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Vote early, vote often

Hey, tough day for you, huh, Mahty? First your candidate for POTUS finally, finally, accepts reality and your highly touted rotation savior gets his first staht and, er, "delivered an erratic and deflating outing." Ouch.


Nothing is conceded, Callaghan, nothing.


Oh, that reminds me, Mahts. I saw your mom on YouTube. She's a fiesty one, eh?


So are you gonna follow the old lady's lead and vote for McCain, too?


Frankly, Callaghan, for whom I vote in November is none of your friggin' business.


Speaking of voting, Mahts, you seen the AL All Star balloting?


First base: Youkilis leads.
Second: Pedroia leads.
Catcher: Varitek leads.
DH: Papi leads.
Outfield: Manny leads.


Any of those names sound familiah to you Mahty?


I heard your DH is wearing a cast, Callaghan. I must say I like the look.


Yeah, I heard your 3rd baseman is wearing white gloves and a purse. I'm sure Carrie Bradshaw approves.



Rough night last night? See the following frames:

(4) fall - fOllOW
(5) in - On
(7) cather - catCher

I have to deal with proofreaders every day, H.B.

The secret is simple: mercury in their coffee.

Or as I like to write to them, coffeee.

Oh, and Marty looks a little fallow today.

That, and his mouth has that stroke look.

Marts seems very defensive this morning...and that picture never does get old ;D

Yeah, I push these out in about 10-15 mins with almost zero proofing.

There are always mistakes. And the corrections are always welcome.

But you can choose to risk coming across as a narcissist ("Look at me! I found the mistakes!!")and cluttering up the comments with them in this space.

Or you could show more courtesy by emailing me directly of the typos and other boneheaded mistakes on any given day.

I'm fine either way. Pool or the pond.

G'day to the bloke I ran into tonight at the University of Newcastle (Australia). I thought I'd write this short post so you can grab my email address. So wearing a Red Sox t-shirt every time i go out finally paid off? And I called SDU to let him know I bumped into you and he was stoked. I hope to hear from you. Marty..from Newcastle, not the prick froom New York. HB you're bringing
Sox fans together all over the world!

Is Harriet Christian George Steinbrenner in drag?

I'm wondering what Natalie will make of this?

According to Google Analytics these are the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th most popular keyword phrases leading users to The Soxaholix:

natalie soxaholix 2005
natalie love whiskey soxaholix
natalie soxaholix diaper
natalie soxaholix gracious

And all of those beat out the ever popular "michelle damon nude" which comes in at a mere 20th.

I am a very popular girl. Need to get my own blog, clearly. :)

BTW, hb, misspellings are my biggest pet peave. (Sorry, inside joke).

If Natalie love whiskey Soxaholix, Natalie love me.

(Unfortunately, she's already seen my ugly mug at Fenway. The look of initial horror, followed by pity, was pretty funny.)

Oh Bob, not true! Don't even say that. And by the time I met up with you, my friend and I were well into the Miller Lites, so no one was ugly. :)

Speaking of those seats, Bob, you have a bead on any more good tix? I am dying to find primo seats to a game before I move across the pond in late August- kind of a last hurrah. Money (sort of) no object (although ebay would probably scalp me, eh?)

The inclusion of "diaper" in the keywords made me laugh. "teal dress" makes sense, but diaper?

I guess we are a diverse community after all (and by diverse I, of course, mean prone to the fetish).

Natalie, getting my hair cut tomorrow at Guy and Rocco's on Salem. They usually have "ways" to get their hands on great tix.

I'll ask. As for me, the only tix I have so far are my bleacher seats.

Excellent strip today, HB - god that Clinton "supporter" on youtube was annoying... basically every cliche of a old matronly New York woman thrown together in a two-minute clip. No wonder I support Obama (bros before hoes, y'know).

Bob, keep me posted. I have sat everywhere but the Monster seats, so those are high on my list. Although I'd take RF roof box again. I don't want to ask what you need to offer those guys in order to get the tix. :)

Natalie, they usually just tell me, "Someday, and that day may never come, I'll call upon you to do a service for me."

Somewhere in New England, a Monster seat ticket holder with a diaper fetish just called 911 because of shortness of breath and a racing heart.

No need for 911, he can just post here, hb. I am not picky about whom I go to ballgames with. :) Although the diaper fetish is a tad off-putting.

I've found that wearing Depends to Fenway lets you watch more of the game without interruption.

That's a good call, Bob, esp since chicks have discovered the Red Sox. 10 years ago I NEVER had to wait in a bathroom line. These days they are never-ending. Just another example of how girls ruin everything. :)

Natalie, I guess that rules out Sen. David Vitter.

Man, I've had a hell of a 12 hours with Sears over my new HDTV that I bought there last night. It was supposed to be new, but they gave me one that someone had returned (and probably lied about opening it). It was pretty hinky when the batteries were already in the remote and the accessories were in Ziploc brand bags...but the icing on the cake was the hand-written "Sun Room TV" on the instruction manual cover.

It's been like having your teeth pulled to get them to agree on the phone to take it back and give me a new one.

What does this have to do with today's strip? Not much. But I figured I'd try this and see what happens: Finally, I spoke with Tanya, the Sears manager at the Cambridgeside Sears. Tanya, if you're a Soxaholix reader, thanks, you finally gave me the reassurance that I could bring it in and have it taken care of that I was looking for when I started making calls to the store today. That's really all I was after and yet dealing with the store was making me more and more frustrated instead.

Now, as to the Brockton Sears who gave me this open box unit as if it were new. You will bear the ire that has built up over this for not checking your returns better. I'm sorry if Mr. Sun Room TV pulled one over on you before, but you didn't check it for completeness before putting it back on the shelf to be handed to me. Please realize that you will make me happy by apologizing and compensating me with a $50 gift card for my troubles. I promise that I'll use it for a PS3 or other item for the TV anyways and so you'll actually get back more in sales than you give up AND I'll go away happy and not continually berate your company and your location on the web every chance I get.

By the way, Papi-less and playing against the best team in the East, we still looked pretty good. Guess the "need" to get a douche like Bonds is not as strong as once thought...

Also, screw you, Media, for initially making it seem like Papi might never use his left wrist again and starting this kind of reactionary fervor over what to do without him. It's just a tear in his sheath...he didn't nearly lose his hand at the forearm...geez.

I was lucky enough to get a last minute invitation to the game in great seats last night. Terrific game. Some discussion about how long the Rays can last, and is last night a sign they are not up for the full marathon.

Papelbon was smoking last night - could barely see the ball after it left his hand!

We all were stunned when Ramirez ran out the grounder in the 6th! What's gotten into that guy?

JD Drew was terrific too - tonight we regain first place, while the Yankees clean up in the basement. I love that!

Nice first punch last night - by Obama & RS. But me thinks HC and her fanatics, unlike the Rays, won't go quietly into the fall.

HC is a nice life insurance policy though for Obama. Think of that succession line up. Obama, HC, Pelosi, Byrd, Sec. St. Richardson (if Obama is smart), stops at Treasury - most likely a white guy.

What whack-o would try to take out anyone in the front of that line?

what gloves and a purse.... ah theres nothing like the classics is there

If we spin it enough, there are some good things about Papi being out.

Manny as DH? Can you imagine the footage NESN gets of him bored on the bench alone?

I'd like to see (every now and again) an outfield of Crisp, Ellsbury and Drew. Should be another case for some highlights.

I wanted to also let everyone here know that I am putting together a month-long adventure of contests - giving away some really good Boston Red Sox prizes and gifts. I'd love for you guys to come on over and take a look - and participate in the fun!

Off topic but a nice little story. A friend of mine - who is a rabid red sox fan and who sends me text messages with scores when I am stuck in Court - lives in Newcastle (a city north of Sydney with great similarities to Portsmouth NH). Yesterday he was coming out of the gym with his RS world champs T-shirt on when an American made comment. Turns out the man is from Boston and also a fan. Not only that, but he knew the Soxaholix and spoke of SDU like he knew me ('Oh yeah he's the guy who went to Japan).

Small world these days.

Go Josh! Could be in the lead by tonight.

In re yesterday's discussion: no big head barry for me.

In Theo I trust, but I cannot believe that the Sox are even thinking about acquiring Bonds. One of the main reasons the Sox have done so well over the last couple of seasons is because of great team chemistry and team leadership, with Papi and Tek being central characters. And Theo wants to throw Bonds into that mix? Insane. Ask the Yankees if they'd swap A-Rod, with his unbelievable numbers, for Paul O'Neil. On this point I really don't care that Bonds is a drub cheat, he's just a prick.

I am shocked that "colon pink sock soxaholix" didn't fare better in the Google analytics.


lol, lc

I think the thin air of first place has taken it's toll on on Tampa.

Hey, Marty is that friend of mine from Newcastle. Small world indeedy!

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