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Sox nail another

Well, even though nobody is going to confuse the KC offense with Murderer's Row, I'm very content with Colon's first outing just the same.


Sure. 6 hits, all singles, and a couple walks. He'll be fine in the #5 slot.


But more importantly, he fills the much needed emotional need to have a fat man in the rotation.


Yeah, there's something about seeing a big guy out there on the mound that reminds me what a fantastic game this is.


And in every fat pitcher there is the evocation of Babe Ruth and this creates a very pleasant sense of history.


Evidently, though, Colon isn't one of those fat and lazy kind of guys; his work ethic is kick ass.


Seriously, he's an inspiration to me. I'm going to kick my workouts up a notch.


What, free weights, Cybex, running?


Naw, that's sissy stuff. I'm talking real no pain no gain stylee.



Colon (and I like to pronounce it just like that because let's face it, it's funny) was solid if not great. Saw some good things that lead me to believe he'll only get better. Plus, he had to have some butterflies (and not just for the pre-game dinner).

Typo alert: I think Colon "fills that much needed emotional need..." - not "feels that much needed emotional need..."

Well, he may feel it too, but I really don't want to know about it.

El Guapo II ?

El Guapo the Second - may his reign in the #5 slot bring happiness and joy to all of RSN. [trumpets now sounding off]

A very cleansing performance.

"Solid performance."

"Fills a much-need emotional need."

"Cleansing performance."

And so the Colon era on Soxaholix begins.

Wouldn't it be great if Colon played for the Pink Sox


That was not cool. I really really wish I didn't click on that link. I cant unknow that now.


Bob - just wait until he has a bad outing.

Yup, that pretty much ruined the bit for the Colon jokes.


Huh. My girlfriend didn't die. She just doesn't eat much anymore.

Lou,how do you know this stuff?

...and will Bartolo fill a VOID in RSN? ;D

Good to see the community holding their own with the scatological references.

I purposely stayed away from the colon puns with the characters because I knew I couldn't compete with the gang here.

Bartolo was Colonoscoperiffic!

Just looked at Colon's record against the Royals.

Seems that he's always been very good against them. In fact, he usually rectum.

I see the headline for a season-ending arm injury: Colon to get scoped this week.

Oh my god, Lou. If I ever had contemplated wearing a pink hat, that just killed the notion dead. I will never look at pink Sox gear the same.

Any Soxaholix planning to be at Figawi this weekend?

Rectum!? Damn near killed em!

Colon's natural spot in the rotation would be as a number 2, of course.

What? No "two girls, one cup" references yet?

I just stopped by and I have to say, I've been looking forward to Colon's start for a long time now, and he did great, and you are all disappointing me.

I think it is really shitty for you to be making fun of his name this way. I mean, through this whole rehab and hard work, you haven't seen any crap coming out of Colon, have you? Making fun of name like Colon just stinks! You should be ashamed of yourselves. Colon was able to push out the hard stuff, even though he was nervous and tight to start the game. Once Colon relaxed, it all just flowed out.

That's what you should be talking about, not his funny name!

Sorry Nat-I'll be 45 miles across the Sound. Damn work :(

Damn, I shoulda hopped that 8am Chinatown bus to make the first pitch at Fenway... play ball!

On his website, Colon claims his favorite foods are corn and peanuts.

(BTW, Natalie, I hear Teddy might be in the race this weekend.)

Two girls ($52 for bleacher seats) and 1 cup ($7.50) is just too expensive at Fenway, PSPete. It's worth the extra few quarters for the good stuff instead of that other crap you might get in your 1 cup.

In the meantime, 2 grand slams (JD and Lowell) at Fenway so far today. Good thing too because we're letting the Royals get a few good swings in today.

Colon is kind of an asshole

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