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Don't Be Like Timmy

In the emergency room one afternoon recently …

How did you get these cerebral contusions, timmy?


timmy (getting head wrapped):
I was jumped and pimp slapped by a gang of kids … they said I was a Yankees fan.


Now, timmy, where would they get a crazy idea like that? [Hesitates] You're not a Yankees fan are you?


timmy (getting head wrapped):
No, doctor. They said it was because I've been reading and enjoying The Soxaholix site but haven't ever donated even a measly dollar, so I must really be a Yankees fan.


While in my professional capacity I have to deplore violence and extortion as a means to an end, these ruffians have a point, no?


timmy (getting head wrapped):
Yes, doctor.Creative and engaging web content is worth at least as much as a pack of baseball cards. I know that now.


Thatta boy, timmy. And remember, a small donation to The Soxaholix is much cheaper than a trip to the E.R.  (You can make a donation here.)


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