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Symptomatically yours

I woke up this morning feeling all ass draggy and couldn't figure out why …


Then I remembahd — Ah, yes, this is what it feels like the morning aftah a Sox loss. It'd been so long, I'd forgotten.


Considering the Sox have become an incubatah for pathogens, it's amazing how close they kept last night's game. I mean Lestah on 3 days rest? Jeez.


We've discussed this before, but it bears repeating: Our Boston Red Sox are the sickest team in all of sport.


Seriously. Even mouth kissing Italian soccer players don't rock the contagion as effectively as the Old Towne Team.


Well, drink plenty of fluids, or, considering the MLB edict, make that drink only Gatorade as all else is banned.


Christ, Selig and MLB can be such friggin fascists can't they?


Yeah, and a bunch of hypocrites, too. MLB is always mouthing off about the need for playahs to be role models to the kids and all.


Yeah, "Hey, kids, remembah, steroids are bad. But loading up on unneeded electrolytes is good for you!"



Coff, coff.

Consider this:

Hansen looked pretty god last night, notwithstanding that meatball he served.

And Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today we introduced Justin Masterson.

Think non-blonde D-Lowe, without the need to pick up every skirt in the first 3 rows of the box seats.

Enjoy. If anyone needs me, I'll be working out downstairs starting at 1:37 pm.


I need electrolytes right now. badly.

Incidentally, the Sox have what, 8 losses now?

The two games I've attended so far...2 losses.

I feel personally responsible.

Oh, H.B., there were two nebies sitting kinda behind me last nght who are huge Soxaholix fans. Evidently lurkers.

Got free beers all night thanks to you and this creepy site.

I can't believe the player's union agreed to the water ban - unless the players are getting a peice of the action - in which case I don't feel sorry for them at all. The folks at PepsiCo must be pissed though...

Bob, just hope you weren't gravytraining lc, like you did at the playoff game.

jk. I hope you got hammahed.


Actually, LC, I claimed I was Natalie.

My buxom man breasts sealed the deal.

Yikes, sorry Randy.

Damn thing keeps throwing up the old user names.

I wonder if they are making medical exceptions to the Gatorade rule? Jason Johnson (Tigers?) is type I diabetic. I don't think he can be downing unlimited Gatorade every time his gets thirsty.


Let me see if I get this straight. I'm not allowed to bring soda into the ballpark because Coke has some sort of agreement with Fenway. But I am allowed to bring in bottled water.

The players aren't allowed to bring bottled water because of some deal Pepsi has with MLB. But they are allowed to bring in Gatorade.

Finally, Aquafina (PepsiCo) is the "official water" and Gatorade (PepsiCo) is the "official drink" of MLB. But, Coca-Cola is one of the longest sponsors of the Red Sox and Poland Spring is the team's sponsored water of choice...

How absolutely retarded.

Did that work for you, Bob? If so, I gotta try it :)

That old username thing happened to me the other day too.

The water story is ridonkulous and makes my head hurt. Some people (Selig looking at you) are clearly off their nut.

What a gorgeous day! I seriously need to play hooky. Who's with me?

Ya'll have probably already seen this but my sis sent me this link (an alternative to Gatorade) http://www.eventwines.com/boston_red_sox_s/20.htm

Back to the green Gatorade waxy cups with God-knows-what inside.

I drink less Gatorade during a marathon than some players do during a game. It's baseball. You're not losing fluids that fast. Get an apple sauce like Tek and sit down.

"That old username thing happened to me the other day too."

try emptying out your cache once or twice a year.

//try emptying out your cache once or twice a year.//

Eh, I usually wait for 7 alarm fires or other acts of God/man to do it for me. :)


Not to mention the fact that drinking too much Gatorade and not enough water can lead to, oh, SUDDEN DEATH.

(Granted, that's generally only a concern for marathon runners, which baseball players certainly are not. But still, loading up on electrolytes when you're not exactly sweating bullets can't be good for the kidneys, either.)

RIP Don Gillis-We'll all miss you :(

Actually, it looks like water is okay to have in teh dugout:


"RIP Don Gillis-We'll all miss you :("

meh. not my cup of tea

Wikipedia tells me Don Gillis is responsible for the rock in Fraggle Rock. AWESOME! Well done, sir...

Role Models....
AAA cant chew tobacco... so why not ban it in the Majors....?



That's mean. He'll be fine. Remember that last year, his first pitch was a homer.

Masterson was pretty frigging masterful, huh?

Masterson was nails.
Okijima, Lopez blew goats.
Get healthy on Rays

Okajima? All he did was come up with clutch K's after getting properly warmed. Hang it on Lopez and Delcarmen. They blew...hard. Lopez SO shouldn't be on the team...of course that's been true for years now.

Coming into a game as a star reliever and giving up back to back singles with the bases loaded is not what we are looking for. I'm glad Okajima got out of further damage, but he was part of the problem, not just Lopez and Delcarmen.

I respectfully disagree, or at least believe Oki was by far the least culpable that inning. Giving up singles can happen to anyone, but not just anyone bears down thereafter and gets back-to-back strikeouts and a pop-up with the bases still loaded. Also, you'll see I made a distinction between not-quite-ready Okajima and two-batters-later-totally-ready Okajima. That travesty of an inning also belongs to Tito, who should have never gone to Lopez in the first place, or removed him after the initial walk, and who was soon thereafter forced to use an Okajima who wasn't quite ready.

I'm with Devine on this one (and I was at the game).

Lopez was a headscratcher, but we figured if he does okay then so what.

Then he doesn't just not do okay...he does the cardinal sin of walking the first guy...THEN Delcarmen followed it up with the same cardinal sin...THEN he followed himself with the other cardinal sin of letting the early walk score.

I was watching all of this with my head in my hands saying, "man, I wish we could just get 3 outs and go to Okajima in the 8th already"...then I hear the Okie-Dokie song and look up and Okajima is already heading into the game after 4 batters in the 7th with no outs among them!

That right there is totally a Lopez/Delcarmen/Tito clusterfuck to start the inning and there was no way Okajima had enough time to warm up in the pen. We're talking about a by-the-books Japanese guy who has a warm-up stick that he shakes ichi...ni...san...she...go every time he gets up to pitch. I don't even think he got to "ich", let alone "ichi" today.

And yet, our bats *still* almost pulled us out of the flat spin right at the end.

At least it was an amazing day to take in a game.

Uugh got back to Boston Wednesday night and I still have not seen a game since last week. I barely heard whats wrong with Beckett. A stiff neck? Anyways from what I got in the Baltimore papers were playing decent ball but our bullpen is sucking. Whats this B.S. about not bringing soda into Fenway? I remember when you could bring in a half gallon of Southern Comfort without a problem =p

I SO empathize. I'm going thru DTs not being able to watch games or even game-thread during them right now.
Wife is in the hospital (sound familiar?) with a staff infection (mersa), has been since Friday, and will probably be 5 - 7 more days. I've been spending nights there.
I got the wi-fi thing figured out and hooked up and working last night, but the laptop is hers and she's using it hard. Besides, if she's up I'm certainly not going to make her sit and watch me watch a screen.
So I just go to sportscenter after she conks out and watch the highlights. :(
Also - you guys were lucky that got to see Masterson's debut. Straight from AA to that, a pretty good showing I'd say. Glad we kept him.

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