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Worse than watching a wrong way walkoff

This is one of those days where I wondah, "What's the friggin' point?"


Aw, c'mon. The Sox just need win the next 5, and this currently dismal road trip road trip will turn out to be a winnah.


No, not the Sox. They'll be fine. I just mean life in general.


Well, duh.


With these late night West Coast games, I get a chance to see what the rest of the world is up to, and, well, I don't much like what I see.


Seriously. Record oil prices, housing mahket crisis, natural disasters …


It's worse than that, guy.


I mean Jesus H. Christ, people, get a grip.



Is anyone else boarding the "Give-Timlin-the-Ol'-Yeller-Treatment-Bandwagon"?

I have a ticket in hand but am leery to get on...

I think a better, more humane solution would be the "Timlin-as-Edward-G.-Robinson-in-Soylent-Green" Treatment.

Jesus H. Teddy Williams these late games are killing me.

Got my ticket last night too. What a coincidence? Old Yeller got off easy though. He was loved till the end, poor pup. Yeah not sure if I want to board, but why stay on the loading dock, what's to love there?

I had no idea, you people sure now how to keep a secret. I just spent 2 quality hours with the Dropkick Murphys and they were GREAT. Sound quality shit. No Tessie. But a great, relentless, tumultuous thingamigig of whatsamacallid.


I even got over the walk off, Timlin-is-too-old bullshit of 10 hours ago.

Lets go murphys.

Sleep time now.

Perhaps the Brewers are looking for a "good" closer, nowadays. Timlin might fit into their scheme. That is put a guy in to blow it all for you.

SDU, the DKMs were Down Under? Cool. Have seen them many times. My fav being at the "Hot Stove, Cool Music" show a few months after the Sox won the 2004 championship. ("Tessie" was definitely played that night. I danced with Peter Gammons. Not a sight anyone should ever be subjected to, BTW.)

Crikey, I love Timmeh, but it's almost time for the glue factory. He has what, 4 rings? I think he'll take himself out if this continues. and tonight we depend on another 40-something to go deep as the Sox look to win their first series on the road since thumping Detroit. Hope that knuckler is nasty...

Dice-K was due to lose one and since it was the 1st Sox game I've watched in a while he obliged.

Lowel almost got that one...

Dice-K didn't take the loss, Timlin did.

Scott - Dice-K did not lose the game though - Timlin did.

Dice-K has an interesting pattern going.
No Decision, 4 wins, no decision, 4 wins, no decision.

I like what come next, if the pattern holds!

Sean Casey should have been batting higher in the lineup last night. He goes 3-4, but everyone in front and in back of him goes 0-fer!

Timlin pitched a decent ninth, but the last pitch was not good, 91 mph, too high, and caught too much of the plate - right in his wheelhouse. Up until that pitch, he got all grounders, which is what he goes for. But, crap, I feel bad for the guy, nothing working out for him this year.

Wakefield has yet to win in Safeco - maybe break that streak tonight?

I do realize that. I meant "have a bad outing"...

Tough crowd.

Lance Bass had a bad outing.

Timlin just sucked.


For the record, LC - Lance sucks too.

Timlin is an adventure every time now - but the bats have been dead all trip.

BTW - Angel Hernandez has to be the biggest douche in the universe.

you got that right, Sonomasox! Talk about a fragile ego... sheesh! Any Soxaholix at Safeco tonight, I think 'pendejo' roughly translates as douche en español. Cabrón will also suffice... total cabrón...

Actually, "pendejo" and "colon" essentially mean the same thing.

(And that will conclude today's Bartolo Colon jokes. Hopefully.)

BTW Scott, we definitely are a tough crowd. That's because we all know everything.

(Who won the British football cup in 1964?)

Hint: it wasn't Coventry City.

(Sorry. Was watching my Monty Python dvd collection last night.)

I mean, if I went ‘round saying I was an emperor just because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they’d put me away!

Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system.

Bloody peasant!

help, help, I'm being repressed.

And now for something completely different, the Sox get to bat against a Yankee-softened Eric Bedard.

Please please please let this start to reverse this ugly 4 of 5 losing trend.

Are all your french-canadian pitchers named Eric?

this ugly 4 of 5 losing trend

It's only a flesh wound. Come back here and I'll bite your leg off.

oh, and bring me a shrubbery!


"VOOM"?!? Mate, this offense wouldn't "voom" if you put four million volts through it! The bats have bleedin' demised!

"No, no! They're pining for the fjords!"

They're ash, not pine! They've passed on! This offense is no more! It has ceased to be! They've expired and gone to meet their maker! They're stiff! Bereft of life, they rest in peace! If you hadn't put'em in the batter's box they'd be pushing up the daisies! Their metabolic processes are now 'istory! They're off the juice! They've kicked the bucket, they've shuffled off their mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!! THIS IS AN EX-OFFENSE!!

Kaz - Nice!

I'm feeling a bit Norwegian Blue this morning after Timmah throws so well and we still lose by a fucking run. Wake up guys, these games count, too.

We are no longer the Knights who say nee! We are now the Knights who say Icki,icki,icki, petangzooboinggg!!!

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