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Thermostatically yours

Lisa the Temp:
You what pisses Lisa the Temp off, peeps?


Lisa the Temp:
I tell you what — 90 plus degrees out and I have to lug my layers of clothing around on the train all over town from one office to the next.


Lisa the Temp:
Why you ask?


Lisa the Temp:
Because though it may be 99 degrees outside, inside these offices it's like 62 degrees!


Lisa the Temp:
So Lisa has to wrap up to keep the twins warm with jackets and sweaters and even a portable space heater when I can get away with it.


Lisa the Temp:
They talk about a "glass ceiling" preventing women from advancing in the workplace, but they're wrong.


Lisa the Temp:
It may look like glass but it's really ice. Ice, people. Frozen frickin ice.


Lisa the Temp:
Women cannot excel under these conditions, peeps. It's a known fact.


Lisa the Temp:
Listen to Lisa and be mindful.



I'll gladly turn off the a/c if it means the twins get to come out...

"What's more, men have hairier skin than women, which allows them to keep heat closer to their bodies."

Just the mere threat of women not shaving should be enough to move the thermostat up a few degrees.

Lisa,can I knock on your back door like BB? Just askin' :)

Too true, Lisa. Hence the "office" sweater which never goes home (and makes me look as though I am wearing the same outfit day after day after day). The worst part is, your cube/office is cold, but then you head into meetings and with lots of people in a small space, the room gets hot and off the sweater goes. Over the course of the day, you wind up in a sort of weird continuous strip tease. Awesome.

that's hot?


Ooooh, the rare but always-desired lengthy Lisa strip.

And she's talking nips.

(Thank God the bathroom at work has a sturdy lock on the stall.)

Office strip-teases? Summer heat? Frozen jumblies? Oh, come on hb! How in the hell is a guy supposed to concentrate at work with that kind of distraction?!?

(Keeping the metaphor going, using baseball to extend the inevitable, congrats to Junior on #600 last night. A joyous achievement, sullied by the PED storm that is Bonds and Sosa. Junior - as far as I know - did it right and did it with a big smile.)

Well do I know the "office" sweater. God, it freezes in here sometimes.

Griffey's home run was cool, but Guillen's off Rivera made my afternoon. Guy had to feel better about the series given how he tried so hard to destroy the Yanks all throughout said series (especially Saturday).

Since it is a slow news day, I'll point out that Clemen's is now accused of taking Viagra to enhance his on fiend performance. Who knew he was doing it on the field?

On fiend? That should have been on field, although I think the typo might really be more accurate.

Viva Viagra ;D

They buy Lisa a brand new Apple desktop and she's still complaining!

Ungratefull temps!

It could be worse. It could be 80+ degrees in your office because the A/C is broken and now your only comfortable time of the day is the commute. Who knew the MBTA would have more reliable A/C than your home or office? The only thing keeping me happy right now is having picked up a PS3 for $300 (ok, technically you buy it for $400 and get a free $100 gift card with it, but I was going to buy Rock Band anyways and the price point on video games is pretty static no matter where you go).

Ah, sweet sweet child o' mine.

Well done kaz. Now kiss your life goodbye. PS3 is an addiction. Do not, I repeat do not buy COD4. You wont be able to stop playing.

Don't worry, jfm. My brother and our friends play CoD4 on the 360. I'm not ready to get all 3 game systems just yet (already have a Wii) and I'm not going to get CoD4 if I can't play with those guys. At least I can play Rock Band without having to always bother my other friends about it at their house.

I'm gonna practice to learn the drums on Expert and be "that guy". Hehe.

My son plays COD4 online, a lot, via the 360. He's probably busted Kaz's ass in a game already ;)

Not to be a total chick here, but what the heck is CoD4?

Not to be a total chick here, but what the heck is CoD4?

Call of Duty IV. A first person shooter video game. Highly realistic and addictive as already mentioned.

If you get to the highest level of the game, you get to wear a teal dress into battle. :-)

Thanks for the explanation, Rob. I think the last video game I played was Beyond Castle Wolfenstein on the Apple 2C so it's no wonder I could not parse the acronym. I contemplated getting a Wii for the golf, tennis and bowling, but it would probably drive the dog bonkers...

Wii's are great. The sports games that come with the system are fun as hell, and Nintendo was smart enough to make them retro-compatible with Game Cube games (which we have a TON of in our house...) I enjoy playing it as much as the family does. Plus, for a few bucks you can go online and download piped NES and SNES games that you may have grown up playing. Go Mario Kart!

Was never a fan of Gummi Bears. Until now:


CoD4 is probably one of the better first person shooters out there right now. Fast action, not too instant-killy but not too superhuman either, and loads of ways that teamwork can deliver the win better than just letting a solo warrior drag his mates along. My biggest problem is getting away from a keyboard/mouse combo for a FPS game...just way more control that way than a joystick/controller.

Wii Sports was one of the smartest things Nintendo ever did. It's a great intro to the possibilities of the Wii-mote and tons of fun to play as a group. It's exactly why Rock Band is so great. Hardcore gamers have their computers and subscriber games to play (I know; I was one). But now I play a lot more casually and more often I want to play with my friends on something they want to play and we're all at different levels of casual. Wii Sports, Rock Band, and other "party games" let you all compete on pretty level ground or work towards a common goal where differences in ability aren't as big a deal as when your brain is in competition mode.

I bet Lisa can shred the guitar like a rock legend.

Yes, that's a euphemism.


Congrats on the PS3. I am already an addict of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, although I hear Rock Band is more fun on the PS3 - plus you can download now songs for it! I've played every song on Rock Back on Expert level exept for Green Grass and High Tides - can't get past 80% on that one.

Drums - I'm just learning it on hard - which ought to be another Clemens pun, but its been a long day.

Sox/Celts tonight! No sleep for the weary! Predict (which means very little) a low scoring game - Beckett is great, Sox beat the O's bullpen.

all this talk about your cold sweater puppies. your nothing but a tease lisa.nothing but a cocktease. oops spilled some more knuckle children.

hey rob in ct havent seen you on here for a bit...break out the oban! or in my case bowmore

mikeya2k1 -

Thanks! It has been a while. I was working behind enemy lines in NYC for almost a year, and for a good part of that time was blocked by my client from access by the 'net nazis. Pleased to report that I'm now working for one of the larger subsidiaries of that client here in beautiful downtown Boston for at least another month or so. Can't tell you how nice it is to see everyone in their RS or Celtics regalia walking the town. The City of Boston is abuzz - so glad to be here to experience it.

I'm thinking that a stiff Oban by the pool would work pretty well this afternoon. There's got to be a Roger Rocket joke in there somewhere, but I don't want to turn over the rock to find it. Thanks for the welcome, Mikey. Stay cool.

So I just read the comments for yesterday, and paddy24 said that Pedroia needed to take more pitches:

"Posted by Amalie Benjamin, Globe Staff June 8, 2008 03:21 PM

Between his last two at bats, Dustin Pedroia has seen 19 pitches."

Does anyone have a phone number for JD Drew?

I feel like yelling that I'm sorry for the past year of jeers from the bleachers isn't satisfactory for a man of his current power display.

And WOW, Manny just tossed out #505! Back to back!

But back to Drew. Maybe I need to make a poster for my next game's tickets...

Kaz, I feel exactly the same way about JD. The only thing that gives my conscience some relief is that the prick still doesn't look happy.
And you should check out MLB'08 on PS3 Awesome.

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