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What Would Julian Do?

Christ, I watched every game against the Twins yet somehow I'm shocked with the realization this morning that we only took 1 of 4 in the series.


Yeah, all those late rallies only to come up short in the very end …


And this team looks so good, looks like they should be taking 3 of 4 of every series and be 6 games or more ahead of the pack by now … yet here we are not only just a ½ game in front, and a ½ game in front of Tampa Bay no less.


Patience, guy, patience.


I won't miss the white knuckling every time Tavarez took the mound wondering if the "good" version or the "holy fuck shield your eyes" version would show up …


But I will miss that giddy anticipation at the possibility that at any given moment Tavarez would go totally batshit on us.


So if he ends up in Colorado, does he go batshit there evah? I mean how does Julian's arbitrary and explosive violence fit in with drinking the Coors' Jesus Juice?


Well, it's not like the Bible is devoid of arbitrary violence, just ask Isaac.


True. But still, it wouldn't be the same seeing Tavarez karate kick some deserving Philistine ass while in one of those aburd purple vests the Rockies wear.



Prediction: Batshit will enter a game in Colorado wearing an oxygen tank and mask.

Every caddy has his day.

Ed Romero

John Marzano (rip)

and now Tavarez.

I'll miss the goofy guy.


btw, although I get the reference to WWJD [i.e. What Would Jacoby Do?]

maybe title tile of the strip could be, alternatively, what Wouldn't Julian Do?

Tavarez was fun fun ride! He did a very nice job as a starter last year and was key to us winning the division because of it. He has been up and down, but two things I'll miss:

1) Watching him play traffic cop as he guides the defense through a double play

2) Bowling the ball to first base - I laugh every time I see that!

Good luck Julian!

Now, let's move forward...Good Luck Hansen - show us you deserve this!

A great nickname that should have gotten some airtime along the way. It would have been nice to hear Remy say 'Farrell calls the bullpen and it looks like Batshit is going to begin warming up'.

When I was at the game and Tavarez would be given the signal to come into the game, I'd yell from my bleacher seat:

"Let's go crazy!"...or was it "Let's go, Crazy!"? The world may never know.

In the meantime, the Celtics can't win on the road. Good thing we have home court advantage through the entire playoffs.

yazbread, that would've been awesome to hear Remy just calmly announce that.

Is there a fund we can contribute to to help Minneapolis dynamite the MetroDump?!? Criminy, what a miserable Monday night that was. Between Charles Barkley & Doug Collins on TNT marring the Celtics game and Steve Phillips and some other assclown on ESPN opining on the Sox, I was very nearly apoplectic. One would think a Boston sports fan would be happy to have two of his teams on national television on the same night in an out of market city. Instead, these two games became almost unbearable... Hope Beckett does his thing tonight. Still a chance to salvage a few on the back end of this 10-game swing.

Papelbon takes time to teach Dice-K how to play Craps in a casino

Hahaha. Good stuff.

2062: The great, multiple-World Series-winning Red Sox pitcher from the early 2000s, Dice-K, died today at the age of 80. Penniless.

Oh man..I loved me some Batshit. He had some pretty endearing qualities.The rolling the ball to first, the batshittedness. Good luck julie T. Maybe now he can head the adult film star route.

Yeah I'll miss the nutty bugger too. Apart from the thrill of mystery surround his every appearance - will he be good b/s or bad b/s? will he go batshit crazy? - he was also there for Manny in times of need.

And, my, 'faith day' at the Rocky Dome sure sounds like a blast! But donde esta God in the world series last year?

There is a player in my youth baseball league named "God"

At draft time, we all wanted to draft him so that we could have God on our team. Maybe one day he'll grow up to play for the Rockies.

fucken' one run games ...

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