stein, Sr. quite a few times, didn't we? Will the son learn from the father or be cursed to relive his sins? Let's watch and see.

Love the post!

But I do think 'yankees suck' should be taken literally; just metaphysically, not physically.

Obviously the yankees are good at baseball- physically- but nonetheless they still have the property of suckiness.

This isn't just an expression of antipathy from Sox fans, who project their feelings onto the yankees, it's the way the world really is.

i think.

Damn Kaz, a prescient move on your part... all future summer days off will be predicated upon the start of a key series that must involve some pregame festivities. Tomorrow begins one of those series.

The one time I got to see a RS-Yankee game at Yankee Stadium, my wife and I were stuck in the LF bleachers. Hey, at least we got in. It was a Sept. game that turned out memorable. Pedro set the all-time-most-Yankee-K's-at-the-Toilet-Bowl record that night.
Prior to the game, as I sat in those bleachers with my Boston cap on, 2 guys with 8 beers between them came up the steps to the 2 seats right in front of us. They'd obviously had a few before they arrived as well. They didn't even bother to sit down. They just sat the beers down, took a look around, pumped their fists in the air, and started chanting "Boston Sucks" until they had the whole section going. I, meanwhile, shrunk just a tad bit lower in my seat.
Where are those chant-police media types when you need them?
It's a tradition with these 2 teams, it will continue, and to call for it to end is just denying the fact that the rivalry itself is an important part of the appeal of both teams to their respective fan bases.

I have had the "Boston sucks" at Yankee Stadium as well. I was at the Twins v. Yankees game on Tuesday, on the subway heading out, my friend (Yankee fan) says innocently (?) to me, "I guess you guys are happy to be getting Ortiz back." Next thing, the whole subway car is pointing at me and going "Boston Sucks" and "A**h***, A**h***." I really do despise this city sometimes.

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