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To the great abeyance

Lisa the Temp:
As you know, peeps, Lisa has no interest in sports or the people who play sports.


Lisa the Temp:
But, that being said, even Lisa the Temp can appreciate the warm glow that has settle over the city these days.


Lisa the Temp:
You know, a pale subtle happiness of light and sunshine …


Lisa the Temp:
A feeling of bird-like freedom, bird-like altitude, bird-like exuberance …


Lisa the Temp:
And a third thing in which curiosity is united with a tender contempt.


Lisa the Temp:
Things are going so swell, peeps, that Lisa has been invited to spend the weekend on the Cape.


Lisa the Temp:
I've never been — But, oh, I hear it's lots of fun.


Author's Notes
Lisa's 3 panels beginning with "a pale subtle happiness" are from the preface of Nietzsche's Human, All Too Human: A Book for Free Spirits


The Cape?

I'd like to go down with Lisa.

(Heh. Oh, and sorry.)

I wonder if she'd leave ink stains...

(I'm here all week. Try the veal.)

But, Lisa is a big Oral Hersheiser fan.


You definitely want to be the pitcher and not the catcher in that scenario.

Schill's done for the season.


It is Lisa,it is ;D Bring your birds by any time.

Pick you up around 3:30 Lisa. Pack light, you won't need much...

H.B. went with Nietzsche and just look what's it's turned in to.

Makes me question my values and objectivity.

Oh. Wait.

H.B., you've done it again!

I'm continually surprised there are actual terms for things like that, even more than I'm surprised that people do stuff like that. Having a term for it means people talk about it with other people. Why would people talk about that? Who are they talking about it with?

Bird-like, LOL!

You kiss your mother with that mouth?

Lisa in the dunes - oh my! Of course, out there she'd be the only female!

I snuck ou tof work and saw the Celtics parade yesterday - fun! Rondo was in awe and having so much fun - great ot see all the smiles. Less happy about the "F*ck L.A." chants with so many small kids at the parade though. Funny, once the duck boats arrived, everyone behaved themselves though.

Red Sox will be wearing green tonight - looking forward to the pre-game.

Among other things, I gave a little farewell to Shilling today on my site (you know where I live), and I gave credit to Dr. Morgan for winning the battle of the prognosis! No way Schill will be back, not with all the young talent we have now.

so i just got an email from the "mahty" in my office with the link to the ESPN article about schilling. i replied with one line: the link to the ny times article about charlie zink.

spankee fans are so reactionary, so used to panicking when one of their core guys gets hurt, that they have no concept of what it's like to have a farm system that can actually feed the team. they just can't fathom the strategy of planning ahead.

and it makes me laugh.

Lisa, swing by Marshfield on your way to the Cape. I'm sitting on the beach in the sun as I type. We can grab a margarita in our bikinis and flirt w some boys.

I am so excited to have this last summer in Boston. What a magical year for Beantown sports.

Lisa as a reorientation therapist on the dunes? Who knows?

C'mon Ryan, like you've need tried it before...everyone's doing it. It's the next logical step after a cleveland steamah.

Is it even possible to do an "Oral Hersheiser" in "P-Town" (pee-town?)

I crack myself up...

And, Natalie, shame on you. This is not a styling salon, and that's not hair you're teasing. :)

It's clear to me now...hb is attempting to destroy societal conventions/institutions to create the "new fan," instead of the "new man."

Soxaholix = Fascism.

Men's orgies in P-Town? As Kinky says, that's like big hair in Houston.

Jason - That's not their hair they're teasing in Houston, either...

Oh, thanks for that sonoma. I wasn't quite icked out enough.

Couldn't the term be called something more appropriate? Like the Lee Smith? Or the Jeff Reardon?

Heh. Heh. You said "Rear"don. heh. heh.

I must be tired. Even Beavis and Butthead seem funny to me this afternoon...

Oops I accidentally deleted lc's post when I meant to delete mine. (I wrote something that didn't make sense after rereading it.)

Anyway, here's lc's original comment:

Ok, nice to see Lisa in t=he hunt.

I found myself in Denver on Thursday night, within walking distance of Coors Field.

Of course, I went to the Rockies-Indians game.

I thought of it as visiting the Loser's Bracket, since these two teams were the last two victims on the Boston Red Sox' march to the 2007 Championship.

So, I saw Jorge De la Rosa go toe-to-toe with Jeremy Sowers. Not exactly Hershiser vs. Cone in 1987 in Chavez Ravine. I can see that you are all big Hershiser fans today

Coors Field is a open, expansive ballpark, a great place to see a game.

However, Rockie fans [or is it Rockies' fans or Rocky fans], are, let's just say, a simple bunch:

1. The Rockies had won the first two games of the three game series. Thus, more than a few brooms were brought by the faithful. See, they wanted a sweep, get it?

2. They handed out free floppy hats at the gate, with the CR logo on the front and the sponsoring casino [Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel] on the back. about 30% of the patrons wore their hat, some on top of the baseball hat they wore to the game.

3. There were many (and I mean many) 2007 National League Champions t-shirts and hats in evidence. That is just plain sad. They are proud of falling short in the WS. Do you think there would be many (any) RS fans wearing 2007 AL Champions gear to the ball park if the Red Sox had been swept in 4 in the World Series? No.

In fact, I saw more Red Sox gear than Indians gear at the ball park.

Let's face it, as Kobe Bryant would say, second place is first loser. I was shocked to see an older gentleman sporting a "Patriots 2007 NFL American Conference Championship (18-0)" t-shirt last week. However, he was in California and looked like he couldn't dress himself. I have never before seen one of these in public.

The Rockies won 6-3. I guess is still not Tribe Time

But, at 31-43, it's not Rocktober either. The Press Box was at about 35% capacity.

On the plus side, I got a bottle of Corona and a ginormous Hebrew National hot dog for 12.50. The huge hot dog came bare and I was able to select from the following toppings:

1. chile
2. shredded cheese (fresh)
3. jalapeno peppers
4. sour cream
5. mustard
6. ketchup
7. several other things I thought I would remember when I started typing this, but can't now.

The condiments cart was clean and accessible, not guarded by several drunks to discourage you from using it.

Finally, and hold on to you hats, kids.....

I went to the men's room at the end of the third inning, and I was the only person present during the whole time I was in there.


did I say something bad? my comment was deleted?

love, lc

thanks for restoring h.b. Your comment truly made no sense, but since you are the God of this site, I thought it was cogent and pithy.

[to those of you who missed it, it was something about Larry Craig]

tap,tap taptaptap



I misread your original as saying "there was only one other guy in the bathroom" rather than you being the only guy.

Hence, my Larry Craig reference.

HB - I have not seen an update on your wife recently. Life resuming some type of normalcy?

Looking forward to seeing Lestah and Joel Pinero in person on Sunday at Fenway.

I am sure Fenway will not compare favorably with Coors.

ok, be good.



Oh, right. I haven't given any updates in awhile. Thanks for asking.

My wife is really doing great now. She's back to her normal workout routine for the most part including hitting the gym 5 days a week, though she's still leary of a couple of the classes she was doing before such as kickboxing and the stair one.

Stairs and long inclines seem to be the only place where she isn't back to pre surgery normalcy.

One other complication is that she ended up getting an ulcer from the surgery/meds etc. She is on something that will fix it that she has to take for a couple months. Forgot the name of it, but it's new and quite expensive, like $120/mo after insurance kicks in its part.

But, yes, everything has returned to normal.

I didn't mention it at the time, but while all this was going on with my wife, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and was going through chemo and radiation. (Didn't want you all to get overwhelmed with the grim medical stories.)

He had surgery back in May at Brighams, and the docs are saying he's cancer free now.

So everyone is just really happy and enjoying the simple pleasure of being healthy and alive.

Sounds corny, but you know what I mean.

Good news then bad news then good news, H.B. Hope all stays well with you, and that it's (finally) the end of the bad news cycle.

Now for some good news:


Have a good weekend, all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

wonderful, hb.

My goodness, h.b.!

I'm glad things are better now.

Great news, hb.

Sour cream on hot dogs, I shudder at the thought. Go Sox!

Fantastic news, HB!

The wine cart came a bit early on this coast - so all is good at the office this Friday.

Go Sox!

Late to the game but that is wonderful news on the health front HB. We're really pleased.

As to the weekend at Fenway Park, my thoughts:
Friday - stupid green uniforms
Saturday - stupid red uniforms
Sunday - great win, boys.


Seems to me that if we deputize a few 13-year old paintball enthusiasts we could solve the "public sex" problem quickly. Or get a few Grannies out there with some bear repellent size pepper spray cans. Just shoot any doinks you see and that'll end matters.

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