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In repose

Watching the Red Sox this season just leaves me feeling contented.


This club has such depth and easy-goingness to things — Matsuzaka goes on the DL? No probs, Masterson shines.


Big Papí goes on the DL? Whatev. The offense actually improves without him.


Remembah when people said Red Sox fans would hate winning and that we actually self-identified with catastrophe and failure?


Yet here we are happy as we've evah been.


Absolutely. I mean the meme that Red Sox fans actually liked losing even when couched in academic gobbledygook espousing the "Puritan jeremiad" etc. was 1 of the 3 biggest fallacies I've eveh experienced.


Yeah, what were the othah 2?


Ah, 1) that money can't buy you happiness …


And 2) that if you stand up to a bully they'll somehow collapse in the face of your challenge and bravura.


Not a whiff of truth to eithah bit of those two canahds.


Yeah, I remembah standing up to Brick Murphy in the 3rd grade. Dude not only didn't magically wilt like a daisy but instead turned his sadism from a 5 up to 11.



Re: Money can't buy happiness.

"They say money can't buy happiness. Well it can buy a waverunner. Ever try to frown on a waverunner? Its impossible!" - Daniel Tosh


Where are you now,Brick Murphy? Oh yeah,sitting behind Doc Rivers in the Staples center.

I can (vaguely) remember standing up to a bully in a playground, and punching him in the eye after he threw a friend down on the ground.

All the kids were oohing and awing, and I never felt so proud.

Or so badly injured after Chuckie wiped his eye and laid into me like Mike Tyson.

I was at Saturday's game in Cincy with loads (5,000+) of other Sox fans. We were well represented.

The Reds fans were awfully excited when Paps blew the save, but when Youk/Coco went back-to-back in the 10th, the place cleaned out. Actually, it started to clean out after Griffey's DP in the 8th, but the back-to-back was the big exodus.

I didn't encounter any jerks. I heard someone shouting "18-and-1" at another group of Sox fans - not sure if one had a Pats jersey on or something. Not sure if they turned around and said "7-and-9" in response. Should've, though.

A few "Let's go Red Sox!" chants got going, but the Reds fans drowned 'em out with some good loud booing.

Jacoby's even faster in person than on NESN -- DAMN that guy changes a game when he's on base. Two passed balls (or was it 1PB/1WP?) when he was on in a steal situation.

The knuckler is even slower in person. Reds fan next to me kept getting p.o.'ed at the Reds hitters for not waiting on it. Timmah kept several of them under 60mph.

Brandon Moss was putting on a show in BP. Launched several about halfway up the right-center bleachers.

I was directly behind home plate - but in the very last row of the far upper deck. Still a decent view, though. Great American Ball Park is a pretty good stadium.

That being said, I could've used more choices in concessions - I wasn't going to walk all the way around the park to go behind center field to get a microbrew - to some of us, having choices in beer means a tad bit more than Bud/Bud Light/Miller/Miller Lite.


Thanks for bringing up the suppressed memory of being chased by my nemesis on pony back after I finally stood up to the bee-atch and threw a bottle at her. Another vivid memory was when my friend's mother misspoke when yelling at Tony Bullman to get out of her yard. Ah, good times growing up in a minute town in western MA.

The papers in Philly are loaded with "we hate Red Sox Nation" columns. These are the same people who will boo JD Drew for not signing with the team 11 years ago. Of course, he told the team not to draft him.

Hamels is the real deal. Should be a great test for both teams.

Bullies make me think of "My Bodyguard" the highlight of Chris Makepease's career (not Meatballs, sorry) and the start for Matt Dillon.

The talk about how the offense has improved since Ortiz went DL has me a bit PO'd. How does it compare if you toss out his bad start?

What's the under/over for batteries thrown at JD Drew this series?

"The City That Love's You Back"

What's the under/over for batteries thrown at JD Drew this series?

I think that the myth of the Evil Philly Sports Fan is just as much of a fallacy when it comes to baseball. (Eagles fan are a whole other story.)

I've been to several Sox/Phils games at Citizens Bank Park and have never had a problem. In fact, at one I had a Phillies fan high-fiving me when Beckett hit his home run(!) back in '05. Then again, I do tone the Masshole factor down and I know who the majority of the Phils are. (I'm in a mixed marriage: husband love the Phils, me the Sox)

Anyone see those "NBA Directive" fouls called on Garnett last night? They want this to go 7. Tomorrow night will be no joy to watch.

I lived in Philly for 12-years. There are no myths. The d-bag Philly fan is a real live breathing creature.

If I remember correctly the battery incident was at The Vet.

The few hardcore baseball fans left in the city being the exception. Count on the bandwagon fans packing the park though due to their recent success and the new ballpark.

They don't seem too happy about RSN in Philly. We are apparently a "Scourge on the country".

Phillies are playing well. If Manny is still out, and without the DH, the Sox are going to be facing quite a challenge (unless the Phillies turn out to be your typical NL team and collapses in the face of an AL contender).

Wang's out for at least 6 weeks. Torn tendon in his foot.

And the U.S. Open is unbelieavbly tense and dramatic.

Could very well end up going into a sudden death playoff after 18.

Wang? Who does he pitch for? Must be for some inconsequential team we aren't worried about. (LOL)

But seriously, the MFY are already struggling to climb out of the basement, and have been trying to find a starting rotation they can count on. This will hurt. You really need pitching depth to go all the way!

//Could very well end up going into a sudden death playoff after 18.//
Bob's motto: always correct.

Guess I'vd fallen behind the times. Old buddy Trot Nixon just got traded to the Mets, per Buster Olney via the AZ Republican.

Wow, that was some playoff. If you didn't get to see it, I recommend watching all 19 holes someday.

Teeter-totter, nail-biter.

but the putative 'bully' (I'm sure he's not and mrs sdu LOVES hm) won it!

Bet that one of our scriffy lot would be pretty good at this:



A new movie starring 2004 yankees

re: Philly.com's Bob Ford, that dude is in some serious denial because Phillies fans are some of the biggest douchebags I've ever come across on the road. And I've been going to Sox games in the Bronx for decades! Pretty sure he was being intentionally dickish, but I hope RSN hits that guy's voicemail and inbox so hard that his crappy newspaper's email server implodes...

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