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Gods don't use calendars

I love this club — Matsuzaka's nevah found a rhythm but it doesn't mattah because of not 1 but 2 slammah jammahs.


Yeah, Matsuzaka on 4 days rest has an ERA of 5.02 compared to a 3.83 and an wicked 1.92 on 5 and 6 days rest respectively.


Welcome to the Big Leagues where stahtahs have to be ready to go on 4, especially late in the season.


Meanwhile, despite a multitude of long balls from the Sox, Manny remains entrenched at 498.


Some people think it's because of "pressure" but I'm not buying it.


Are you kidding me? Pressure? Nerves? This is Manny Ramirez we are talking about not a mere mortal.


Absolutely. I mean Manny is so friggin cool he can make a snowman out of rain.


And Manny is so loose, he can gargle peanut buttah fercrissakes.


He'll hit dingahs 499 and 500 when it damn well pleases him.



Best record in MLB as pretenders to the throne fall off the pace.

As a child, I was always facsinated by steamrollers. Still am, with the Sox.

BTW, I have an allergy-eye today. As in, I'm a gargoyle.

Now they just need to break out of their Celtic-itis and start winning on the road too.

Bob - gargoyle or cyclops?

Matt, at this point it's more of a gargoyle, but last night it verged on cyclopian.

Did I mention that the Yanks are a bunch of pussies?


Wow. The Yankees have officially jumped the shark. While simultaneously going through menopause.

Oh, sorry. Skankees.

I was distracted by somebody asking about "work" that's due.

Dropkick Murphys playing the Enmore (Sydney) next Wednesday. Anyone interested? My shout.

Somebody better tell those Mariners to get their act together and prevent the MFY from obtaining any sort of unsafe level of morale.

Wow, thanks for the link on the MFY's pussification. Wish I would have seen that sooner, the characters would have had some fun with it.


I think the Babe's granddaughter (who lives in Mass) should call the Skanks and tell them to f-off.

That, and if they use A-Fraud to call the shot, she'll sue their fat Stenbrennian asses.

I just want to know if juice-ambi will be there in his gold lame thong ;)

Manny's so cool, he lowers John McCain's temperature when he gets upset.

Manny's so loose, he makes Jenna Jameson look like a virgin.

Manny's so def, he makes Helen Keller look, well..., not deaf.

Well, today may be Manny's day. Manny is 3 of 8 against Harden, and all three hits are home runs!

Go long Manny!

LC - you on a plane out west yet?

$15 anchor steams and a chance to catch #500 - worth the ticket.

puppies, daisies, fluffy clouds.


Manny is...........the most interesting man in the world.

http://picasaweb.google.com/soxdownunder/AwayVeryOpener/photo#5181689848261830514 "> Manny is ..... my man

Meanwhile, Maggies stun the 7-0 Premiers in a http://www.realfooty.com.au/news/rfmatchreport/magpies-leave-cats-flatfooted/2008/05/23/1211183118205.html "> Friday night blockbuster Homepage

Well Timmy's not fooling anybody tonight :(

Josh seems to be serving up a few too many of those c. 2006 hit-me-out fast balls at the moment.

On a brighter note, as I know some of you care (Hi Kaz), the Celtics won a play-off game away from home and that Kevin Garnett chap seems to be quite a good basketball player.

Yeah, the bball game tonight was pretty nice. It's good to see them shake the road monkey off their backs and finally punch out a win to bring the advantage back their way. It'd be nice to see another convincing win like that again in 2 days when they play the next game in Detroit again.

We never seem to just go west and win a few and come back feeling good. It's always late nights, crappy play, zero offense...

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