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Changes of fortune

Is it enough that Lestah comes back from the friggin big C to pitch at a major league level again?


Is it enough that Lestah pitches in the game that clinches the 2nd World Series win in our lifetimes?


No, no. That's not enough for this kid — He has to go out an toss a no-hittah just to demonstrate the size of his friggin nads.


Un. Buh. Lievable.


You know what else? Get this. If you include Annibal Sanchez, Sox prospects raised in the Sox system account for 3 of the last 5 no hittahs in the Majahs.


And what about Tek, who now is tied for the All Time MLB record of having caught 4 no-no's?


Seriously. And it's nearly 5 if you recall Schill taking it into the 9th last year.


And let's not forget Ellsbury's incredible diving catch to preserve the no hittah.


Hmm, Lestah and Ellsbury … anybody still crying ovah the lack of a Santana trade?


All this joy and the motherfucking Yankees are in last place and 6½ back.


Yeah, how's that "young phenom" Hughes working out? Bwaahahaha.


Talk about a team that is regretting not trading for Santana. Rest in Last, bitches.


I tell you, aftah wandering in the desert for 86 years, I thank you sweet Jesus for delivering the Promised Land.


It's even better in person than I evah could have imagined.


And thank you Theory of Evolution and natural selection for favoring the inherited traits of baseball genius that have reached their genetic fruition in one Theo Epstein.


Christ, I love this cocksure feeling of being a lifelong fan of the greatest baseball franchise on the planet.


Are you kidding me? If I get anymore cocksure, my pubis is going to have to apply for statehood.


Is it game time yet? Because I need me anothah fix of greatness in action.




Yeah, the no hitter was amazing and I love the Sox... but perhaps we shouldn't be talking about how rad we are until we have the best record in baseball. There're two NL teams that have a lead on is in that respect.

I watched the entire game and did not realize it was a no-hitter until the 8th. It sort of crept up on me. Meanwhile my nephew was in town on business and lucked into tickets for the game - beginning his evening at 'Down Under'. Thanks for the recommendation Bob.

Thanks, h.b. That "is it game time yet?" line encapsulates it rather well.

I think Lestah could have gone 15 with the nasty shit he was wheeling last night.

I don't know, a three game series in Oaktown on memorial Day weekend seems like exactly the right way to go. I'll be back after I check out kayak.com

Yours in Ellsbury,


//There're two NL teams that have a lead on is in that respect.//

Red Sox record vs National League opponents in the World Series this Century: 8-0.

//If I get anymore cocksure, my pubis is going to have to apply for statehood.//

Can that please be the next Soxaholix T-shirt?

Maybe H.B. should make it a message on a thong.

You know, for Juice-ambi.

Actually...Tek is the only catcher in Major League Baseball to catch four no-hitters.

Explaination from the Globe.

Awesome fucking strip!!!
Is my pubis the size of Massachusetts Texas,or California? I'm feeling more like the size of Texas now. Lester's must be the size of the continent. Maybe his should apply for sovereign nation status?
//Maybe H.B. should make it a message on a thong.//
But not gold, anything but gold.

Does that mean Arroyo's nads are shrinking? :D

Cora once again put in as a late inning defensive sub for Lugo.

... send not to know for whom the bell tolls, Lugo, it tolls for thee. I wouldn't sign any long-term contracts for a while.

W-L 2-4, 5.72 ERA, 1.63 WHIP... yep, I'd say they are

Damn, I missed it last night because of the second half of the "House, M.D." season finale (goddamn great episode, btw). I figured we had them, but I never figured on the no-no. That's the last time I turn away from a Sox game with a potential no-no going.

I need to get another cable box in my house for days like this.

Incredible! Final pitch of the night was 96 MPH - nothing but pure adrenaline!

Yaz nice pick up on Cora for Lugo - again! Francona did a great job supplying Lester with defense at the end - even removing future gold glove left fielder, Manny Ramirez.

Just incredible! I also joined late and did not realize until the 7th - mostly because Orsillo and Remy were pretty hush hush about it!

//mostly because Orsillo and Remy were pretty hush hush about it!//

I was at Pete's Pub last night, and after the final strike, I yelled, "He struck him out! A no hitter for Lester!"

The 8-9 other people at the bar were stunned and asked, "why didn't you tell us this was going on?"

Idiots. The mention of a no-no is one of the biggest gooches known to man.

ESPN cut away from whatever game they had on and showed the top of the 9th in full - so I got to see the final inning.

In re: House.

Ms lc and I were watching House, while checking the progress in commercials ( I was sure that broad had lupus). Top 8 we switched to NESN, and DVR'd the last half of House. You gotta watch a nono in real time. After the postgame froufou, right back to House. In all, another great day for baseball.

Masterton tonight.
Colon tomorrow.

How fun is this?


at work, getting the updates every 30 seconds - finally realize after a couple ridiculously quick KC innings what's going on...the others in the office couldn't understand why I was just staring at a screen waiting for a refresh.

Things are so bad out here the Giants radio crew spent nearly two innings talking about Lestah!

LC - you make it out here for a game, I'll buy you that $15 anchor steam.

38 donuts this morning: "It’s no coincidence that he’s (Tek's) now caught a record 4 no-hitters, trust me. I would BET, BIG MONEY, that I’d have been the 4th if I hadn’t shaken him off…" That's exactly what I was thinking everytime Tek put down a sign in the late innings - listen to Tek, listen to Tek...

My wife and father in law were watching the game but neither could understand why I was yelling "Orsillo, keep your mouth shut" each time he mentioned the game status or why I was knocking on every piece of wood I could find whenever he said things like "17 in a row retired". Finally, when they showed the scoreboard at the end of the 8th they caught on. Talk a bout a nerve wracking ninth! Jeez, what a great game.


lc, jr. is going to Lester's next start in Oakland. Trying to convince him that he needs company.

LC - didn't think you had to ask. You're the father, just show up like you were already invited.

Hang on Teddy K

Another change in fortune headed Ted Kennedy's way today when doctors told him he has a malignant brain tumor.

What a shame as I don't know of a more stately leader in the Democrats right now. I didn't agree with every policy of his, but many of them were key steps our country has taken to make sure we treat people fairly.

I'm not sure who we'll elect in his place once it's clear that he's finished with his Senatorial seat.

Kaz - Mary Jo Kopechne wasn't treated fairly by the drunken coward Kennedy. Outside of Massachusetts, this is regarded by most people as a Mother Fucker receiving Poetic Justice - albeit 39 years too late.

Actually, Paddy, very few people on either side of the aisle feel that way. Ted Kennedy was an immature child of privilege when he took his Massachusetts Senate seat back in the 1960's. However, since then he has become a formidable statesman respected for having the courage of his convictions, beloved for his embrace of progressive, humanitarian ideals and notable for the passion and constancy of his ideology, no matter how unpopular his liberal views have often been.

No straw polls, no focus groups, no flip flops for Teddy. Like Barry Goldwater on the opposite side of the aisle before him, he has also become a Senator so thoroughly respected throughout the Chamber that he has enjoyed an almost unique ability to forge bipartisan coalitions.

If his time has come, Camelot ends with Ted. Subsequent generations really aren't able to carry the torch.

God be with him. I will think a good thought.

And here I thought you were doing a good job of turning the corner these days, paddy.

/Actually, Paddy, very few people on either side of the aisle feel that way./
Maybe so, but in 31 years I've never met anyone in the executive branch, regardless of party affiliation, who professed an ounce of respect for the Senior Senator from the People's Republic of Massachusetts, (as the Bay State is known in this town).

despite my politics, not a big fan. but, let the guy die in peace, huh?

ditto that on Teddy K, who relaxed in the hospital this weekend by watching the Sox. May they give us all such comfort when needed. I'm still buzzing about last night... between Lester's no-no and thoughts of Natalie's mellifluous double-Ds, I can't stop grinning...

Nice job working "cocksure" into the discussion.

Mussina had a nice outing!

Nice job working "cocksure" into the discussion.

Mussina had a nice outing!

Best. Soxaholix. Evah!

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