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Alone in first


Ah, that's so typical of you Sux fans — turn a perennial cellar dweller like Tampa Bay into some imaginary Goliath, so you can strut around like a bunch of fag peacocks when you inevitably beat them. Pathetic.


Oh, you're right, Mahty, I guess we are being a bit heavy on the hype with the Rays, but, fuck, can you blame us? I mean we have to find some sort of rivalry in the AL East now that beating the stuffing out of you guys has become so unremarkable.


That is so asinine, Bill, even for you, that I'm not even going to dignify it with a response.


C'mon, Mahty, even your shit for brains Hanky gets it. The Yankees "just can't win one out of five games, every time Wang pitches."


And Steinny Junior sees what you fanboys refuse to accept: At this point just making the postseason is in question.


You're delusional Callaghan to count the Yankees out based on April … Let me refresh your clam addled Boston brain &8230;


Just last year the Yanks were 15-16 at this point, but came back strong. And we were 11-19 in '05 and 10-11 in '04 but beat your asses for the Division title both years.


Ah, Earth to Mahty. Do you really want to pin your hopes to 3 seasons that ended with variations of unsuccess, disappointment and abysmal collapse?


We are only 3 games back, Bill, I'd go easy on the hubris.


True, Mahty, and you're only 0 fer 8 this Century. No bigs. You'll be fine I'm sure. And, you know, there's always next year, too.



I see he of the saturn sized gonads got lit up yesterday ;D

No disrespect to Mahts, but any guy talking smack while using a 1960's rotary Princess phone might want to avoid the "fag peacocks" references.

As for me, this lineup suits me fine. When the wind stahts to blow out at the Fens, we will have even moah fun.


Actually, LC, I believe Mahts is using a 1950s Bakelite phone. Still living in the Mantle era, don't ya know.

I bet he's using one of these.

Absolutely loved the strip HB!

Bob - thanks for the reverse-gooch last Friday, Bob. We stuck out a crappy rainy night, but it all worked!

The timing may be good to face the Tiggers while they are still trying to organize the troops. Let's get in and out of there while they are still cold.

Oh, and how about Hanson getting the call? We are short on position players, and call up a pitcher. I think it is a great idea - sends a message to Delcarmen to get going, and is clearly an open invitation to Hanson to prove he's ready to stay in the Bigs. Hope he takes advantage.

Now, if Hanson works out, who goes? Timlin?

//No disrespect to Mahts, but...//

Really, LC?? Fuck Mahts - that douchebag deserves no respect!

Happy Monday everyone.

Does redsox.com now require a subscription to view Sox highlights? I can't seem to get the highlights to play, even though I have Silverlight downloaded. If anyone has any ideas as to what the problem might be, I'd really appreciate it. Then again, not being able to actually see what's happening on the field might account for why I'm now so optimistic. Thanks!

So sad and stupid...


Damn James. Once again this is more proof that the fans take the game way too seriously and perhaps more than most if not all the players.

Seriously, though a die-hard Sox fan, I acknowledge that even RSN has its fair share of retards. The Yankee fanbase has 'em too. Though tragic, I tell myself this one thing:

At least this isn't college football or soccer. Those fans are fucking out of their minds. I do love the gall they have calling baseball fans uncivilized and then fighting in bars, trampling each other in stadiums, and murdering players.

That story has drained most of the good out of today.

Hard to believe that alcohol was involved.

Damn. I know most of us here hate the Skanks, but is there even one of us who would contemplate murdering one of their fans? Crazy.

A quote from the story:

"She indicated to police that she wanted to scare this group of people. She thought they would get out of the way."

Sorry Skanks. The Red Sox aren't scared of you, and they're not getting out of the way anytime soon.

Just for the sake of accuracy, Hanson is a pop group. Hansen is a pitcher.

That is really awful, so pathetic.

Lol thanks Griffin you just made my morning. Lots of walks for Dice K yesterday. Honestly I dont know how he gets away with it. He is luck and so have been the Sox.

For the sake of accuracy, the Yanks are either 0 for 7 or 1 for 8 this century, depending on your view of 2000.

There is no "point of view" on that, Ron. It's just a fact:

//The 21st century began Jan 1, 2001. A century contains 100 years and not 99. Also, there was no year designated as year zero.//

It may be a fact, but the "fact" is, 99% of the people on the planet celebrated 12-31-99 as the last day of the 20th century.
But, staying with your astronomically correct version, the Yankees are 0 for 7 this century, not 0 for 8.

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