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Rider on Green Line:
The Soxaholix are taking today off to, you know, get prepped for a homestand, Interleague play, and what we expect will be a return to the default position of Red Sox win and the other guys lose. (And by "get prepped" we mean, of course, recover from a wicked hangover.)



How I hope and pray that Gag-me will enter at least one game this series.

Here's to TB knocking the MFY all the way to the bottom! Gotta give TB props for keeping the AL East top seat warm for us when we take it back.

Kapler returns which is always a crowd-pleaser, He Who Should Not Be Named might choke a game for Milwaukee, and I'm hoping the Mets knock the MFY down another notch in the Subway Series.

I still like Gagne. He took it like a man when he was here.

Anyway, looking forward to my first visit to the Dump, um I mean Fenway, on Sunday. Looks like Beckett has been moved up in Bucholz' spot, so that should be wicked fun.

I agree about the Rays. I've always respected their youth and scrappy play. Tough to be a young, small market team in a division of heavy-hitters. But they've played the role of spoilers well (giving it up to the Sox more often than not and playing the MFYs hard) and deserve a little time at the top.

But I think a day or two is enough. Time for our guys get back on track.

Rays are hot right now AND playing with a lot of confidence, and that is important. I stuck it to the Yankees a bit today, that's always fun. Have you heard about A-Rod's congratulatory message to Manny for when Manny hits his 500th? And how about the Mets holding our Santana yesterday to wave him in the Yankees face today? Lots of fun out there for a day with no Sox game to analyze!

Now the Colon watch begins, he was lights out last night in Buffalo, but it seems like he'll need at least one more rehab start. So, Masterson on Tuesday?

oops --- "holding out Santana". Freudian slip?

How can the RS wait almost a week after Mother's Day to introduce the Alyssa Milano collection!!! Damnit! I'm some pissed right now...wasted money on a Lindsey Lohan outfit.

As I sip (guzzle) my Pacifico on this tropical (cold and drizzly) day, I want to wish all of you (not BigBri) a great weekend of fun (sex and booze).


Damn it, Celts.

Fucking wake up and play ball.

Errors and garbage relief pitching. Game in and game out. Something better change soon.

two and O on the day but.

Come on Simone,lets talk about your big but

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