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Technical Difficulties...

Your omniscient author in absentia:
My iMac starting acting all frigged up last night and into this morning. I think I solved it, but I used up all my create the day's strip time in doing so.

Generally, this would piss me off, but with the Red Sox winners of 5 straight including a sweep of Texas and winners of 9 of their last 10, I've got no complaints.



Halos come in next.
Many hits left in the bats.
What I say? Tra-la.


five of five
nine of ten
soon to be three of five as well?

random thought:

this site has done more for my understanding of the hiaku than any high school teacher or college professor ever did.

Maybe we should up the level of difficulty and start working on the sonnet next?

Yesterday was one of those days I wish I still lived in Boston. It's the type of all encompassing moment (Sox, sun, marathon) that defines the city.

Sox on top. Joba in limbo. Ice cream machine on its way back. All is good in the world.

Grasshopper - to understand the haiku, one must first know how to spell haiku.

oops, my bad chucks. it's not ignorance, i swear. it's just lysdexia.

and lack of coffee...

Clay molds a beauty
The sun god blesses Papi
Elements combine.

"Yesterday was one of those days I wish I still lived in Boston"

Throw Patriots Day on top of the pile. Growing up in Massachusetts (or NE) gives you such a sense of history. When I begin reciting 'The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere' to my students they look at me like I am on drugs. Mid-westeners are devoid of comparable feelings.

The once was a man who wrote rhymes,
Who fondly recalled older times.
"The stands," he'd declare
"Have pink hats everywhere."
"They obsess with Varitek's behind"


lc- your limerick made me sad. Nostalgia for when Fenway was an old boys club combined with an absolute conflation of post 2004 "fair weather fans" and female fans is distressing. Sorry to take what is meant to be a light post so literally :), but it smacks a little of chauvanism, to my mind. There are a lot of male "pink hats" and a lot of diehard female fans. I'd like to retire "pink hat" as the go-to pejorative for bandwagon jumper... But that's just me.

What an awesome sports weekend in Boston. Damn shame I was in the office all day yesterday. :(

NYCM and Chicago might be bigger but Boston is the best marathon. Some day I'll qualify and run it. Some day. Just 30 minutes or 20 years away :)

aw, Nat. It was just a cheap rhyme. doggerel in fact. RSN is a big tent. Everyone is welcome. Just a comment on the changing times. I'm sure that if Uma Thurman played left field, I'd look at the game differently, as well.


And pink hats are huge in Europe:


On the Patriot's-Day-is-the-greatest theme: I live in Lexington; here was my day. Alarm at 5:10am. Take kids to Belfry for bell-ringing. Re-enactment at 6. Home with friends and family to whip up bacon, pancake and strawberry breakfast. Watch marathon start on TV. At 10 run Lexington Lion's 5-miler starting in 44:38 (sux). Home for first pitch with liberal use of "last" button to watch amazing women's marathon finish. Neighbor's barbeque on parade route starts at 12:30, but I send wife and kids ahead so I can watch Sox secure a 8-run lead and flip over to see Boston Bob win his 4th. BBQ. Many beers and bacon cheeseburgers. Great parade in the sun. BBQ lasts until 6:30. Whole family fat, groaning, and wiped. Everyone else goes to bed, but I stay up to watch John Adams #4 on VOD (what else on Patriot's Day?), with flips to hockey (not a huge hockey fan). Finally pass out at around 10. My favorite day of the year bar none.

The Bruins made me sad.
My hopes were rekindled by Games Five and Six.
But last night's play was just bad.
Now I wait months for my next ice hockey fix.

The women's marathon came down to the finish line.
From Beacon Street over the Pike, I saw them race.
They ran from Hopkinton to Kenmore in the same time it took me to go from Washington to Blandford on the B Line.
Tune wins by 2 seconds in a marathon; what a crazy pace.

At least we have baseball.

Oh, I'm a sensitive sort this morning, aren't I, lc? :) Uma Thurmon, huh?


Evidently the Pope needed to borrow Yankee stadium to have enough room to meet with all of the sex abuse victims.


Well, my computer isn't fixed after all. I'll have to lug it to the Apple store later.

I'll find a workaround for doing the strips while it's out.

BTW I don't know what happened with TypePad no longer remembering your comment info.

Actually it was hoped that the new Yankee Stadium would be completed in time for the Pope's visit, since it would probably take two stadiums to seat all the victims.

yep - patriot's day is one of the best. as a former teacher - snow days were pretty great too. as one of the SDU type, professionally, the fun holidays are few and far between.

good luck w/ the computer, hb.

anyone know a good recipe to jumpstart labor...damn kid is as stubborn as his mother.

I seem to remember Castor oil doing the trick Sonoma

...or was that Cod Liver oil?

"anyone know a good recipe to jumpstart labor"

Enjoy the reprieve. You won't get another moment of down time for the next 18 years.

sonomasox - i am typing with one hand because i'm holding my almost 5 month old daughter up in mt lap with the other. no caps. this may seem ridiculous, but you have to "ripen" your wife's cervix with semen. yes. not kidding at all. worked great for my wife and me. is this your first? good luck to both of you, and have fun with the ripening...



this is our second -first is 18 mos.

HR - it's castor oil...and it makes her puke. not much help - maybe we should try some cod liver oil though

as for "ripening" - she wants nothing to do w/ my assistance in that fashion...I've tried.

Ripening chatter
Makes me want cough up my lunch.
Your miles may vary.


don't be jealous lc

Reminds me of that ad for penis enlargement that said, "Have you ever kissed a womb?"

BTW, anyone else going to the game tomorrow?

If so, I'll be downstairs at Copperfields, unless that's closed for some reason, in which case I'll be upstairs at Copperfields.


Have your people contact my people.

Now the baby is napping, and I can use two hands. I guess I was lucky that my wife was eager for assistance. Our due date was 10/28, and on the morning of the 29th she demanded sex. Labor commenced later that evening and our daughter was born early the next morning. I was happy to have such a "big" part in the process from conception to birth! Heh heh. lc, I'm surprised, and somewhat pleased, that you are squeamish about such things. Really, we're only talking about EXTREME PREGNANCY SEX here...

On another topic entirely. I'm sad to see the B's out, but I'm glad we got to see them exhibit some fire finally. Next year ought to be a better-yet season for them...

I'm going to the game tonight. We usually meet up at Tequila Rain - it is close to our entrance to Fenway, and never a line to get in, but always a good Sox crowd.

Usually take over the end of the bar closest to the street. Good view of the cute bartenders from there (at least they were cute last year).

SonomaSox, I've heard that raspberry leaf tea can help and close your ears, Lou - nipple stimulation.

BTW, went to HS with Uma.

Just posted to my blog, but thought I'd share here too---

Beckett is scratched from tonight's game due to a stiff neck. Dave Pauley has been called up from Pawtucket to take the start.

Figures - the night I am going - Beckett is scratched.

Last check-in of the day - Did NolaSox just include both Uma Thurman AND nipple stimulation in her post? Nice.

If we're all bragging about our upcoming tickets, I'm going to the Celtics playoff game tomorrow and then the Thursday afternoon game against the Angels.


I'm afraid to sit in my bleacher seats tonight.

According to Tori Hunter, it's a bastion of rascism.

I'll have a chant for him tonight:


Sixth frame, starter gone,
We trail by five. Go figure:
My pulse is normal.

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