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Feeding on beauty

Wow, when this club gets in a groove, they are such an incredible joy to watch.


I mean they've got a little something for everybody — Strong defense, pitching, homahs and small ball including base stealing even.


Wasn't it Camus who said a man's heart needs beauty as much as his stomach needs bread?


Well, watching the Sox ovah the weekend was so beautiful it was like feeding my heart an olive oil dipped ciabatta.


With sea salt.


And you know as much a Manny's 500th and 501st dings were a joy to behold, I'm not even sure where to place Ellsbury's base running on the scale of Red Sox fan beatitude.


Seriously. 6 stolen bases in 2 games? Really? I saw it and I still can't hahdly believe it.


We are watching history in the making.


Though let's hope that tonight Red Sox break from the long history of leaving Timmah out to dry with no run support.


Absolutely. Let's sweep this bitch and turn a horrific road trip into an acceptable one.



Um, Jaco was 7 for 8 over the weekend (3 for 3 Friday, 3 for 3 Saturday, 1 for 2 on Sunday).

But yes, 6 in 2 games. I just think 7 for 8 is more complete since we're talking about the weekend here.

Sox Heaven yesterday. I was at Fenway south sitting right next to their dugout. I kept thinking, it doesn't get any better than this, bitches.

That Colon is huge :)

//But yes, 6 in 2 games. I just think 7 for 8 is more complete since we're talking about the weekend here.//

Doug didn't see Friday night's game. He was out chasing pussy. Yes, even for The Soxaholix, the number one priority for any given day or night is not necessarily the Red Sox.

Doug didn't see Friday night's game. He was out chasing pussy.

I love h.b.'s insight into his characters... it just makes me wonder if on friday night while h.b. was doing whatever he does, it just occured to him... oh yeah Doug is chasing down the poon. Like do they live constantly in his head? Is there a complete connection, or just a sudden insight into the last couple of days that can be tapped at will?



Excellent question. Typically I have some general idea about what each of the main characters is up to on any given day. This isn't really detailed in my head, just rough sense.

However, I've recently started to "Twitter" Doug, so that has really forced me to put myself into his head in a much more specific way.

You can see Doug's "tweets" here:

My plan is to start doing a Twitter for the other characters too. Not sure I can pull it off, but that's the plan at least.

50+ stolen bases for Jacoby, easy, right?

The only downer of the weekend was the Big Poppy in Papi's wrist.

(Pretty big downer potentially.)

It would have been interesting to put the radar gun on Jacoby for that triple he hit yesterday. I had it figured for a close double and then there he is standing safe at third. Man, can he fly!

hb, please make Lovely Lisa your next project for the Twitter app. I'd love to know what she's thinking of on a daily basis, esp. her thoughts on that surly, but loveable (tm) curmudgeon, lc. :D

Terrific series against the O's so far on every level. Things are so good, no one is noticing the bullpen has been fabulous! Even Hansen sent them down 1-2-3 in the 8th last night!

But, can we compete with the first place Rays? Who would have thought that series would end up being so important - at least for the short term battle for first place.

If you like games, I've got one where you can win a great Sox DVD - but you must enter by 7:50 tomorrow (no strings attached)! Try it out! It should go to a deserving Sox fan!

Go Wakefield tonight - now that Manny is loosened up, he'll keep the run support coming (I hope).

Twitter seems like a gateway drug for blogging.

I'm in.


If we break into HB's mind and turn some frozen wheel - do you think the characters could escape and become real. I guess they'd only wish to be back by the bubbler though.

Sorry - wanted to throw some lostaholix back out there. The weekend games were so good - what to say.

Bo Diddley, R.I.P.

In re: Lisa/Twitter scary idea, ss.

Now we face a future in which the characters are real, but the rest of us aren't.

In re: Lost

The frozen donkey wheel was good, but if the next three years are going to be about time travel, I might have to tap out.


go manny

rsf. cross promotion usually frowned on by me. I don't care if you've got a contest. I am being nice, trust me.

In re Ellsbury: I'm so happy to have been at his first ML game. Also, I have both an autographed ball and the ticket to his first game. Can retire soon.
In re Pusselgut: thanks for yesterday's late explanation, hb. I do like a silly word. Saved me from the barren exercise of following http://www.google.com/search?q=pusselgut&sourceid=navclient-ff&ie=UTF-8&rls=RNFA,RNFA:1970--2,RNFA:en "> these links

(Truth be known I spent the first six innings of Jacoby's first game drinking beer with Bob.)

RSF, I blame your gooch on the bullpen for that game tonight.

My bad!

Sorry for the faux pas, but I thought you all would find the contest fun and might miss out.

Guess I was was wrong, did not mean to offend.

Now, how I got into Okajima's head is beyond me.

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