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Interfatigue Play


I like the way Red puts it: "Sometimes he's Shakey Wakey. Sometimes he's Tim the Enchanter. Sometimes he's the guy who's kicking your ass with an infuriatingly effective knuckleball." That was last night.


And how about the othah end of last night's energizah battery? Who knew Cash had some long ball in him?


And now it's on to Houston and, thankfully, the end of interleague play.


I mean Is it just me or has it seemed like this season's interleague play schedule was twice as long as normal?


And 3 times as gimmicky.


I know Selig and company are perpetually fighting the battle of increasing the revenue and popularity of the game, but this interleague interlude feels more tawdry and contrived with each passing season.


Who could have predicted that we'd be waiting with giddy anticipation to return to an AL East matchup with Tampa Bay?


That's just it, isn't it? I mean any given season the rivalries within each division are exciting enough without having to resort to forced interleauge drama.


Absolutely. I mean there's a reason we watch baseball and not Keeping Up with the Kardashians.



Ditch the pitcher batting, even out the divisions (all with 5 teams) and make interleague a normal part of the schedule like every other pro league. What sense does two sets of rules make? Now two good pitchers are on the shelf (Colon and Wang) and we have to play Manny in left with a less than optimal hammy, risking further injury. Just my two cents.

Wait. We DON'T watch Keeping up with the Kardashians? Who says? (jk, although had you said So You Think You Can Dance I wouldn't be kidding).

Did NESN have a brain fart last night? I kept seeing this scrolling graphic that said something to the effect of "Red Sox finish up the first half..." Don't we have a whole 'nother series before the first half is considered over?

But speaking of, isn't this season going fast? Blergh.

My wife did a masterful job of switching back and forth to the game last night while we caught on TiVoed Daily Shows. Eventually, she flipped just as Kevin Cash was watching the last pitch he swung at last night.

Did anyone watch Germany vs. Turkey? I can't believe lightning caused viewers to miss seeing two goals. Still, a great match and a thrilling finish.

I must admit also that when I hear Wake is pitching I groan not knowing how the knucklah is going to work. It's like a craka jax box.

Three good pitchers. Felix Hernandez sprained his ankle running the bases too.

/Three good pitchers. Felix Hernandez sprained his ankle running the bases too./

rolo, I thoght he got hurt covering home plate on passed ball? Or did he get hurt again?

not sure, I didn't watch the game, just read "Felix Hernandez sprains ankle during interleague game" and assumed.

The unbalanced schedule is what burns my ass. Spankees and Tampon Bay play the little sisters of the poor while the Sox play AZ, Philly and St. Louis. and yes I realize Tampon Bay played the Cubs but that was in the dome. Cubs are a TERRIBLE road team.

Sounds like Bud and KC Royals are the only ones who want interleague to continue.

A classic case of "too much of a good thing."

It might be fun for one three-game series each year. Maybe use the previous year's records to determine match-ups like the NFL.

King Felix sprained his ankle covering home - after he jacked a granny.

I like the schedule separation, and I don't think asking an "athlete" to run the bases a couple times a year is too much of a liability. Stretch those hammies, people!

At 49-32 technically the team is at the half-way point.

Listened to the game on XM last night. The announcers made the observation that scoreboard watching now involves looks for the Rays score rather than the Yankee score. Oh now the mighty have fallen.

Full TV coverage of Euro Cup 2008 means that soccer has arrived to stay in the US. My 17 year old daughter is in Germany for seven weeks this summer (an IU intensive language program). I mentioned that the tournament was going on and she should try to catch a game. Her reply - "really dad??????? euro cup??? i had noooooooooo idea!!" She now considers me clueless.

It is odd that the upcoming Tampa series will be so important. I heard from the Red Sox State of Maine blog that Bonds is willing to take a discount, and wouldn't it be interesting if Tampa wrote a check and scooped him up? That would stire up a lot of intrigue in the AL East race!

They are baseball players not "athletes".

Actually watched the soccer replay last night in between innings. The GF is a huge soccer fan. We have plans to watch the final on Sunday. Does that make me a soccer weenie?

i must admit that i have been watching more soccer than baseball over the past two weeks, due in part to interleague, and i think its great that a tournament that the US isn't even eligible for is getting national live coverage is awesome. next thing you know columbus ohio will have its first professional sports championship (the crew). baseball is my first love - and always will be - but soccer is a close second.

anyway - back to baseball...

Go España!

@ Scott - Dude! I've been callin' em Tampax Bay for years. I'm pleased to see your take (Tampon) in print. Never saw it before. Thank god tastelessness is becoming so acceptable!

And regarding the soccer - I love the announcers. As we all agree, good announcing MAKES the game. Those guys (whoever they are) have it going on, yes?

anyone else catch the Sox on ESPN2 last night? I gotta say Buck Showalter was a very welcome commentator compared to the insufferable, self-aggrandizer Steve Phillips. Buck was great, very observant, but not in a "Aren't I smaht?!?" kind of way a la Joe Morgandouche. The ESPN crew even called up Phil Niekro to chat about the knucklah. A most satisfying game of baseball on the field as well. Back to the desert, Diamondjacks...

Ug. Long day shooting a commercial (in a Haverhill hospital of all places) yesterday.

Tonight, it's Devo and Tom Tom Club at the Bank of America Pavilion.

In the meantime, still laughing at all the NBA draft stories that lead with some version of "Mayo Love swap."

Did that once in college, and got syphyllis.

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