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Time's tide hasn't smothered us

What a way to open the season — 2 games in Tokyo during predawn and continuing into the work morning and now a game in Oakland at 10:05 and then tomorrow a game in the aftahnoon while most everyone is still at work.


It's not hahd to imagine that many fans will only see a piece of each game and othahs won't see hahdly any at all.


What a way to treat the fans of the defending World Series champs.


Yeah, thanks for nothing Selig.


Of course, it's a pretty good sign that the schedule is the worst we have to bitch and moan about.


Well, that and the fact that nearly everyone is picking the Sox to win the division again and many pundit crowning the '08 Sox as "the best team in baseball."


Christ, with all this "team to beat" status are we fans in dangah of losing our identity again?


Yeah, how was that supposed to go again? That once the Red Sox won we'd no longhah feel special and nobody would care anymore?


Yeah and that we'd be unable to really "handle the terrifying prospect of success."


But here we are aftah not one but two World Series wins same as we've evah been.


And anothah media leitmotiv goes down in flames.



Yeah, after winning the World Series, don't you think we'd all just kind of lose interest in it all. That just never made sense to me.

Definitely a frustrating start to the season for us fans. Shouldn't the Champs get some kind of benefit - like maybe opening against the Rays? Close to their spring training camp, nice temperatures, easy-ish team to play (The Rays are in first place however - when's the last time that happened?).

Posted a few minutes ago at the end of yesterday's strip. Forgive the double posting, but ..

Anyone catch the end of the Cubs game yesterday? Our old friend Gagne gave up a no-outs, three-run shot in the 9th to Fukudome. Picked up right where he left off with the Sox. Cubs lost the game in the 10th, Gagne got the win, and his ERA now sits at a nice 27.00

Look how well it worked when everyone picked the Pats to win the Superbowl

When the clock strikes ten
It all begins once again
Wash, rinse and repeat.

Wasn't it last week
When the boys fired this up?
April Fool, Sox Fans.


[get well soon, hb, ms. hb]

No one said this was going to be easy. Now what's going to possibly separate us from the 2005 Sox is how Terry and the crew deal with potential injuries and how well we can manage the team like we did in 2007. Things happen for reasons, and if we can get on top (with a little help from our AL East friends against the Yankees) without Beckett or Schilling initially, there will be no stopping us.

We learned from 2005. Let's see how we can apply those lessons.

Land of rising sun
Official opening day
Didn't seem that way.

I see the threat of litigation caused Mr. Meniere to hide - at least temporarily.

Glad to see another strip but geez HB hope you're taking care of yourself and the missus. No doubt you are.

First game at seven
Here in cloudy California
Lunch game not good for work

No Queer Eye in Sight
We Consider Dynasty
The Red Sox Decade

April Fools Day: The day life stops pulling pranks on you and your's, h.b.

The real April Fools will be the MFY fans shivering in the damp armpit in the Bronx tonight. It warms me heart that they believe that aging juggernaut can contend. Sniffle... but I do pity the cryogenics team that has to crank up Boss $teinbrenner for game time. No easy task, particularly with rude Hank barking orders now. The circus never really ends here, the popcorn just gets staler and more expensive.

To HB and Mrs. HB,

We hope that all your health issues get resolved ASAP!!!

I need moral guidance. Am I going to hell now? Here's an IM I just had with my friend, whom I purchased my 10th man plan tickets with. We sent in our written request to the Sox a while ago to upgrade our plan to a full season and are now on the waiting list:

me: yo
friend: yo
me: got a big e-mail just now
friend: yeah?
me: the sox want to know if we want to upgrade to a full season
friend: ! wow
me: the only section is field box though
me: it's about $10k PER seat
friend: hells yeah
me: are we really ready to do that?
friend: no, not really lol
me: i mean, how often does this chance come up though?
friend: i'm not
friend: when do we need the money by?
me: the end of the month is when we have to commit, it doesn't say how much money or how fast
friend: is this for next season?
me: yeah 2009
friend: ok
friend: find out the details on the money
me: the worst part is even if we definitely want to do it, we have to pay ticketing fees on all 81 tickets per pass!
friend: we'll strategize from there
friend: eh?
me: that's like an extra $200 on top of the 10k for the ticket themselves. lame
friend: eh, on ly 2%
me: btw
me: April Fools
me: ;)
friend: FU
me: lol
friend: dick
me: aw, i'm sorry
friend: s'ok

I'm awful.

That's great Kaz!!

Anyone see BDD yet today? And Dale and Holley today were talking about a call in show weekly with Tito. Anyone here that? I think that's an April Fools as well.

bravo, Kaz. well played, sir

What? No mention of "Gag-me" blowing his first game with the Brewers? That guy just needs to retire. Everytime he pitches now he looses votes for the HoF!

Sick, Kaz. In a good way.

Hillary thinks she's Rocky now. Seriously. Guess that makes Obama Apollo Creed. If she's our self-anointed Great White Hope, I want a new race, please.

Kaz, that was great. I'm a 10th man plan owner too, so I read it with interest, following along, wondering what I'd do - and then wham - you go me! I love it - don't know why I fell for it - I've got an April Fools going on at my place too - I should have been prepared - doh!

Good one though!

Actually, I'm a 10th Man Plan person, too, and I actually DID get an email about upgrading to full season tickets.

Who's going to the game next Wednesday, BTW?

Justone more time: actually.

Actually, I HATE using the same word twice in a sentence. Yet on this creepy site, it actually happens.

Sorry, Bob, I'm going Thursday (regular plan seats) and Friday (second chance Yankees lottery purchase), but not Wednesday.

Talk turns to tickets

Oops, try again:

Talk turns to tickets
As boys of summer come home
I'm wicked jealous!

You making a visit this year, SDU?

Unfortunately, no. :-(



No visit? It can't be the strength of the American dollar that is deterring you.

Funnily enough Yazbread, I returned with US$1,400 last year and kept them, waiting for the greenback to rise: still waiting. The latest in a long line of poor investment choices.

Lets go Red sox!

hey kaz,if you still feel like sharing the love via your gameday audio can you e-mail me at jsaufler/gmail? I don't have your address anywhere...sorry.
BTW...that was a very very good April Fools joke.

In case anyone is still checking...

I got a call a few hours ago - buddy w/ corporate tix 10 rows behind the Sox dugout tonight...I'm in.

I'm driving an hour each way for this - better not be a Fool's Day. If anyone is still awake and watching, I'll be there.

Don't forget...April is Nat'l Poetry Month. so here is a link to some baseball Haikus.

good luck sonoma sox. Hope it's no joke!

I'm just checking in now. I had a local youth baseball advisory meeting to attend. But now I'm home on the couch, thinking we'd best be able to climb out of this 1-0 hole.

C'mon Papi, even the score for us...

Epstein is a freakin' presentient!

Pedro didn't make it through 4 innings before injuring his leg this year.

Sorry, H.B., but That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore.

/smiths fan

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