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"The best basketball team in the known universe"

Rider on Green Line:
This day belongs entirely to the 2008 NBA Champions — The Boston Celtics.

As Bob Ryan writes,

Embrace it. Ogle it. Relish it.
But, above all, believe it.



Golden ages of anything don't come along often.

Yet here we are.

i miss living in boston almost every day, but today i miss it more than i have since october 2004. i envy all of you this morning.

you lucky pricks...

Damn Giants.

Congrats to the Celtics and their fans.

Thank god the interminable NBA season is now over so Bill Simmons will finally write about something else.

On a Sox note, I am scared all this DL stuff is about to smack us in the ass. Serves to reason that the team, missing like half its pitching staff and some big offensive guns, would not be able to sustain its current winning percentage. And don't look now, but the Yanks are catching up. Color me nervous right now...

Natalie - Wang is done for the season. Things are only going to get worst for the Yankees.

Congrats to the Celts. I have never been a fan of the team - even during the glory days of Hondo and Co. But I watched a few of the games during the playoffs and caught the second half last night. I wanted to watch the postgame celebration but as soon as Garnett opened his mouth, click went the remote. I am David Stern's worst nightmare.

Natalie, if we play .600 ball the whole season, the Skanks will not catch us. Get close on occasion, sure.

But their pitching is scary. In the bad way.

That catches up to you over the long haul.

As I've said before, I'm a casual Celtics fan, but I have to say it was one of the sweetest moments of my sports fan life when the crowd started singing the refrain from Kiss Him Goodbye with four minutes to go.

I think the chant that hurt Kobe-burger the most was, "You're no Jordan..."

BTW, did anybody read Phil Jack-off's post-game comment: "Everyone was surprised we were even here."

Yeah, Doctor Phil, that's why your team was favored going into the series.

Garnett dropped to the parquet and kissed the leprechaun at center court and then found Russell, the Hall of Famer who taught him the Celtic way, for a long embrace.

"I got my own. I got my own,'' Garnett said. "I hope we made you proud.''

"You sure did" Russell said.

... That'd be corny in a movie but so awesome in RL.

Congrats to the Celtics and Paul Pierce. He sucked it up on crappy teams for so long. He grew up and matured as a player. He even almost died. What a great game last night. I never thought I would see banner #17.

rolo, the best part of that was the last thing KG said:

"Now you gotta tell me where to go tonight."

Haha, that's awesome.

ditto chris...

the players changed, the game changed and the stadium changed but it's still the C's and it's still sweet crushing the Lakers.

rolo - the rest of that story is that earlier in the season Russell told KG that he loved how he played and that he predicted KG would get 2 or three rings with Boston. He then added that if he did not get a ring, Russell would give him one of his.

So, KG first asked Russell if he was proud of him, then told him he got one of this own (so Russell can keep his).

I found that all very touching.

And, the Celts just absolutely rolled over the Lakers - just incredible.

Oh, Red Sox? Like I said on my site, I think we'll be dealing with these nagging injuries and DL stints all year, but thankfully the Sox are deep enough to ride through it. All the role players are truly stepping up and contributing. If they win the WS again, they'll have a record number of rings to give out!

Glad for the C's. Too bad pro basketball is basically unwatchable and on until 3 am. I liked it bettah last week when I was on the West Coast and could watch during dinnah.

Funny, if this was the MFY, we'd be saying it's a rent-a-team, but since these guys are ours, they are big-hahted champions. That's ok,we never professed to be consistent.

Too bad the Patzzz didn't close the deal, we'd be 3 for 4. But Belichek joined the blonde-of-the-month club , so who needs anothah ring.

I hope Jeff Van Gundy gets a coaching job soon, cause he sure ain't much of a broadcaster.

Masterson this afternoon.

I'm hoping to attend a big league game Thurs night.


Don;t read if you're tivo'ing.

Sox up 4-0 in the 1st, no outs. HRs by Drew and Lowell. It's a beautiful day.

drew ended up 4 for 5 - this guy is a one man wrecking crew right now. he's got to be mvp of the first half...

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