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Lazy, hazy days...

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I'm in vacation mode and just too chilled to punch out a strip today … I'm sure you guys have something good to yak about though.



Speaking of chill-what's this I hear about Sydney getting snow,sdu?

Good salvage game last night. Lester could becme a Skankee pester.

My game on Saturday was just a shite-show though.

(Snow in Sydney, SDU? Really?)

I realize that you don't get paid to do this and I have no right to demand anything, but I can't believe we get a "vacation strip" on the day after a Red Sox/mfy series ... It's bad enough that my Saturday Fox broadcast was the Phillies and not the Red Sox.

HB, I hope there's sand in your pants and Lisa the Temp steals your sunblock.

(and, i'm kidding. sort of.)

H.B. You can take all the days off you want. We are not entitled to a damn thing. There definitely is enough to talk about without a strip: Manny being Manny, losing 2 of 3 to the MFY, etc. etc...oh yeah Papi is back. I really am glad that the MFY picked up Ponson so we could own him last night. Welcome to the AL race little boy. Great to see everyone working the bats last night. Again, glad to see Papi back.

I went to ComicCon and it was pissah.

A vacation day? After a weekend series with the MFYs. This is comparable to Manny not playing on Friday night. :)

HB needs an MRI PDQ.

...at least he's not talking to ESPN :D

BTW it's a vacation week not a vacation day.

Heaven fucking forbid I take a week off from the day job and this non paying hobby to kick back and just do nothing and maybe watch a ball game w/o having to think how it can be turned into a strip.

I mean who am I to want such? C'mon it's not like my wife nearly died this year from endocarditis and resulting heart surgery or that my dad got lung cancer or anything.

Why should I need a break? What a pussy I am.



"Why should I need a break? What a pussy I am."


Come on HB, you know they're kidding right?

Seriously, no MRI now?

A vacation week. In the midst of a pennant race. I am fed up. Trade HB. So what if he is irreplaceable.

hb-just enjoy the week,we'll all survive :)

hb-just enjoy the week,we'll all survive :)

In this hyper-connected world there is no such thing as vacation any more -- especially for us screwed up North Americans. The best thing to do is to turn off all communication devices, "kick back and watch a ball game" played people like Manny who play for nothing more than the love of the game.

"Enough is enough."

Yes, kidding all around.

I should have done a better job announcing the vacation last week, but I wanted to leave the possibility of posting a strip open on any given day.

Today I just didn't feel like it. Maybe not tomorrow either.

It is a vacation, after all.

HB, just leave us with Lisa the Temp and we'll survive....."barely"!

Geez! Lighten up, you guys! It's a long season and hb does need to pace himself! There are two months left and plenty more games with the mfy's!

I could not bring myself to tune in on either Friday's or Saturday's game. I came in on Sunday game only after the 3-0 first inning, and was greatful that the Sox made it look easy against Ponson. It was shaping up to be a horrible weekend with the Giants and A's losing as well as the Red Sox. I'm just happy that the Red Sox and A's salvaged enough of the weekend to make life worthwhile.

By the way, I came across a recent book by John Billheimer, called "Baseball and the Blame Game: Scapegoating in the Major Leagues". It's about all of those plays that have gone down in history for blowing championships, etc. We Sox fans are familiar with Buckner and Schiraldi (in 1986), Pesky (in 1946), Grady Little (in 2003), but there were many more. The Red Sox won the 1912 World Series over the Giants on a dropped fly ball! It is a most fascinating and humbling book to read!


enjoy yur sollitude, hb.


Ponson's WHIP since joining the Yankees is 1.72. He's letting on nearly 2 baserunners per inning! That's going to eventually catch up to a pitcher. It's the 157th WHIP of 205 pitchers (23rd percentile) who have thrown anything over the past 30 days (about the same amount of time he's been on the NYY instead of TEX). That's abysmal and suggests that he's been absolutely lucky in his 4 games as a Yankee so far. This is also backed up by his VORP (only better than Rasner in the rotation) and Win contribution stats.

The guy is a bum, a very lucky bum.

Posted by: Kaz at Jul 22, 2008 6:01:18 PM

July 27: 7 ER, 4 IP, 2.75 WHIP, 1 K

I'll just be over here doing the "I told you so" dance. Don't mind me.

/what's this I hear about Sydney getting snow,sdu?//

Did not happen. Has never happened. Probably will never happen. In the Blue Mountains about 100 miles West of Sydney they sometimes (maybe one day every year) get snow.

Where did this misinformation come from?

//Where did this misinformation come from?//

Scott Boras.

Fine, first we see Manny not caring anymore, taking extra needless days off, and now HB too? What has this world come to?

Just kidding, HB. Make the most of the vacation!

It was just fun to see Ponson slapped around like an Aruban judge on a beach yesterday!

Here's a prime example of Tito not having a clue. Base hit, deep drive into the bullpen, a hard line drive double pulled to right and a base hit. Still, Tito doesn't take Dice-K out. Did any of you think maybe, just maybe, he'd lost his stuff? Probably everyone except Tito. It's like he's watching a different game most of the time. Tito is like a deer caught in headlights. The Red Sox season is getting smashed to bits before Tito even realizes something is happening here. Where was Masterson two batters earlier? What fucking good is he after five runs are plated?

I agree P24 - sometimes Tito is a do-nothing fuck.

Sorry to be so long SDU,just got out of work an hour ago. The misinformation was via WCVB-channel 5,Boston. They reported it was the first snow since 1832 or some such.Just passing along what I heard.

Harwich - Mrs SDU just arrived home to say that, yes, indeed it did snow in Sydney. So, as is often the case, I was wrong. Never say never.

On the other hand there was http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2008/07/27/2315773.htm "> this report from the national broadcaster suggesting it was just hail misunderstood.

"Hail misunderstood."


"A hard snow, is gonna fall..."

BTW, any San Francisco Soxaholix out there? I;m gonna be in your fair town Wednesday evening, then flying back Thursday late morning.

Yeah, it's quite the useless trip (13 hours of travel time for 1 hour of meeting time). But I DO have that Wednesday evening/night.

Sounds like a good title for a movie-Hail,misunderstood.heh :)

I'm more concerned about Tito than angry. He looked downright weird in the presser. Like he's on pills. And oh my God, I thought Lowell's hit was going over - I was already screaming for joy, which quickly dissolved into Mad Cartman.

//13 hours of travel time for 1 hour of meeting time//

If you want to add a two hour rounder - Santa Rosa has a wicked night life...compared to say Baghdad.

If you're in or near the Outer Mission, hit the Connecticutt Yankee - great Boston sports bar.

This team is going nowhere even if they make the playoffs. Time to clean house. Get something for Manny if they can. Terrible record against the top teams in the AL.

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