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Bonderman lets it go

Holy crap, 50,000 feared dead in Burma and not a friggin' peep from Kanye West? C'mon I want to know who hates the Burmese people?


Let it go, dude.


Look. I'm just sayin' … aftah Katrina all we heard was how the U.S. is just like a Third World Country. But, you know 2500 dead or missing vs 50000 and counting? Ah, not so much …


Ahem, back to baseball — How cool is it that both Lowell and Youks were 0-fer-career against Bonderman but last night both of them took him deep.


You know, is it just me, or is Dice-K's "pelvic shimmy thrust" in his delivery getting more pronounced and, er, more creepy?


If dude-san doesn't regain his command, the shimmy is going to be the least of your worries.


Ah, lighten up, a win is a win, and Matsuzaka is still feeling the aftah effects of the flu.


Anothah bit of optimism — Seeing Renteria not in a Red Sox uniform.


Yeah, that was probably Theo's biggest bonah since becoming GM.


To give Theo his due, though, at least he recognized his mistake in bringing Renteria on and wasn't afraid to fall on his sword to get rid of him ASAP.


True, other so-called leadahs would have insisted their decision was the right one despite the evidence to the contrary. Major League leading 30 errahs, light bat? "Mission Accomplished!"


OK. Now who needs to "let it go"?



I think Dice-K's command problem will be a fairly easy fix for the pitching staff to correct.

Even I could see that he was really pulling almost every throw across his body, resulting in all those low and waaaay outside pitches to right-handers (and waaay inside on lefties).

BTW, has anyone ever seen a starter walk 8 in 5, and WIN?

Not that I saw it... but in 1935 a Sox starter walked 12 and won, according to a graphic they had up last night on the post-game show.

I did go to an A-ball game in Little Rock once (we were assigned to Pine Bluff Arsenal at the time and desparate for baseball) and I swear there was an average of six walks an inning. I think we left after 4 hours and they were still in about the 6th inning.

^^ Kind of like Wake giving uo 6 homahs and winning

True story: I pitched a perfect game in Little League, and lost 6-0.

I've coached some youth league games that featured 8 walks in an inning. There is nothing more painful in baseball than a youth game that hits it's 2 hour time limit in the 3rd inning.

This team is fun to watch.

Just a year ago today, Suzyn Waldman proclaimed on this date that "Rogah is standing in Ghawg Steinbrennah's box!"

Seems like Rogah collected box for quite some time.


"To give Theo his due, ...."

So explain Lugo?

Yeah Suzy-How DID that Rogah thing work out for you guys?

I like Julio.

Theo's biggest bonehead move was trading Arroyo for Whiffy Mo. Only one good thing came out of that trade: we didn't have to hear about Arroyo's album once he was gone.

WMP can't hurt the curve ball. He say fuck you jo boo.

Seriously though, I thought it was a bad trade too, but Arroyo has been getting blown up in the b league, also known as the national league, 3 years later. He would be a bust in the AL East. If WMP ever learned to hit the curve ball, we wouldnt need Nancy Drew(and her huge salary) in right field.

Hell with jacoby's speed he could field centah and right. That would have left WMP chopping away at the plate.

I do it myself.

Funny how much Whiffy Mo reminds just about everyone of Pedro Cerrano. The big difference is that WMP is probably as good as he is going to get.

I don't mean to suggest that Arroyo would have been Cy Young material or even part of the starting rotation. But I think he could have been a better middle/long relief guy than Kyle Snyder was. At the very least, Theo should have gotten more than one potential power hitter for a proven pitcher.

Another of Theo's bonehead move: passing on Cabrera after '04. Signing Renteria was a mistake but it looks that much worse considering the Sox could have had what they thought they were getting with Lugo all along if Theo had just re-signed Cabbie.

Until this last offseason my big complaint with Theo was that he sometimes seemed to make deals for the sake of making deals. I was glad to see him hold off after '07.

Are we really talking about Theo's worst move???

2 rings people...we have 2 friggin rings in the last 4 years!!!

Hey Theo - Keep making bonehead moves.

Back to little league - I was one of those guys giving up 8 walks in an inning. Which is why I ran in circles in high school.

Point taken, sonomasox. And don't get me wrong: I give Theo all the credit in the world. Most of his decisions as GM have been brilliant.

But he's still human and it's always fun to talk about mistakes. (And I'd rather he kept making brilliant moves.)

james, I can't see using Arroyo's Cincy stats as some sort of predictor for how he would have done here. For a lot of guys that's probably true; it doesn't matter what team they're on, they perform at a certain level. But for Arroyo, he was really happy here in Boston and took a hometown discount just to keep playing here. It was that discount that made him such a "steal" to trade for Wily Mo...who was just awful here.

I think Arroyo posts better numbers here as our 4th or 5th starter than he does in Cincinnati after becoming jaded by not listening to his agent and getting taken by Theo. We'll never know though.

sonomasox, same here. "Run fast counter-clockwise" was about as complicated as I could handle. Still is.

After enduring several weeks of cold-and-drizzly-April 5:30pm Little League game start times and dozens of multi-walk-mercy-rule-six-run-innings, I have only two cousin-of-beer-cart words to say: hip flask.

No one wants to know how I could throw a perfect game and lose 6-0?

Or is the conclusion just that easy to figure out?

BTW, snomasox, I actually ran in high school, too. Despite my rather "big boned" body, and my dedication to discus, shot put, and long jump, I was the third leg in the 4x400 relay.

(Heh. Big boned. Third leg.)

Bob - I figure your catcher couldn't catch or throw

and the 4X400 is one of the greatest events - loved it.

Bob - has to be a combination of walks and errors, right? (a rather large combination).

Or, did your team have to forfeit for not having enough players, resulting in a default score of 0-6 (for a 6 inning game) but you played the game anyway for practice, and ended up with a perfect game?

Any other possibilities?

Rational was somewhat rational yet again (after he was irrational; couldn't be a perfect game if there were any walks or errors).

The game went into the bottom of the sixth, coach was ejected for arguing with the ump, our rules said there had to be a league-registered coach on the bench, opposing coach went to the ump, and bingo. Forfeit. 6-0.

Certainly makes a point for having more than one coach on any Little League team.

Oh yeah, it was a scoreless game into the bottom of the sixth. The other pitcher (Chuckie Doss) was throwing a one or two hitter.

Would have been fun to play the damn thing out to see what would have happened.

There's an online movemnet to get the Red Sox to honor Matthew Beaudoin, the Nashua, New Hampshire native killed by a Yankees "fan" outside a bar last weekend. It may not amount to anything but it's a noble gesture and it shows we care.
Petition to honor M. Beaudoin here

(Hopefully my HTML skills didn't fail me.)

Yup, they failed me. Here's the link:


Bob - I was close!

And yes, what the hell was I thinking with the walks and errors in a perfect game? I only got 4 hours of sleep last night and running on caffeine today. Even when I typed it I knew something was wrong but couldn't figure out what! Feel pretty stupid now.

Fainty McBlueLips:


So A-Fraud's daughters both have the middle name Alexander... that's crazy, isn't it George Foreman?

and, his wife..she is clearly the brains of the operation.

//'that's a nice hobby — but what does he really do?"//

good question cynthia - we've all been wondering the same thing.

Dice was wild, but if you were told back in February that as of May 6th he'd be 5-0, 2.43, WHIP of 1.20... I think we'd all take it.

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