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Rays: 23 for 66 at Fenway

Ah, the Red Sox are in their first place heaven, and all is right with the world.


I must say it's enjoyable watching the Sox "battle" for the AL East with a club that doesn't turn me into a Mr. Hyde of hatred. I can actually kick back and focus on the game without the cursing, the pacing, the spittle coating my TV screen.


And as much as I live to see the wannabe Rays put in their propah place with an honest to God Fenway beatdown, I'll confess that I'm really happy to see how they've morphed from the chintzy expansion team ne'erdowells to an actual real baseball team. Even their uniforms look earnest rather than gimmicky these days.


Yeah, they've lost that "in between shopping at the Gap and eating at the Cheesecake Factory you can watch a baseball game" taint that clung to them previously.


Now if only they'd go the extra mile toward respectability and stop whining — "Coco Crisp tried to hurt me wha wha wha!"


Seriously. This is Major League Baseball not a Chris Crocker You Tube.



Thanks for the Chris Crocker reference.

Now I have been somewhere I really didn't need to go.

Resplendence is my http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6Bqf23u-40&feature=related "> bitch please

Yeah madden seemed to overreact. But maybe he was a little tense after his "comeback player of the year" was injured by a pitch the night before. But ya didn't hear us whining after Jaba went afta Youk last year. These things happen. If he feels like were targeting them, then handle it in the baseball way - on the field.

I happened to be at the very first (Devil) Rays game at the horror show they call Tropicana Field. (Trivia note: until MLB objected, the foul poles used to be painted like straws which were "stuck" into oranges painted on the wall. That lasted all of a couple days.)

Anyhoo, I then attended every Rays/Red Sox game for the rest of the year. So while I hope and pray the Sox bury them in a very deep grave on a island made of heavy clay, I have to admit it's sort of nice to see the (Devil) Rays have some success.

That said, let's murder them today.

(Not unheard of in the freaky state of Florida.)

Is it just me or is Coco more of an asshole these days? He's probably still pissed about the whole Jacoby thing. I expect him to go all Jay Payton any day now. Maybe all this winning will keep him from cracking up.

And since when did B.O. invent the fist bump? Has anyone in the MSM seen a baseball game during the past 5 years?

How friggin dare anyone out there make fun of THE RAYS after all they have been through. They have 4 people on the DL, they have no payroll, they play at Tropicana Field and they are stressed about making the first draft pick. All you people care about is….. readers and making money off of them. THEY"RE HUMAN! What you don’t realize is that THE RAYS are making you all this money and all you do is write a bunch of crap about them. They haven’t performed well at Fenway in years. They took the devil out of their name but you still treat them like they're evil. LEAVE THEM ALONE! You are lucky they even performed for you BASTARDS! LEEEAVE THE RAYS ALLLLLONE!…..Please. Perez Hilton talked about professionalism and said if The Rays were a professional team they would’ve pulled it off no matter what. Speaking of professionalism, when is it professional to publically bash a team who is going through a hard time. Leave The Rays Alone Please…. Leave The Rays alone…right now….I mean it. Anyone that has a problem with them you deal with me, beacuse they're not well right now. leave them alone

Tampa Bay is in second place in the AL East. Florida is only a game and a half back in the NL East. There's a team in the American League with a worse win percentage than Kansas City right now.

How very surreal.

Who the hell is Chris Crocker?

I personally would rather have the Rays be the 2nd spot in the AL East over the MFY any day of the week. I know I get a lot of strange looks when I say they could still be a contender come August or September, but I've got a funny feeling those Rays now have what it takes to even get a Wild Card slot.

Hey someone should tell Mahts it's over for his NY paramour Shrillary. Now if only the MFY could concede like politicians could, then it'd be win all over.

Daubie- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDDEhLw1PVI

To whoever wrote the Chris Crocker/Rays spoof above, well done. LOL.

Goodness. Thanks Natalie. And yes, well done.

Sorry, didn't link the Chris Crocker because it's been linked before from here a couple times already as well as being all over the web. Figured it had entered into standard web parlance by now.

Speaking of Chris Crocker, he makes an appearance along with several other YouTube "celebs" in the new Weezer video "Pork and Beans." (I'm too lazy to find the link, but it you go to YouTube and search on Weezer it should come up first.)

I could actually hear Chris Crocker crying and yelling while reading that post.

Fake Chris Crocker, reveal yourself, or face my wrath.

(Which involves drinking.)

Nat, I bet it was Crocker himself. I hear that all he does now is search the internet looking for when his name comes up in discussion. Internet Fame is an ugly mistress.

PS - It wasn't me.

Now, if Lou Piniella was still running the Rays, you KNOW there'd be a Sox batter getting plunked tonight (probably Ellsbury if Crisp is out - the other base stealer) and all hell would break loose.

It still might, as I'm not convinced Joe Maddon is taking this beat down very well. They probably came to Boston hoping to prove they are worthy of first place. They are on track to get run out of town with a sweep, and a loss of their big slugger, as well as their pride with the Sox stealing bases all over the place!

This is fun!

Speaking of Internet fame, this has me totally cracking up. Think this dude was having a bad day?


best part was the email : [email protected]



Funny, Natalie, but getting fired from Bear Stearns is a bitch. Or is that an outtake from "The Office"? The best thing about it is that someone is shooting video of it, and part of the video is someone taking a cellphone picture of it! What compassion! Looks like someone finally tasered the dude.

Random musing: is there anyone who is getting a degree from Harvard today, then going to both see both the Sox and the Celtics? Not a day you'd forget for a while.

I am a regular reader and occassional poster. nopinkhat4me is my alternate moniker.
I'm glad you enjoyed Chris' rant.

The Fake Chris Crocker is Rick Sutcliffe.

For anyone that had to endure his pissin' and moanin' last night...it made me yearn for Joe Morgan. Yeah, that bad.

Suckcliffe practically was asking for Coco's head...friggin' douche. He said it was alright to slide hard into 2nd to break up a double play but not a steal attempt???!!!

well done nopinkhat...

Nice video Natalie. Somewhere, Peter, Samir, and Michael are smiling.

Nice video Natalie. Somewhere, Peter Gibbons, Samir Naginanajad, and Michael Bolton are smiling.

Flippin hilarious video Natalie. Those Russians sure are crazy. I kept thinking if that happened in Boston, Philly or NYC that dude would have gotten a serious beat down from his co-workers allot sooner.

Natalie, how did you find that footage of me from 4 years ago? The judge said it be redacted.

"Would be."

(Lunch at Pete's.)

In re lunch at Pete's - any food consumed?


Hey - did you see Coco dodge that haymaker from Shields. Floating like a butterfly! Cheap shot Gomes.

SDU, if hops and barley are food, yes.

Yeah, sdu, and while Coco will be suspended, that dick Gomes deserves twice the time.

Cheap-shot artist.

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