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Seeing the forest and the trees

I only have one thing to say today — Bartolo Colon.


Holy shit, I'm watching him last night with mouth agape thinking How in the name of frig did we get this guy?


Theo sees things.


Seriously, if this were the 1690s, dude would burned at the stake for his unnatural, demonic powahs.


I'm sure there are more than a few Yankees fans these who'd be happy to gathah wood for the fiah.


Funny, who knew we'd see the day when people would chant "Yankees Suck" because it's true?



Last panel is a joke that just keeps on giving. Lol.

Anyone going to the game tonight? I'll be section 15, row F. Beautiful day for baseball...

Speaking of Colon:


Come on Bob, speaking of Colon: where is your intestinal fortitude?

Mistake and horror,baby.

Any recognition at the park last night for our latest addition to the citizenship roles?

Yeah, there was a message on the board re: papi's citizenship last nite...

Will he be running out to left field tonight with an American flag, a la Manny?

>Theo see things.
And he listened to John Ferrell. John worked with him in Cleveland. I wonder how much Ferrell has to do with it. IMHO keeping Ferrell around is up there (but not completely) with keeping Tek around.
No take away from Bartolo but Ferrell I believe opened the door for him.

//Come on Bob, speaking of Colon: where is your intestinal fortitude?//

I have the stomach of a wildebeast, the intestines of a lion.

True story: I've never had heartburn. Don't have any idea what it feels like.

To me, Sirrachi is butter.

Big Bart was awesome last night. 4-1 record from a guy we picked up off the scrap heap? Terrific. Every other AL East team loses too!

Now, let's get Manny back in left field in Cincy - no DH out there!

Colon...burning...ouch. maybe no heartburn but you can still feel the sirrachi.

Sriracha butter-what a concept! Thanks,Bob :)

Driving home from Boston last night, listening to the NY/Oakland game on the radio, and could clearly hear the "Yankees suck!" chant. :-)

From the NY Post article:

"Yankees [stink]"

Huh. Who knew the Post wouldn't publish "suck"?

//True story: I've never had heartburn. Don't have any idea what it feels like.
To me, Sirrachi [sic] is butter.//

I am astonished by the former proposition (that's one strong motherfucking oesophagus). On the the other hand I have had personal experience of the latter.

Oh, and re: Twitter. Can burrito19 identify themselves? Hello.


Heh. Leave to a barrister to add a [sic] after my ever-changing spelling of a certain chilli sauce.

SDU is it aluminum, or al-you-min-ium?

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