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Coco is loco

See, I told you we'd one day miss Batshit Taverez.


Yeah, if Batshit has been there, the Rays wouldn't be wondering how many days of suspension they'd be getting but how many days in the hospital they'd be staying.


Nice feint by Coco to miss that initial roundhouse from Shields.


Yeah, but all in all, Crisp was a friggin chump for chahging the mound. He should taken first and stolen second — that would have been far superior revenge.


Absolutely. I hope Coco's little bravura of toughness helped stave off his self-esteem and inadequacy issues and was worth the ensuing suspension, especially with Ellsbury possibly out of action.


If the Sox end up suffering losses due to Coco's need to prove he has pair, I'm going to be ripshit.


So you think the Youks/Manny kerfuffle was due to Manny's lethargy in joining the fracas?


Probably. But, personally, I don't want Manny anywhere near an on field rumble.


Hmmm … let me see, what's more important — protecting the honor of chronic underachievah and platoon outfieldah Coco Crisp or protecting one of the greatest hittahs of all time and backbone of the offense?


Well, you know, Youks might have been called the Greek God of Walks but nevah was called the Greek God of Wisdom.



Not a bad scuffle between the 2 clubs yesterday. The only thing missing was a fat bench coach getting chucked around like a rag doll.

For a second I thought Coco was going to charge the mound with bat in hand.

Youk can take a punch. For God's sake his chin is the size and shape of Arizona.

BTW, my hair cut looks FABULOUS.

On my walk to work, women were flocking around me, putting their hands through my hair, kissing me, patting my ass.

And then the alarm clock went off.

We've all had that dream before Bob. You just gotta work from that dream and win will be achieved.

As far as the fight is concerned. I really wonder what would've happened if Paps get in the center of that maelstrom? It would've been disastrous I bet.

Well Bob,at least you weren't getting smacked on the ass like cinco ocho :)

one of the things that i am most excited to see is some hot-headed batter charging the mound on papelbon. i have a feeling that paps is a student in the nolan ryan boxing school.

I disagree. I think Coco charging the mound was a goof move, but I liked it. These Rays have no idea what it's like to matter, or to play in games that matter, either. You lose two games, drop our of first place, then have your started plunk Crisp in the second inning? Totally stupid. Admittedly, with Jacoby getting banged up, Coco's suspension will be a bit harder to deal with, but I'm not officially in the "Coco should stay" club.

Actually, I'm more concerned about the Manny-Youk thing.

Youks was just in a bad mood because his day off got interrupted. Seriously, the hardest thing about the fight was trying to explain to my 8- and 10-year-old sons what was happening, what was justified, etc. The parental gender divide was also on full display, with the wife definitely in the turn-the-other-cheek camp (no, Bob, not that cheek) while I was trying to argue that -- while Coco overreacted -- you do sometimes have to stick up for yourself and your teammates. All against the backdrop of an emotional little league playoff game on tap for 5:45 this evening.

I'm more worried about Manny's hammy. Do you think that Coco has some anger issues? Wow!

Gomes and Crawford should get plunked the next time around. Nothing like getting cheap shots in while someone is being held down. Flippin punks!

Heh. I hope little St. Pete doesn't chanrge the mound.

Bill Lee should call Youk and talk to him about staying out of a fight.

Of course, Manny made a blunder letting Colon beat him to the pile. That just screams of doggin it.

"chanrge"?-oh yeah,that proofreading thing again :) Either that or an early lunch ;D

When I saw the beginning of the Youk-Manny thing, I actually thought Manny might have said something humorous about Youk not screwing up in the outfield. Youk gives him a playful jab back about how he'll "get an OF Gold Glove first" or "can't be any worse than Manny". Manny overreacts and backhands Youk and Youk is left wondering what in the hell just happened since they were both making little comments at each other.

maybe it's the late nights and diaper changes but I'm all for the brawl. yeah, the "honorable" thing would have been to take first and steal second. Screw that - I need a good throw down to help me live outside my reality.

maybe I should just get a punching bag.

Philly Joe-
and who started the brawl with Bill Lee? Lou Pinella, running over Pudge Fisk at the plate. Jonny Gomes = Graig Nettles
I like Coco's attitude. He's all about settling it between the lines and then go grab a beer afterward. Nothing wrong with that. Also love the fact that the oldest guy on the team is right in the middle of everything separating the bodies. Timlin's the new Batshit

Bob, nice 'do- L'monstro?


Baseball brawl is fun.
Close look at the video?
Navarro dry humps Coco

Crisp was loco for lettign all that build up - definitely hidden anger issues we had not seen before. Rays were idiots to get roped in like that and lose an opportunity to retake first place! Idiots! Maddon is no better than Piniella.

My hero was Lester. Did you see in the 4th when he almost hit Floyd? Floyd tried to intimidate him and Lester never budged a single muscle. Just looked back with a stone face that said, just get back in the batter's box so I can strike you out! And he did!

My hero!

PSP - Now I am a chagrined mom - I said aloud to my children, "I can't believe I missed this game and two fights!!"

C's borrowed a bit of the Sox drama last night...

Really wish Tavarez and Kapler were still with us. No shocker that MR wasn't a part of it, but with the whole new Zen Manny, I wouldn't be surprised if he started flashing some aikido moves.

No, Buck, it was Guy at Guy and Rocco's on Salem Street (North End).

Although some might say it looks a liitle L'Monstorous.


Jeez, I can't spell today. And no liquid lunch either.

Just pastrami and swiss on rye.

Birthof, don't sweat it. The gender divide was less clear this morning when the wife was heard to say that Navarro and Gomes are thugs and should be shot...

H.B. the site was in a weird, ethereal no-man's-land for a while there.

I call it "Topicana Field."

If I'm Theo, I'm bringing up Moss and Kielty and saying bye bye to Cocodouche. I understand why he was pissed but the way he handled it was b.s. And to get Manny & Youk all riled up over his ass... this team doesn't need b.s. distractions right now OR stoopid injuries. Thanks for everything Coco, we wish you well in the National League. Moving on...!

There is something going on with the internet.

Lot of sites, including Amazon, are down.

coco seems like a punk ass with a chip on his shoulder. I miss batshit, good call h.b.

"Beer, glorious beer, cold, refreshing and crispy..."

Have a geat weekend all.

Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

PSP - we had a slight gender divide going here as well, as we watched the brawl on Sportscentre. This was caused by the fat that we are currently trying to discourage the almost http://picasaweb.google.com/soxdownunder/WorldChampionSock/photo#5126860341028272850 "> almost five year old sox fan.

sdu: 'look [AFYOSF] - fighting!'
mrs sdu: 'they should be using their words'
sdu: 'but....'
mrs sdu: [steely look across the room suggests this is not the time for a lengthy discourse upon the moral imperatives of honour, vengeance and so on]
sdu: (crushed) 'Yeah, they should be using their words.'

Shields throws at Crisp on purpose, and then questions his professionalism?!?

"Shields admitted after the game that he hit Crisp on purpose, and he also mentioned that he had lost respect for Crisp’s professionalism." (Herald article)

Just read MLB suspensions.
Lester suspension is bullshit - 5 games gimme a break!!! Now I know that really means only 1 game but he got the same as Gomes


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