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The Deveel

So as it turns out, dropping the "Devil" from the Rays' name was a sagacious move after all.


Seriously. If they continue playing like this all season, they are going to feel compelled to change their name to the Tampa Bay "Almighty Blessed Ball Busting Heavenly Rays."


Meanwhile, the plague and pestilence damned Red Sox drop 5 straight and await anxiously await their first case of leprosy.


Jesus Christ let it be Timlin.


The truth is, though, if all this were happening in, say, 2003, I'd be strapping on my hairshirt and flagellating myself about how these guys were going to ruin my summah.


But now I'm like, meh, we'll get through this rough patch.


Yeah, you know, blessed is the club who has labored.


Ah, OK, but isn't losing 5 straight and suffahring the ignominy of being swept by Tampa Bay enough labah for now? Can we get back to winning again already?


Amen, guy, amen.



The Buckholz game proved what a useless stat the W-L column is...but what about
http://www.slate.com/id/2187563/ "> holds v complete games?

Amen, and goodnight...


The "Rays" do look pretty sharp right now - and have the best bullpen stats in the AL. Just saying that makes it seem like we are in some kind of alternate reality.

The line has been juggled more than Paris Hilton's knockers this month. Maybe getting Lowell back will help calm things down?

Oops - that should have said "lineup", not "line". Way to spoil a good zinger with a typo.

Arguably the two best starting performances of the season end in two losses.

Pitching wins championships, ladies and gents.

No panic, just a day of rest (finally, and much needed).

Going to the game Wednesday. Looks like tomorrow's may be flooded out.

This too shall pass, like a pomegranate-sized gall stone.

or something.


Sunday was the first game I could have watched but didn't watch this season. Saturday's game bummed me out completely - how many times did we get the lead runner on and fail to even move him to second base? No wonder Manny apparently felt the need to steal a base yesterday. They've scored on run in the past 25 at-bats. I'm really hoping that all this team needs is a little rest.

On another note, apparently McNamee's lawyer has dug up an "inappropriate relationship" between Rogah and a 15 year old when he was a 28 year old pitching for the Sox, according to the NY Post. This gets "jucier" by the day.

Steve, she's not 15 anymore. Just a 30-something country music "star" who likes her meth.


"He's considered her a close family friend"

That's the clincher right there.

And Rogah's not 28 anymore either Bob. No matter how many steroids he takes.

The story said she is attempting a "comeback", which would make her publicity hungry - I see a "tell all" in the works...

Gotta feel sorry for Rogah's wife though. This is gonna get ugly.

On a completely different note...

Does anybody know who the guy always sitting directly behind homeplate in the front row at Fenway is? He sorta looks something like Regis Philbin, at least my wife thinks so anyway. Is he a local celebrity, politician or business mogul? (Not living in the area, he could be the mayor for all I know.) My wife's been bugging me to ask you guys.

His name is Dennis Drinkwater. He is President of Giant Glass

Wow,karma really IS a bitch :)

Tito's forte is sweeping World Series. It sure isn't winning 100 games. He's a big picture kind of guy. This is a great team - with the exception of its middle relief - which will be cured with a package-deal of Lugo and Crisp to a team that needs both a starting CF and SS. Sox pitchers need to trust their fielders - all eight are better defensively than their Yankee counterparts. Three solo homers don't hurt. It's the walks and errors (that come from waiting around for the ball to be put into play) that are losing games right now. My only gripe right now is that we are consistently carrying three position players on the bench, while the opposition carries five. This puts pressure on the team to "win now" late in a game. If the game were to go, say, 16 innings we would have pitchers playing in the field and all kinds of nonsense - especially should an injury occur. The other night we didn't even carry an extra infielder. Papi, Cash and Moss on the bench is bush league for an operation like the Red Sox. This affects all managerial decisions late in games - that's why I'm not blaming Tito too much. Trim the pitching staff by one or two and maybe we can all chip in for travel expenses for position players from Pawtucket if the team is hard up for money. Once Papi starts hitting, Masterson is up for good, more young talent from the minors arrives, Lowrie takes over at SS, a major trade for pitching occurs, and the flu is eradicated - it's gonna be an amazing summer for Sox fans. This team is loaded with young talent!

That's him. Thanks, LC.

Wait, who stole the real Paddy24 and left us with this optimistic impostor?


Not sure I remember paddy being so optimistic - good stuff!

Brutal weekend and losing streak softened by the birth of our second son. The "ripening" came more from a fear of induction than anything else.

Beckett Clark Little joined RSN last Wednesday (a mix of my wife's passion for literature and my passion for the obvious). Beckett and the family will be at the Oakland game over Mem Weekend.

Steve - if you want some background on the guy that could have been Theo read "Feeding the Monster"

Congrats on the "little" one, sonomasox!

Congratulations, sonomasox!

About a year and a half ago, I posted a pic of my Godson, the Crown Prince of RSN.

Here's a cute pic of the little guy, who's turned into a little boy:


Congrats on little Beckett. Glad to see your wife finally got with the program. :)


Congrats on the new baby. Not sure that naminghim after a Sox start has staying power.


Roger Clemens Johnson

Good deal, ss.

Thank god Aeschylus Pozzo does play 3rd bases for the Sox.

And thanks for not naming him Grady....


back in '03 I had my wife agree that if we won the WS and we had a boy it was going to be Grady...in a way, I guess I'm glad that didn't work out.

Congrats, sonomasox!

What a great name, sonomasox, congrats.

Congrats Sonomasox. The best I could muster in the naming debate was naming the dog Fenway.

Congrats, Sonomasox. Hey, if you had named him Aardsma Little, he could have always been first in line...

makes you wonder how many Nomars are running around 1st and 2nd grade classrooms now...

Most kids named Nomar are probably sitting in the nurse's office rather than running around with the other kids.

Yaz, would the reason those kids named Nomar are doing that is because little kids named Dougie keep harrassing them/beating them up?

No Colin. The other little kid was named "Ditka".

Holy shit! They forgot to renew the site blocker. I'm free! I'm free! (Sorry, but it's been so long since I posted. I couldn't even "see" the sight at work until today and now I can post, too.)

Oh happy day. Congrats Sonoma Sox. HB, I just read through some of your trials and tribulations. I'm so sorry to hear of you and your wife's troubles. Please add my very belated wishes for improved health.

So much to catch up on. I'll take deep breaths, slow down and take it slow so as to not belabor everyone's day. Still in the City, grinding away. Did have a nice vacation to NoCal with wife and daughter recently. S.F. and Yosemite. Beautiful! lou, glad to still find you surly but lovable; Bob, good to know you've still got the magic touch with a Haiku; SDU, haven't heard from you in too long; Natalie, how's the teal dress? :-)

Welcome back, Rob.

BTW, are you Polish by any chance?


Welcome to the world Beckett SS!!!

And welcome back to Rob in Ct in NY!!! I, for one, have missed you. [I have too many email addresses for you and I think I used an old one]

Congrats, SS and wb Rob.

Red Sox hats still outnumbered MFY at a rainy Jazz Fest this past weekend. And the fans I got to chat with were all from Somerville. One guy was smiling at my little muddy guy and then said, btw I like your hat and then gave me the not so happy update on the Sox. Oh, well it's still early.

And I secretly wanted to name my daughter Poppy.

Ha! No Bob, not Polish, but it does seem like I've been asleep from the Board for a very long time. Thanks, it's good to be "home" again.

SDU, just picked up your email. Thanks for the synopsis, which I hope to get through this evening. Without turning this into a forum on progeria, it feels like I've aged greatly in the absense of HB's Fountain of Youth.

One turning of the page to old news: Natalie, I was shocked and saddened to hear of your tragedy with the fire. I hope everything is getting back to normal for you now. How wonderful that the good regulars (and others besides) here were able to go to the well for you. I'm so sorry I wasn't aware sooner. Please, please tell me the teal dress made it out safe. The dog park just wouldn't be the same without it. LOL

much needed rest day is right, for the Sox and their fans... April baseball can freak you out. Then you remember it's only April. Luckily the Celtics will be playing tonight and looking to right the wrongs of the NBA universe. The league just fined Pierce 25 large for a "menacing gesture" in Game 3. Guess they didn't see that menacingly non-call as Pierce got steamrolled in Game 2. Screw $tern, screw $elig! Go Celtics/Sox!

Thanks, Rob in CT. Things are looking up (living comfortably awaiting my August move to London) and this community is a large reason why. Alas, the teal dress is no longer. :(

In any event, it is so good to see your name pop up! Welcome back! We missed you...

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