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Hot enough for ya?

So Big Brown off the steroids performed pretty much like Jason Giambi off the steroids, eh?


Yeah, that was the biggest collapse of a "sure thing" since the '04 Yankees in the ALCS.


Maybe Rick Dutrow should get together with A-Rod and discuss how they'll kick everyone's ass next time around with a "dropping the shouldah move"?


Seriously. There's no "Nancy" in Drew's ascendency.


Dude's on a tear since Papi was DL'ed — 542 with 3 homahs and 8 RBI to help lead the Sox to 5 victories in 7 games.


And what about Masterson? Undefeated in his first 4 stahts and now 3-0 on the season. Un.Buh.Leivable


It's going to be tough to send him back when Matzusaka and Buchholz are ready to return.


That's a problem I bet a lot of clubs wish they had.


All Hail Theo! Mastah of the Baseball Universe.



Everyone who was calling for Theo to trade Masterson for Jermaine Dye a couple of years ago, raise your hand!

I know you're out there! ;-)

Would that make Cashman Skelator?

...or Hordak?

Skelator. Ha! Good one Harwich.


Here's the only problem with your thesis, sweet tits:

.259/.391/.566, 158 OPS+

How'd you like to make 14 dollars...the hard way?

-Al Czervik

I was hoping Drew would have a good season this year to bounce back from last year - so far so good!

Ellsbury should be back tomorrow, and Dice-K shortly after. I love having too many starters, if anyone goes down, they can fill the spot with great pitching. That bodes well for the playoff run.

I'm still ticked about Lester getting suspended for hitting Crawford with a curve ball!! Just ridiculous! What the hell is Bob Watson thinking - stupid Yankee lover.

A wire-to-wire win for 1.5 miles was pretty impressive.

A friend got me a Green Monster SRO ticket yesterday. I was glad to go and be there but I was really happy it wasn't a slugfest. Fortunately, I made stops at Rancatore's and Herrel's post-game for ice cream. Masterson looked really good.

//Here's the only problem with your thesis//

I think Susan is actually referring to the time when Giambi first came off the roids a few years back. Remember when he was all skinny and dying and shit and could barely hit an infield single?

Now, of course, he's found some other magic (and undetectable) substance to bring him back to viability.

Big Brown will be back too after he gets the needle.

And maybe the Yankees will be back this season, too.

I feel as bit as though I am betraying Trupiano, but for the first time this season I listened to a lot of this weekend's games on the radio in the car, and Obie and Castiglione really have nice rhythm. I quite enjoy Obie's play-by-play, it's very descriptive. Thank GOD the national nightmare of Geffner is over...

I hate days off (not my own- few and far between though those are- but the Sox)...

They lost Masterson's first start. I don't know why McAdam and Caron were passing this undefeated thing off as truth over and over on the postgame yesterday. I imagine it's all over the MSM today?

//Now, of course, he's found some other magic (and undetectable) substance to bring him back to viability.//

Probably concealed in that porn-stache of his - friggin ridiculous.

Pedro45, the team lost that start but Masterson was masterful with 6 innings of 2-hit ball (4 walks) and only a solo homer for 1 ER. 1.50 ERA and 1.00 WHIP in his first start. The bullpen then gave up 6 runs in the last three innings to lose the game 7-5.

So, Masterson is undefeated since he didn't factor into the decision for the first game and has won his subsequent 3 games.

As much as I like the 11-4 type wins, a nice 2-1 every now and then satisfies the soul.

//Does that make Cashman Skelator?//

Heh. More like Helter Skelator.

I know it just got warm back there but Susan could really use a tan.

//I know it just got warm back there but Susan could really use a tan.//

C.f., Pedroia, Kelli; Schilling, Shonda.

BigBri LOVES the fact that he coined the term "dropping the shoulder move" and it still remains here on the soxaholix all this time later.

Your welcome H.B.

6.5 back....knockin' on your back door. And with a SAWX "June Swoon" about to begin it won't be long until the SAWX faithful are cursing their beloved team. I LOVE this time off year...

//I LOVE this time off year...//

Nice Freudian slip. Yep, another "off" year for the Yankees. Welcome to the 21st Century, Skanks.

6-2 since 6/1? May the swoon continue...

It always seemed to me that the June swoon was from wear and tear, usually to a thin pitching staff. The usual wear and tear is there but with Theo and friends farm system in its 6th year of fruition, depth is not a problem.

Um, my memory and a quick look at mlb.com suggests that 6.5 back is not so much an improvement but a steady state (or even decline), there, BB. Not sure why you are getting all excited. You may appear closer to us in the standings because Toronto and Baltimore have started to settle in to expected levels of suckitude, but you haven't made up much ground. In fact, the trajectory looks kinda pitiful to me:

Yanks games back:
May 1: 3.0
May 15: 4.5
May 25: 5.0
June 1: 6.5
June 9: 6.5
June 9: 5.5

Sorry, obviously, leave off that June 9: 5.5- that's an error.

Aside from Papi's injury and the upcoming suspensions, things are going pretty well so far this season. However, it does seem that Pedroia's hitting approach has regressed. There's only one thing that can prevent Jacoby from stealing virtually every time he's on base - the next batter swinging at the first and second pitch EVERY TIME. He's like the second coming of Nomar. Everybody else in the line-up (except Lugo) has bought into the "get on base, keep the inning alive for the next batter" mentality. Pedroia flails away at everything. I like his toughness, his defense and ability to get the big hit. I just wish he'd be more patient at the plate. Every player has a weakness. Hopefully, he takes steps to eliminate his. I'd love to see Youk and Pedroia flip-flopped in the lineup. That way, Jacoby can steal 80 bags this season and Pedroia can hack away all he wants, picking up RBI left-overs to his heart's content.

Pedro45 - I was at Masterson's first start, he got a no decision. He pitched fantastic, but then got pulled for MDC who promptly put the other team in the lead (as we all knew he would).

"undefeated" does not mean same as "won all his starts". but at least he hasn't lost any!

Yeh, it's hot heah too.


Tom Yawkey

Hey, BigBri:
June 9 Yankees 7.0 games back
(final score KC3, NYY 2)

with a Sox win tonight, let's go ahead and make that 7.5 games back....

(lc, I agree. I would think Tom Yawkey is in Hell as we speak, along with his good ol' boyah cronies, drunking buddies, and fools, like Pinky Higgins and Haywood Sullivan).

//but Susan could really use a tan//

I dunno. I think she looks lovely in a singlet with her hair out. 'Sweet tits' indeed, JO.

I dunno- anybody else uncomfortable with BB's use of the phrase "knockin' on your back door"?
just sayin'...

To Paddy24---Great idea! Youk can hit anywhere in the line-up and be effective with the OBP and contact. Why not put him 2nd and have Jacoby on second for the ribbie. And dropping Pedroia may bolster the bottom of the lineup when he gets hot again.

If we were able to erase some of those Lugo losses, we'd be at 43 wins now.

Everybody. Reigning champs in baseball and NBA. How does that sound? To me it sounds just right.

//anybody else uncomfortable with BB's use of the phrase "knockin' on your back door"?//

Buck, that's just BB's way of getting back into his mom's house after a night of buying hair gell, fake gold medallions, and beers on Staten Island.

Nothing sexual. At least until his uncle visits.

My reply -

//I LOVE this time off year...//

Nice Freudian slip. Yep, another "off" year for the Yankees. Welcome to the 21st Century, Skanks.//

H.B. - surely you aren't going to point out spelling/gramatical errors are you? Do you READ your own blog? Don't get your panties wound up about it either. Just don't throw stones.

Natalie - One can't imagine a scenario where the Yanks could have played worse/dealt with more injuries than in April and May. Making projections on a trajectory based on that performance is....less than astute.

Rotesocken04 - Did the sawx win last night as you predicted super fan?? Here's a link to the schedule in case you need it. LOL


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