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Lisa's PSA

Lisa the Temp:
Remember, peeps, while the Soxaholix are on vacation, that masshole Dog Roy continues to Tweet.



Despite Lisa's deformed, 4-finger hands, I continue to worship her.

Interesting "other side of the story" article BTW.

It's hard to feel any sympathy for a guy worried about "job security" when he has made over $100 million in the last 8 years playing baseball.

I always thought Lisa was wicked PSA :) BTW-have a safe trip Bob.

what, what? how is she working in the office when she is on vacation? oh, lawdy, I'm confused.

Not much enthusiasm for the team today. Anyone else coming to the conclusion that the season is entering its death throes?

While hb is enjoying his vacation, I thought I might point out an interesting post over at Surviving Grady (my second favorite Red Sox blog to check on). It's the one about hometown loyalties. I wrote a pretty huge comment over there explaining how I left Baltimore for Boston near the turn of the millennium. It might be an interesting read if you're looking for something to do.


I concur. They have wilted when faced with the best teams of late. Not encouraging. Time to look forward to next year. What can they get for Manny? Do they want to keep him? I don't see them making it out of the 1st round of the playoffs.

I want Matt Kemp and some prospects from LAD in exchange for Manny.

Engage the trade machine!

This is the same team that had most of us sh*tting ourselves in late August and September of last year, convinced that they would miss the playoffs or go quietly in the first round. Instead, they won the division and then the World Series. I think we should wait at least until the team is (a) not in the lead for the Wild Card and (b) more than a game or five out of the division lead before we throw in the towel. Remember, it's a pretty soft schedule the last few weeks of the season, so if the Sox are still within striking distance in late August, a little homestand hot streak may be all it takes.

FAKE EDIT: Rotesocken just updated me on the Texeira trade. Never mind the above, repent, for the end is nigh!

yep & when the yanks get a-rod, the sox will never win again...

///This is the same team that had most of us sh*tting ourselves in late
August and September of last year, convinced that they would miss the
playoffs or go quietly in the first round.//

Couldn't agree more. As late as Sept 15th last year they were playing uninspired ball (along with every other adjective use to describe recent play) and nobody held out much hope that they'd do much in the playoffs let alone do what they did.

Just a friendly reminder:


Okay, almost off to S.F. See you creepy people Friday (or Monday).

BTW, what a dog of a game last night, huh? The Angels are beating us worse than Michael Vick treats his puppies.

Someone stick a fork in the team. See if they're done.

Well, since they're currently playing like undercooked muffins, maybe we should stick a toothpick in them and see if it comes out clean.

(God, that was a stretch, huh?)

How many running backs will the Pats keep on the roster this season? ;)


Less than the number of QBs in Green Bay?

Give or take 2.

Doug's making fun of Barack Obama?

Fucking racist.

Bob - if you're missing home in your day-stay try to hit the Conn. Yankee.

Thought Doug would be crying today as one of his favs (Ted Stevens) is wounded.

Kaz, OK now you've confirmed a few things that I suspected all along. 1 - You're a bandwagon jumper, coming onboard during the early beginnings of the Manny/Pedro era. Forget Rice, Dewey, "Rooster" and Yaz! You came on board 15 years after "Oil Can", Hurst and "Hendu"! 2 - You abandoned your team. - paddy24 (proud Red Sox fan since 1977 (age 9).

Age 9? Lightweight! Some of my earliest memories are of sleeping in the living room in a sleeping bag at age 5 or 6 so I could listen to the Red Sox on Armed Forces Radio. We were in Spain so the games were broadcast live at about 1 AM.

Oddly, I have a very specific memory of them getting blown out be the Royals in one of the games.

please...in utero bitches!

It scares me everytime Hansen is warming up. The guy just can not string an inning together without giving up inherited runners or his own! Not ready to give up the ship this season because I think the doldrums they are currently going through is caused by Manny's distractions.

paddy, if you can read my entire post over at SG and come to the conclusion that I am a "bandwagon jumper" and that I "abandoned my team", then you confirm my suspicion that you have difficulty with reading comprehension.

I didn't abandon the Orioles. Angelos abandoned me and all of the other O's fans. I didn't jump on the bandwagon, I was told there'd be good baseball eventually and that new owners and new management would deliver it all within an amazing ballpark.

Bandwagoners jump on at the peak and jump off at the first low. I was there before 2003 and still went out and bought a mini-season plan that same October after being crushed. I'm never going to say I was there through it all (Boyd, Yaz, Rice, etc) because I wasn't. I barely remember the *year* 1986 in Baltimore, let alone what went on in the World Series.

paddy, take that noise and shove it in a pink hat.

Kaz, OK, well now everyone knows how lacking in historical context your long-winded, pretentious posts are. Me, I had you pegged right from the beginning. For those that do care to read your daily post, at least it is very easy to get right at it - it's always the longest, most "clever" post of the day. - paddy24 (proud Red Sox fan since 1977 (age 9).

Where's BigBri when you need him? Then at least we are all turned against a Yanks fan instead of each other. Again, hb goes away and becomes all Lord of the Flies around here. :)

Natalie- proud Red Sox fan since 1982 (age 7) and that was down in central NJ in the pre-cable/Internet days, where I could only watch the team when they were playing the Yanks, had to suffer through WPIX and Phil Rizzuto, and my only newspapers were either the Trentonian or NY Times. So there. I win.

Kaz didn't jump on the bandwagon. He jumped off the manure cart because he could not stand the smell. Angelos has driven the O's into the ground and the future is bleak. God forbid that a disgruntled fan finds a new team. Only in Boston would you be forced to wear a scarlet letter around your neck or be denied membership in RSN unless you came over on the Mayflower.

Y'know, as someone who's ancestors came over on the Mayflower, I think I win, Yazbeard.

George Howard Soule descendants in the Hizzouse!

Lacking in historical context? Someone should tell all the history majors in the world that their degrees are meaningless because they didn't LIVE in 15th century England. Talk about pretentious...

As for how well you had me pegged...It was never a secret, boy-o. And that September 2006 post is only from a quick search to try and find the first time I mentioned my Baltimore roots here.

As it is, I've been posting here since 2005 (joined as part of the exodus from bambinoscurse.com who stopped posting at the end of the 2004 season, the same season h.b. started Soxaholix). On first search, the earliest here that I can find mention of a paddy24 is 2006. So, I guess it's unfair of me to assume you'd have any historical context to my posting here and are just now figuring out my style and the origin of my fandom. - Kaz (proud Soxaholix fan since 2005).

Look what you made me do, paddy...so pissed, leaving off the html end tag...

anyway, the sox suk right about now.

just my $.02


uh, guys, we're all on the same team here. we all love the sawx, none of us wear pink hats, and we can all recite last years rotation when quizzed. if someone is a "transplanted" fan then i say welcome to the family. is manny less of a US citizen because he wasn't born here?

i've never lived in boston - born and bred in columbus, o-h-i-o. but i've been a sox fan forever because my family moved here from weymouth the year before i was born. does that make me less of a fan? should i cheer for the indians even though i have no attachment to them?

we all know what a true fan is, and i'd say that everyone here (except BigBri) passes that litmus test.

Tampa won. Yankees won. [gulp] Go Sox.

Yanks just signed Pudge Rodriguez.

yanks just signed pudge. [double gulp]

dammit yazbread...

No need to panic. Theo soon to announce that the team has picked up the option years on Lugo and Crisp.

For Kyle Freaking Farnsworth. Does Cashman has dirty photos of the other GM's? Its hard to believe the trades he's pulled off over the past week. Depressing. Does anyone have positive news about the Sox?

I do, agman2, but I'm having trouble making the info long and "clever" so you'll have to just wait for someone else to break it.

come on, kaz. you know you can't tease us like that. spill it already!

in the words of Yosemite Sam, 'Frizzle fraggin'! Scraggin' raggin'... varmints!'

//Does anyone have positive news about the Sox?//
Um, not right now (2-6 top 6)...

The Red Sox will trade Manny and sign Barry Bonds. IMO.

Jason- if that exact scenario happens, I will buy you a drink. Might as well, because I'll have to go live in a bar, so I can drink morning, noon and night. GOOD GOD, I am freaking out about Manny. I know, I know, I know this is like Nomah II, but I didn't really like Nomah. So this is different. For me. And that's what matters. To me. And even Rice is dogging him as I type...

Latest rumor is Manny to the Marlins, Jason Bay and a reliever to The Sox and some Marlins makeweights to the Pirates. I hope not.

Manny's comments of (I think) yesterday leave me cold- and for the first time, really done with him (I was squarely in the "Manny being Manny" indulgent camp for a long, long time). I wish these overpriced babies would just sit down, shut up and play baseball.

Wouldn't trading Manny to sign Bonds be a little like beating cancer and THEN starting smoking? Although we do need to do SOMETHING. This team is moribund.

Maybe I should make the transition to following football now....

Jumping a little late on the bandwagon bandwagon: I was born in Washington DC and grew up rooting for Frank Howard. (Became a Sox fan while attending a "superior northern ivy" in the mid-70s -- could hear the Fenway noise in October '75 from the Master's rooftop garden at Quincy House.) Given the shitter the Sox are in think I'll go back to being a Senators fan. Oh, wait...

Bay and Grabow for Manny?? This last week has totally sucked. I have accepted all of the crazy moments of Manny because it is a wonderful sight everytime I see him hit. But it is time for him to go and be somebody else's headache and I am as sad as I have ever been as a Red Sox fan.

at the risk of getting banned for life, where have you gone h.b.????? this is primo material for the strip and we hear nothing but silence. of course, i have nothing but respect for Mr. b.

I had a dream that my 20-year divorced parents got back together and finally renovated the crummy guest bathroom. That's pretty obvious symbolism for Manny and the ownership patching it up. Neither is likely to happen in this lifetime. I'm a sad little child.

this team is too good to be wearing a shit hat for much longer. it's always darkest before the dawn, semper fi, and whatnot.

in other words, i got nothing, and am proud of it.


Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't. And Manny is no devil. I see him more as a mischievous pixie. With two option years and a fairly high probability that his production will not drop off dramatically, I want Manny on the team. What is so wrong that the Sox are willing to bail on a flag-waving, scoreboard pissing, fan high-fiving future Hall-of-Famer. If you want a team without colorful characters, go root for the Dodgers, or Braves, or ...

Yazbread = my hero.

Here's my final thought for today on the whole thing, like anyone gives a rat's: Manny just wants to be truly and personally loved and appreciated by top management.

That's about as naive as me expecting that the CEO of my company will not only directly appreciate my work output, but will also put me on the "never to be laid off" list, because I'm just that good and cute to boot. But I think that's where he's at.

OK, I'm done until 4pm.

I'm with lc. Did we give up when the Germans invaded Pearl Harbor? No!
I'd much rather this team take its dump in late July than in late September. Let the cards fall where they may - if the trade happens, I think it will energize the team and pull them out of this funk. If it doesn't happen, what's to say that Manny doesn't emerge from the dugout into the on-deck circle tomorrow and slap a RBI single like he did in 05, and everyone is all smiles, rainbows and unicorns again.
The MFYs are sustaining on Centrum Silver, and the Rays are still taking Flintstones chewables. That made a lot more sense in my head, but I think the point is made. Three games back is not a horrendous place to be. The sun will come out, tomorrow...

So much for the homefield advantage. They suck. They might get better, but they blow dead goats right now.

sonomasox (and Bob) - I've been meaning to comment on this for a couple days but haven't had the time. Connecticut Yankee is a decent bar, and certainly could feel like home for a Boston fan, but there's really nothing else in that neighborhood to see (unless you're familiar with the rock clubs, or if you know where to go up the hill). If you're coming to San Francisco, don't go out to Potrero Hill unless you've got friends taking you around -- there's too much great stuff going on in other neighborhoods.

Here are a few suggestions:

There's R Bar near Polk & Sutter (word is 'our' bar's double entendre meaning is it's a Red Sox bar).

The Phoenix on Valencia is a good Irish sports bar.

Greens on Polk near the Marina is a great sports bar that shows any baseball game on tv.

I understand that the Conn Yankee is the only true Boston bar in S.F., but I really wouldn't waste my time going to the edge of the city. See S.F., not a reminder of the Northeast!

... I go back to 1950 (age 3) when my mom used to put me in my stroller and we'd go over to a friend of hers and watch the Sox (and sometimes the Braves) on TV -- almost every day there was a game in the afternoon on TV. I suffered through the horrible 50's and 60's (though the $1 bleacher seats were great especially for Sunday doubleheaders).

These are truly tough times, though,with the Sox, Giants and A's all sucking big time at once. I don't envy hb taking some time off!


Rumors seem to be that the Manny deal is dead.

BM - Agree - nothing much else around the CT Yankee & I'm w/ you re: the R Bar. Used to be one of the regular stops. Greens was a little too much - Marina scene. Never hit Phoenix. Didn't think Bob had much time to visit the sites so a trip past the meth clinic on Pot.Hill would be fun.

Peter Gammons reports Manny was NOT traded to the Marlins…and likely not anywhere else. Oh boy…

That's the long and clever, er short, of it.

Someone lied to Gammo:

Manny to the Dodgers, Jason Bay to the Red Sox.

So sayeth SI.

Heard that to Kaz

Extra Bases is reporting that Manny is a Dodger and Jason Bay is a Red Sox. No details though...

Pega luna, Manny.

Hasta luego, buen amigo.

What a downer. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.

I want to know what the Dodgers are putting up in this trade, because I just read from Cafardo that we're also giving up Hansen and Moss to keep Pittsburgh happy.

Damnit, I'm not going to pay a lot for this muffler!!

Was Theo sleeping on the job? We better be getting a hell of a lot more than just Jason Bay out of this.

I'm going to don my official #24 jersey and a black veil for tonights cocktails.

i agree, kaz. if this is the trade, it really sucks

Since when did Pittsburgh get an MLB team??

If they gave up 3 for 1 I am all for rioting and overthrowing King Theo. You have to be kidding me?? They are not wining this season anyway. Just ride it out and pick up a replacement in the offseason. WTF??

Looks like Theo got his pants pulled down.

Manny traded to Dodgers

Left fielder Manny Ramirez has been traded to the Dodgers as part of the three-team deal that will send Pirates outfielder Jason Bay to the Red Sox, the Globe’s Gordon Edes and Nick Cafardo are reporting.

The Red Sox will also lose Craig Hansen and Brandon Moss as part of the deal. Here are the names involved:

To Red Sox
Jason Bay

To Dodgers
Manny Ramirez

To Pirates
Craig Hansen (from Red Sox)
Brandon Moss (from Red Sox)
Andy LaRoche (from Dodgers)
Bryan Morris (from Dodgers)

SI.com reported that the Red Sox got the OK from Ramirez, who would have had the rights to veto any deal. From SI.com: "He signed off on the paperwork, contingent upon the two $20-million team options for 2009 and '10 being dropped. The move will set the stage for Ramirez to become a free agent this winter."

Everyone at NESN and the Globe has been calling for his head for the last two days and now they are moaning and reminiscing.

Jason Bay looks boring as frick. I'm sure we'll all come to know and love him, blah blah blah.

Ok, Pittsburgh gives up Bay and gets Hansen, Moss, Andy LaRoche (3B, IF), and Bryan Morris (Single A Pitcher, didn't even rate 3 stars by BP for Dodgers prospects Feb '08).

Dodgers give up LaRoche and Morris and get Manny.

We give up Manny, Moss, and Hansen and get Bay in return.

Wow. This can't possibly be the end of this deal can it? Can it?? Please tell me there's more to this story...


somewhere Matt Kemp is part of this deal right?? He's coming to the Sox...it'll just come out later. Right?
Right? Bueller? Please.

Who the fuck is Jason Bay?

Manny would have quit on them rest of the year and then walked so we would have gotten NOTHING in return. Hansen is no loss, now Moss is a different story. He will do well like David Murphy has for Texas. Sorry to see the Manny of old go, but the Manny of the past few weeks....glad to have that cancer gone. The team can now concentrate on winning games again.

You'll come around to liking Jason Bay. He plays hard and hits with power. He may not have V-teks thighs for your viewing pleasure, but he'll give us 110%.

hb picked a heck of a week to be on vacation...!

You don't know Jason Bay? He's clearly the best hitting LF in the history of the sport. I mean we wouldn't give up the best hitting LF in the MLB today if we weren't getting something equal or slightly better in return, right?

Geez, Natalie, get on your game, girl. "Who the fuck is Jason Bay?" Where have you been hiding to not have heard of Jason Bay?

Oh, and to Jason Bay, if you're reading this: You've got some motherfuckin' size 20, Sideshow Bob and Krusty the Clown rolled into one-sized shoes to fill, Boy. We didn't even get a goddamned relief pitcher out of this deal, just your Canadian-via-Pittsburgh ass. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do just fine.

Kaz, I thought Gabrow was supposed to be in the deal too, but the front office had no choice but to move Manny so the team could get back on concentrating on winning. They could not do that not knowing if Manny "decided" to play each day and then not run out grounders. Like I said earlier, hate to see us lose a guy like Manny, but it was time. We bitched when Nomar left town a couple of years ago and look what happened? Worse part of the trade was losing Brandon Moss in my mind.

What's the National League?

Kaz, I was a little trying to be cute. I have heard of him but was exaggerating to make the point that it isn't exactly the big name you'd expect to get for trading Manny (and hanson and moss) for only one player. Guess we really wanted him gone.

I don't think Man-Ram would have given up - this IS his contract year and wants $100mill/4yrs. He would have cranked it up over the last 8 weeks.

Either way, I feel like I just gave my paycheck to some random guy at Cumbie's to buy me a case of beer, never to see him again. (circa 1987)

Bay will be under contract through 2009. To me its a good deal. Hansen is a space cadet. Moss is good but expendable. I look at it this way. Keeping Manny was no longer possible. He would have dragged the team through all kinds of crap the rest of the way. This was the only chance to salvage the season. Not sure if the Sox will make the playoffs but at least we don't need to listen to him or the pupet master Scott Boras any more this season.


depressed downunder

Sorry, fernsco, but name 1 game that Manny cost us since the All-Star break due to "not running out grounders" or "deciding not to play" and I'll name you 2 where he hit the game winning RBIs.

You've bought into the front office kool-aid. Once we pass the trade deadline, it doesn't benefit Manny in any way to act out. He knows we weren't going to pick up the option for 2009 and he'll want to show off offensively to get top dollar on any FA deal in the offseason. Also, if you think that the team hit only 9 runs against Anaheim because they were thinking about Manny's press for the past week, then you are only fooling yourself.

It's ok, Nat. I was trying to be funny too, but I don't think I pulled it off...I was too bitter and angry when I wrote it.

Angels get Texiera
New York (AL) get Pudge
We lose Manny.

WTF - tea for two, anyone?

Kaz, the cost us the games he did not play and who knows how many games he cost us during this down streak with his teammates being distracted. I go back to what I said before, we were all screaming for Theo's head after the Nomar trade too. Lets revisit in a few weeks. Yes, Manny will do great for the Dodgers, but I don't believe he would have done the same for us.

Ah that's what I get for reading and posting while driving. I only registered the first line of Kaz's post. 93 south is a parking lot and talk radio is burning up the airwaves.hey, this could be 2008 nomar trade. I am willing to try to see the silver lining.

I'm with you there Natalie. Let's get this new era started.

I'm praying in a room in the basement of Fenway right now, Theo is on the phone to L.A. yelling, "I swear to all that is holy, I told you Hong-Chih Kuo was included in this deal!!"

Wonder what hat he'll wear into the HOF.

Good point, SDU. This looks painful anyway, but when you remember the trades other teams were able to pull off, it doubly sucks. I was so looking forward to the mfy struggling the rest of the season with "One of the Catching Molina brothers." (how many times have you heard morgan/miller crank that one out?)

Perhaps one day we'll be sporting Kintees Baystate shirts and worshipping Theo again, but right now this hurts.

I will miss Manny and losing him and Hansen/Moss and only getting Bay in return sucks - on paper.

But I take Schill's words at face value. I think we have no idea how much Manny's new state of mind and erratic behavior - brought on by fact that it was clear Sox would not even think of giving him and BORAS a new four-year contract - was impacting the rest of the club, including their performance on the field. Read Schill's comments from the radio this morning. Manny's kind of behavior brings a clubhouse down, makes others wonder why they are busting their ass and their bodies every day when someone else - getting paid more - is not giving 100%, and adds nothing beyond his individual #s.

I think the Sox have the best talent in the game. I think removing Manny from the equation, even if Bay does not put up Manny's #s, will make these guys even better. Now they are a TEAM.

"Let's get this new era started" . . . I second that emotion.

This is bad for the Dodgers. Manny plays a great LF at Fenway Park, but Chavez Ravine could not be any different - it's huge. At this stage of his career, Manny relies on going the other way. He won't reach the RF seats in L.A. (not that it's any easier in Boston). I was thinking Baltimore, Cincy or especially Philadelphia would be beneficial for his career. In fact, Philly would have made out like bandits had they gotten involved. I like this deal. Bay is not yet 30. I'll take a guy with comparable stats that is six years younger and makes way less money. This clears money to enable Theo to go after Vlad or another star. As great as Manny looked in the post-season last year, he had a poor regular season and has followed it up with a sub-par 2008. BTW, the N.L. pitching staffs throw zero off-speed stuff. Manny will have a tough time of it over there (the exception as I said, would have been Philly or Cincy - where he could have simply extended his arms to rip it the other way into the bleachers). I don't see any opportunities for him at Cavez Ravine other than driving the ball up the middle for singles. The silly tossing of the batting helmet while on the base paths during close plays in the play-offs last year was pretty annoying. I held my breath because he simply wasn't making outs. This year, the OBP is there, but he sits out many games, so it's inflated. This move hurts the Sox this year but helps in the long run. Bay might be helped by all the protection in the lineup he'll be receiving. I agree with the "space cadet" appraisal of Hansen. I like the move for no other reason that we'll never see him throw another pitch for us again. Moss? Whatever. If we would just sign Bonds...BTW, Thanks Manny, for helping the Sox win two World Championships. You were one of the greatest free agent signings of all time. And thank you, Dan Duquette.

Good trade or bad, there goes the RS personality. I'm gonna miss Manny...ESPECIALLY when he was Manny. He gave us lots of good things to yak about on Mondays.

It's a new era.

Maybe I'm biased because Bay is a BC boy (British Columbian, not Bostob College)but I think he will be just fine. I was always a Manny fan but what are you going to do when he and Bor-a$$ play their cards so that bridges are burning and the is no where to go but out of town...Theo's problem is tha same as for any GM trying to trade a "legend" or superstar. It is extremely difficult to get anything equal to him back in return. I'm in the camp that says Hansen is a never-will-be (at least for Boston) and I agree with paddy 24 when he says "whatever" for Moss. We needed a power bat to protect Ortiz and BAy will give you a !00% every single at bat and in the field. He's gonna be just fine.

Proud Redsox fan since 1967 (9 years old) listening on a transister radio to my first world series.

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