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Please arrive at least 15 minutes before...

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Another full day of doctor appointments (including my own trip to the specialist re my recent vertigo bout) is going to preclude today's strip. Hopefully, everyone, including Mike Lowell, will receive good news from the docs.



Ug, Vertigo. I have a weird version of it myself. Can't walk over an overpass without shielding my eyes from the traffic below, or I'll literally fall over.

So it's always fun walking over the Pike to Fenway. I usually just walk in the street.

Best of luck, H.B.

I have finally pieced together the clues and figured it out:

HB and his wife here

Bob - you sure that is from the pork, duck, scotch and beer?

Good thoughts sending east for the brachens and ML...although the mighty Casey did get a hit.

Actually, Sonomasox, Jamison and beer is the only thing that can (temporarily) cure my vertigo.

BTW, had my first sausage with peppers AND ONIONS (and Srirachi of course) of the season last night.

SDU, you would have laughed; a woman behind me in line saw me mutting the Srirachi on the sausage, and asked if it was good.

I said yes, of course, but then she proceeded to squeeze on the same amount as I had.

The gasps and choking were heard down Landsdowne.

Anyone interested in my Opening Day experiences can check out yesterday's strip comments. I posted the stories a little late in the day, so I'm not sure if most of you know they're there.

It's not as good as reading an h.b. strip, but it'll have to do. :)

h.b. --
i've never commented before, but i read the strip pretty much every day and have kept you and your wife in my prayers.
in 2006, i had a big accident during baseball season and the games are such good company while you're recovering. i hope they bring you the same comfort they brought me when i was resting, relaxing and itching to get back to good health!

Bob,you have a truly evil streak in you-(wish I'd been there) LOL

Vertigo, eh? Shades of Nick Esasky. During a period of extreme personal stress a few years back, I also began to suffer from vertigo. Turned out it was brought on by the constant intense anxiety. Sounds like you've had good reason to be anxious of late. Hope you and the wife get well soon.

Who else is resenting being in the office today? God, it is gorgeous out. Perfect day for a day game, but alas...

hb- wishing you and the missus lots of luck with the drs today. praying too that mike lowell is hale and hearty ASAP.

Watched the game last night and caught RemDawg and Orsillo for the first time this season. They are in mid-season form already - had a mild case of the sillies at some point in the game.

Nice night to be at Fenway. Now, is there any way the weather can warm up the offense? Especially Papi?

Good luck with the Dr.'s, hb!

Not that anyone cares, but my alma mater has a new basketball coach.

Good credentials, nice hint of scandal...my idea of perfection.


Bob - Coach Cal has been quietly seeding the coaching ranks with his assistants over the years.

Yazbread, I know.

In fact, here's a picture of the LMU athletic director starting his interview with the new coach:


Good story Bob - you could have said 'yeah its good but be careful its very hot'. But you didn't. Meanwhile, we have sourced (!) sriracha downunder and I am in training for my next visit.

Lets hope for a win tonight. Does anyone else think the Sox should package Lester and Coco and get it overwith already? Not that he is available but I have been dreaming of Kazmir in the rotation for a few years now.

Anyone going to the BoSox Luncheon Friday in Quincy? A coworker had an extra ticket, so he gave it to me. I was curious if anyone from here would be there.

//Good story Bob - you could have said 'yeah its good but be careful its very hot'. But you didn't.//

Oh God. In case some of you didn't know, SDU is one of the best defense lawyers in Australia.

I'm screwed.

(Does friendship count for anything?)

lol on so many levels

(In best Johnny Cochrane/Jackie Childs voice):

If the sauce is too odoriferous, you must be judicious.

not to be rude, but I dislike people who advertise their business in the fake screen name

Me, too, LC. Unless he'll comp us some free tix.


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