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Who Mourns for Adonais?

So Michael Lewis must smile everytime Youkilis reaches another milestone, huh?


Absolutely. Youks is not only the personification of the "Moneyball" philosophy but was one of the main college players featured in the book.


Yeah, and you've gotta figure Billy Beane must grimace a bit whenevah he sees Youk's name in the headlines.


It was Beane who annointed Youkilis the Greek God of Walks afterall. But he never was able to shell game the then young Theo into giving Youks up to Oakland.


Funny how it turns out that Youkilis is so much more than just walks and OBP — He's got the long ball powah as well.


What's not to love?


He's thick in the face
But, oh, how he swings from the waist
That's Youkiliscious.



"Youk's got the power, Atlantic Power Cleaning, get the power get the power get the power..."

(WEEI commercial that's played constantly.)

BTW, my friend Reed calls Youk "Downie" because of his face and head shape. He also calls Lowell "Ralphie" because he looks like a guy named Ralphie.

A pitiful life, I know. But it's the professsion I've chosen.

I like Youk with beard much more than Youk without beard. I know it's apropos to nothing, but his looks ARE mentioned in the strip and Bob's comment.

I wish I had a better line than that but thats what it is. To think we were an error away from sweeping the tiggers. Nice stretch. Bob, we don't have a real baseball fans in my office so no one to share my joy (or pain) with. Except my coworkers wife just got her PHD and is interviewing @ Tufts. If she gets the job _he_ will get to move to Boston. The lucky bastahd. He could care less about baseball. There is no justice.

what's even better is that his name is easy for kids to say...one of my 18 month olds first words last fall was youk. At least, I'm pretty sure that's what he was saying. Manny & Papi came soon after...he's still having trouble w/ Pedroia.

My godson (the crown price of Red Sox Nation) can say "Dad-aaaaay," "Mom-eeee," and "Ooouk."

I'm working on his pronounciation of "Skankees."

do you think lou merloni is shedding a tear or two every time we say yoooooouk? i remember going to games in pawtucket when lou was everyday there - the first time i went i wondered why everyone was booing the shortstop on our own team. many years later, my wife asked me the same question her first time at a game when youk was playing...

Nice Star Trek shout out hb :D

I telecommute full time. You guys are my office co-workers. What a great office I work in :)

Did you hear the comment from Jim Leyland last night about Youk? He said "we just gave him cookie after cookie for three days". That inspired me to blend a photo of Youk and Cookie Monster on my site today - and you know what, Youk looks like a natural in blue fur! During this series, Youk and Lowell were the home run combo-B (with Manny and Ortiz obviously being combo-A).

Also, I know there are Haiku lovers here, and I saw a Red Sox Haiku post today on a Maine Blogger's site. Thought I'd pass it along, as Haiku is not my thing.


Hey, vasoxfan, you just say the word and I'll use my connections at Tufts to keep her out of the school and him out of the city.

Youk has Awesome Powah!

I tell ya, it's that Slump Busters energy drink he's hooked on!

Hey COD - the copier is broken can you give the guys a call to fix it, thanks.

sonomasox and COD: "PC Load Letter? What the fuck does that mean?"

it means no teal on Fridays

Good thing I'm in all black then, like a ninja. ;)

"Oh, and remember: next Friday is Hawaiian shirt day. So, you know, if you want to, go ahead and wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans. "

I've got a meeting with the Bobs...at the beer cart.

drunk...hopeless... stupid

but I gotta share this:


good try sdu, but I'm not biting

Too funny SDU!!

I want a green puppy...and a beer cart

In yesterday's comments, SDU mentioned that me missed the sidebar widget that displayed the titles/links to the most recent strips.

Does anyone else feel the same?

I yanked it off a few weeks back just to see if there was any uproar and to see if anyone actually used it.

As part of the redesign (which is still coming, however delayed), I need to try to trim and clean up the sidebar. Much of this is a result of how the new site is going to look.

But I can probably find a spot for it if a majority of you use the most recent posts widget.

I noticed it and missed it but not enough to yell.
That green puppy looked really weird almost Christmas colors with the green coat and the really red nose.

just saw that lc quoted the silver jews on wednesday (i'm behind in my reading...law school finals). never pictured lc as an indie rock fan, but nice to see. not too fond of the new SJ album, but american water is a classic.


I love Berman. I just discovered the Silver Jews a couple of years ago. Very disturbed that I missed out on them before.

I kind of like the new CD, which isn't officially released yet, I think. I have heard the tracks and they seem pretty strong, for the most part. Good luck with finals.

Best part of it is that I have a "Silver Jews" channel on Pandora, and that helps to expose me to different stuff.

On to Minneapolis


LC - what's your silver jews station on pandora...they're about 20 pages listed on a search. I didn't feel like filtering for a surly but lovable moniker.

Beer beer beer beer, beer beer beer beer...beer-da-de-beer, beer-da-de-beer.

Oh, and go Sox.

See you creeps next week.


Just tell them you want a "silver jews" channel and they set it up. It can be done with any artist.

LC - yeah I'm doing that but thought you may have thumb-downed the bad songs they eventually give you

I can't believe Paps got jammed again...he's gotta lay off the sauce...or eat more Soylent Green...


Okajima San.
One two three and one two three
All to no avail...

(Stupid twinkies)

2 L's in a row for Paps? Has that ever happened? :(

Lugo is fucking killing me.....

Game 3 with the twins - another fuck with a tranny eh Bob?

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