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Midsummer Classic blah blah blah

OK, I've come to expect the breathless, treacly, hype that surrounds the yearly All Stah Game and for the most paht I've learned to tune it out …


But I gotta tell ya, this year's 24/7 media dry hump of Yankee Stadium is just too fucking much to bear.


No shit. I keep thinking, if that place is so friggin' great, then why are they bulldozing it?


Ah, c'mon, haven't you heard? It's Baseball's Cathedral.


Hmmm a Cathedral, eh? That's funny because I've always thought of it more as a temple …



So Theo is looking for shortstops again. God friggin' help us.


Yeah, Theo, we love you and all, but maybe you should leave the whole shortstop thingy to someone else? I'm just saying.


Seriously. Theo and shortstops is about as efficacious as Amy Winehouse and personal hygiene.



Teixeira is a first basemen as well. I have been watching him for the braves and he doesnt impress me much. Good numbers but he is not Youk.

On the utilitarian principle that happiness derives from maximum Red Sox glory and maximum Yankees degradation, which of the following scenarios brings more happiness:
1) Red Sox win 08 World Series; Yankees so beat down they don't even make playoffs.
2) Red Sox and Yankees both make playoffs, meet in ALCS, Red Sox win pennant in last MLB game ever played in Yankee Stadium, go on to win series over... whoever.
Or am I just falling for the Yankee Stadium hype?

Got my daily rant from my bro this morning re: the AS game and Francona: "Now if Francona goes with Papelbon, who suggested that Francona should got to him, even though Mariano is a hall of famer, and BETTER!
And numbers are FAR better, I will crap myself, throw up and not watch any game that he coaches ever again." I love it.

Seriously, could this have worked out better? How much does it have to stick in Yanks fans' craws that the skipper of the vaunted "celebrate the majesty and history of Yankee Stadium" AS game is the manager of the reigning WS champion Red Sox??? That's just fucking poetic, man.

Parker, I would take Sox winning the WS and yankees fail to make the playoffs. Especially if they fail on the last day of the season because of one of those BS yankee stadium "right field homer which should have been a single" hits.

BTW, did anyone else think it was hilarious that Ryan Braun's agent (not the team pitching coach or something) was the one tossing him the pitches in the contest? What's up with that? Is he an old college buddy? Is he looking for free advertising?

Hamilton choked in the final. Josh, way to keep up the tradition of a Texas Ranger coming to Yankee Stadium to choke in the final rounds when it matters the most.

I predict the 7-8 games that Papi said he'll need to play down in Pawtucket will set the the one-week attendance record for the PawDogs.

What chews at the Yankees more? Rivera might not play or all of the Red Sox down in their clubhouse, farting in the whirlpool.

"farting in the whirlpool."

Kaz, you're an evil genius.

I suspect that most of the people here myself included don't give a flying fuck about the all star break.

So let me put in a patriotic plug:

Christian Vandevelde (Chicago native) is now 3rd in the Tour de France, he was super solid in yesterday's brutal stage in the Pyrenees.

He's clean...and he's ready to dust some Euro ass in the Alpine stages coming up.

But his Garmin/Chipotle teammates can't leave him all alone...he needs guys like fellow US climbing mountain bike maniac Tom Danielson to stay with him, particularly on the atomic bomb stage coming up July 23, 2 HC climbs and then the viciously famous ending climb into Alpe d'Huez


"farting in the whirlpool."

Fucking hilarous.

Even during my playing days it was evident to me that Sox fans and Yankee fans were different. Yankee fans always knew they had the best stadium in the world. That knowledge, I guess, gave them the ability to apppreicate other venues - Wrigley, The Old Tigers' Stadium and Fenway, of course. Sox fans, always filled with self doubt (even when they were winning), didn't have the ability to see what was so plain to the rest of the world - Yankee Stadium is a beautiful, majestic ballpark. Truly, an amazing place to watch or, better yet, play a baseball game.

I hope the city of Boston is less bitter once the doctors figure out a cure and thaw me out.

Ted Williams' Frozen head

// Yankee Stadium is a beautiful, majestic ballpark. Truly, an amazing place to watch or, better yet, play a baseball game.//

And like all truly amazing, majestic things, it'll be torn down for what, greed? Makes a lot of sense and really does cement the image of Yankees under King George.

Meanwhile, Boston found a way to keep going with their little bandbox.

But that's been par for the course the past few years, no? Boston is very creative in how it spends its resources, while the Yankees continue to be the Yankees and make questionable decisions.

Repeating things over and over again don't make it so, hart. The NEW Yankee stadium will look more like the OLD Yankee stadium than the CURRENT yankee stadium. George regrets the changes he made back in 1973. This new stadium will address the damage done when the stadium was renovated. The inside, of course has always been magnificent - the facade above the outfield fences. The outside will now be as majestic as it was so long ago. They are not tearing it down. George is rebuilding the outside to its former glory. The new stadium will serve as a tribute to yankee history. Is it sad that the original SITE is being demolished? Absolutely. But this is not being done without acknowledging that history. And the TRUE measure of Yankee life under 'King George'?
10 trips to the Series and 6 World Championships.

I wish I had such an owner back when I was playing....

Ted Williams' Frozen Head

P.S. Be careful when crowing about how the Sox found a way to keep Fenway. You know it's just a matter of time...

Nice to see bigbri figured out how to get a new email addy

//Repeating things over and over again don't make it so...//

It did for Miss Gale.

Meanwhile, fire up those dozers and prep the wrecking ball. Karniji's getting a new motherfucking crib!


You are so f*ckin' smart you should have YOUR head frozen. I'd hate to see any of that genius evaporate out of your jug ears!

I can't wait till they thaw me out....so I can REFUSE to sign your Joe Dimaggio ball.

Ted Williams' Frozen head

That reminds me of a joke:

Q: How do you get to Karniji's Hall?

A: practice.

We're really talking about a zero-sum situation here, but, as far as trolls go, isn't BigBri actually more amusing than Ted's Head?

sorry, left out the [rimshot]


When SDU farts in a whirlpool, does it goe in the opposite direction it does here?

BTW, greetings from the exotic vacation land of Newburyport, where jetsetters go for the price of a commuter rail ticket.

Some good pubs with unusual beers though.

I lived in Newburyport for a couple years back in the 80s. Spent many a night stumbling home from the Thirsty Whale.

no better place to get smarter than governor dummer

Sonomasox, did you go to GD, now called Governer's Academy? If so, yet again a small world. My dad taught there in the early 70s and I spent my first two years of life as a fac brat on that campus. The current headmaster is a close friend of the family's.

And Billy Marty too will know the current headmaster of GD- BM, it's Marty Doggett, the old Dean of Students at L'ville...

I don't fart in whirlpools ... honest.

As to le tour and patriotism (I don't go much for the latter), Cadel Evans (Aust.) in yellow. Also, allegedly clean.


I saw GD is trying to go w/ the new acronym. Didn't go there almost taught there - took the job in Marin and moved west instead. Good friend is still Ass't Athletic Director.

Of all my stadium trips nothing was worse than my trip to Yankee Stadium. From the drive in, to parking, to the slowest hot dog vendors on the planet. The only good thing from that trip was accidentally spilling mustard all over the guy's satin Yankee jacket seated in front of me. And not telling him of course.

Scott, somewhere in NYC, there's a mook at his computer reading that and he's saying to himself: "So! That was youz!"

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